Update | The Weekly Vlog #2

Sunday, 15 June 2014

So you may have seen my very last post saying about the schedule of this blog, it was entirely incorrect because I only just remembered that on a Sunday I like to do my Weekly Vlogs even though I realised that it's not actually a vlog but just a few photos. Anyhow this week hasn't been the most interesting, as you can see, most of it involves my love for drinks and ice lolly's. Took a trip to the pub one day in the beautiful sunny London weather, even though right now it may be on the verge of raining, but it was nice and I shared this huge jug of Pimm's which tasted amazing and summery. Now I absolutely love Mojito's and I found this ice lolly and it was incredibly tasty and refreshing. I haven't stopped drinking my home made squeezed lemon and lime water which is also amazingly refreshing if it's freezing cold. I was missing Paris, just having a look at my really cool pink Paris key chains. Given you a quick outfit snap, and let me just say this outfit it the comfiest I've ever worn. Top from H&M, trousers from River Island and boots from Hudson, which I call my Harry boots because me and Harry Styles practically wear the same cool boots. To round off the week last night which was Saturday I went into Hoxton to watch the England, World Cup match, which was a little bit disastrous as Italy won the game but hopefully we'll be next to win. Had a really good fun and dance, and I only got 3 hours sleep and then I was straight into work, so excuse me if this does not make sense at all. How were your weeks? I'm thinking of filming throughout the next week.
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