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Coachella 16'

Wednesday, 20 April 2016

The season for festivals has begun! and it's all kicked off with the amazing Coachella! Coachella is one of the biggest festivals in the world and i'm definitely guessing the best and biggest of the US, just as Glastonbury is to the UK. I've never personally been to Glastonbury festival here in the UK, but it's definietly not as stylish as Coachella, it's more be comfortable, dirty, and dirty, if you get what I mean, whereas Coachella is my kind of place, it's all fashion, chic and well groomed. Celebs, singers, models, actresses and a bunch of other public eye peeps head over the the desert to hear some of the best acts, with headliners such as Guns N' Roses, Calvin Harris and tons more! Above are some of my favourite festival, chic looks I've had my eye on. Over the next month I'll be showing you my favourite festival picks!

Spring Wish List

Monday, 18 April 2016

Spring is here! and also has been here for the last couple of weeks, so this post is pretty late, but I've had my eye on a couple of pieces that I love and think would be perfect pieces for this season. Kick flare trousers are definitely on trend as I've seen them in H&M, ASOS, Topshop and many other high street stores too, and these nude pair which are super affordable, are a piece I want! Secondly if you've seen my recent posts you'll know that the biggest trend of all "Bardots", so this style and stripes are a piece to bag! I have also been into wearing shorts at the moment, but missing a pair of denim, the way to wear them at the moment? layered with material badges... fun and quirky. Last but not least these topshop nail polishes are perfect spring colours, possibly not a trend as I don't often look a the beauty season trends but just colours I'm loving. 

SS16 Shoe Guide

Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Shoes to me are definitely the main point of an outfit, don't you think? At the moment there are so many cool trendy, stylish, styles on trend and I'm hear to tell you which ones you want to bag! Where ever you shop, whether your a high street, bargain babe or a designer chic shopper I have it all!

1. £ 35.99 | 2. £ 56 | 3. £ 50 | 4. £ 300 | 5. £22 | 6. £ 59 | 7. £ 320 | 8. £ 600

1. £ 400 | 2. £ 19.99 | 3. £ 48 | 4. £ 59

Buckle Up
1. £ 46 | 2. £ 62 | 3. £ 640 | 4. £ 38
Block Heel Courts
1. £ 110 | 2. £ 32 | 3. £ 65 | 4. £ 80

Bardot Trend

Tuesday, 12 April 2016

The pretty bardot is back again this season and it's hotter than ever! and in every high street store at the moment, so where ever you go, I'll guarantee you'll find yourself a sexy, feminine, off the shoulder piece. Even though this is worn in the cold season maybe on a night out, to show off those shoulder and collar bones, this is a great piece for summer, especially worn in a neutral/white shade, to get that fresh, summer vibe. Below I have shown lots of different idea's from high street online and in store shops ASOS, Topshop & H&M, all great, affordable, trendy pieces. Enjoy!



Outfit Of The Day #3

Friday, 1 April 2016