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Travel | Zakynthos

Tuesday, 26 August 2014

I travelled to Zakynthos at the beginning of the month, more known as Zante, which if you've heard of it before which you probably have, you must think its related to Laganas the party town, but no. This was my forth time on the island, strictly a relaxing, family holiday. Truth is we just love it, it's an incredibly beautiful island with lots to see, the first two years were packed full of sight seeing, basically seeing everything the island has to offer, ranging from the shipwreck to the night lit harbour, there's plenty to see. But then the last two years is just relaxing by the ocean and eating lots of amazing greek salads and meats, you get where I'm going with this. Now I don't want this post to seem like I'm selling you it but it is really beautiful and definitely worth checking out if your looking for a holiday guaranteeing the hot sun in the summer months.

First year I stayed in Katerina Palace which isn't a palace it's apartments with the occasional breakfast, but for the past three years we've stayed in Hotel Meridian which is nothing fancy, it's self catering, we do however have a passion for dining in several restaurants. This year however we had the best apartment in the hotel because we have the most amazing sea view, which honestly is the most beautiful aspect of waking up on an island like this, I couldn't believe it when I woke up in rainy, London starring out of my window on a busy, bustling street, it just cannot be compared. Before I finish this piece of writing because I can feel myself getting really into it, I just want to speak on some of the restaurants, because being in the town of Argassi for four years means that I have tried practically every single restaurant multiple times.
Athina - Amazing Food
Pretty location, with beautiful pink flowers and water wall
Zorba - Really good food, plenty of especially, small restaurant so your quite cramped, beautiful waiter named Dennis (just a pointer), and make sure you book in advance otherwise you wont get a table.
Legends - Typical English restaurant bar. Only eaten breakfast, good cheap fry ups and taste good. Strong WIFI. Two for £5 cocktails. Last but not least interesting entertainment, I've watched Michael Jackson, Elvis Presley and Bob Marley.
Piccadilly - I had a bad experience with some raw pork but it always looks bustling so worth a try.

Beauty | Chanel Ofcourse?

Monday, 25 August 2014
1. Perfection Lumiere Velvet 2. COCO Mademoiselle 3. Vitalumiere Compact Douceur
So I recently, or shall I say at the beginning of the month travelled to Greece for my yearly summer family holiday, and although I adore the family time, sometimes I think the best part of the holiday is actually the travelling as I get to spend some money on the makeup counters in the airport. I travelled via London Luton and although it's a crappy airport because it's quite small, I do quite like it. Well I probably like it because there's a MAC counter and a Chanel one so I was quite in my element. Above are the few items/products which I happily purchased myself as a yearly, save all your pennies treat. (It really does help saving your twos and ones). Accept I didn't buy the perfume my dad did for my mum, but it looked pretty in the picture so who cares.
1. Perfection Lumiere Velvet
I have for a very long time wanted to try this foundation and upon countless trips to a Chanel counter I decided it was the perfect time to spend the cash. I am quite uneducated about the Chanel products as I don't see myself always spending that much money on a foundation, but I did watch many reviews on this particular one explaining that it was a must. It's super light, which is perfect for me as a thick foundation can look a little caked, and it applies really lovely and gives the nicest, smoothest complexion.
2. COCO Mademoiselle
I haven't got much I can say about this perfume as it just smells amazing, and is my mums choice every single year without a doubt. Buy this!
3.Vitalumiere Compact Douceur
This was another product that I was very happy to purchase, it was quite unexpected as I had no intention I even wanted it but I had some spare cash on me and thought that if I have the foundation I might as well have the powder. I do love this power its silky smooth, and light. It could possibly be too light and under coverage for an every day cover up as I have quite problematic skin, however if you have clear skin or just want a super light coverage then I would definitely recommend.

Update | SORRY!

It's been far too long guys, but I am back and ready to get up a good load of posts. I have been extremely busy with college, work and everyday life which hasn't given me a whole lot of time to write on the blog. So I am very sorry to the regular readers that did come to the blog everyday, even though I never had any followers, and come back on today to find I have two followers, so thank you very much to you both. Enough of the talking though, look out for some new posts to come very shortly!