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Monday, 16 June 2014

White Nails or No White Nails?
I've never known how to feel about this colour of shall I say this shade. I painted my nails yesterday in this Barry M polish and I'm split between two thoughts. The first thought being I don't like it because it looks like Tipex and the second being I do like it but only because I have a slight golden tan.
 I tried it in the winter once and absolutely hated it, but because I've had my nails manicured a few weeks ago and as I said I have a small tan it doesn't actually look too bad. I definitely think when I see other people wearing it, it only looks good on natural nails instead of acrylic (fake nails), such as the two below on the gorgeous super models Karlie Kloss and the amazing Cara Delevigne who can I say apart from Suki is my favourite model ever.
I've only ever tried this Barry M, white nail polish but I am interested in buying some other brands to compare whether some are better than others or there just all the same looking. This particular one is good when applying, you only need two coats, one coat can look quite sheer and patchy, so two for full coverage of the nail.

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