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Zayn Quits the Band?

Friday, 27 March 2015

Hello my lovelies, so this isn't something I would usually do but as it's hurt alot of people out there and myself I thought why not. So Zayn Malik recently decided to part with the One Direction boys and take his own road in life, which leading up to this I always had it in the back of my mind. Having been to all the One Direction tours i've had the privillege of watching the boys perform as a five piece and at last years concert on their Where We Are Tour, I always thought Zayn looked quite distant and not as he was enjoying himself as much as the other boys, whether this was just his personality or because he wasn't happy I don't know but I always imagined this coming. 

When it finally hit us directioners, social media went into literal down mode. I was personally really upset and couldn't believe that I wouldn't see him in septemeber on the OTRA tour, it just didn't seem right and I now don't really like to think of the band as One Direction. A lot of people reading this will probably think, "get over yourself their just boys singing, grow up!" but alot of us have supported and been with these boys since they've been formed on the X-Factor so it is hard to see one leave and people should understand that. 

What I personally do not understand is the fact that people are angry towards Zayn. I think if Zayn is your favourite of the five and you have tickets booked and your going because he is the only one you want to see then fair enough. I absoutlety love all the boys but Harry is my favourite and if he decided to quit after I paid the money i'd paid to see him in september and he wasn't there I would want my money back, so I think maybe Zayn could of tried and went until the end of the tour. 

However after reading an interview with Zayn in the Sun Newspaper today, he genienly wasn't himself, he wasn't happy and his 'true' fans have to respect that. I know this probably isn't the same but if you was in a normal job like just working in a shop and theres nothing more you disliked than going to that job everyday and having that responsibility, it will play on your mind and it will get you stressed and you'll become very unhappy. Being in an international boyband, it's still a job for these boys and as Zayn said in the interview he just wasn't in it anymore and he felt for himself and for the boys, the best thing to do is leave and if you were truly his fan you should definietly respect his decision, as gutting as it is, it would mean more to him to have you support him in his decision than hate him.

Now rant is over, sorry if this annoys any of you but were all allowed our own opinion and I am one of those who wish this whole Zayn quitting the band is an early April Fools joke but unfortunaetly I just don't think it is, so we all have to get on with it and enjoy whats to come from Zayn in the future and also the four boys continuing as normal in One Direction.

Boux Avenue Summer Launch Party

Wow it's been quite a while since I actually sat down to right a blog post, (well it feels quite long) but as I attended a pretty snazzy event last night I thought it was about time to do a blog post. But first the reason why I haven't been posting is because my poor little laptop broke and i've been left stranded but I'm now having to use my dads which he doesn't know but lets keep that a little secret.

Now onto the actual reason I'm doing this post. I was invited along to the Boux Avenue Launch party of their new summer collection, I was a little nervous approaching the event because it's the first actual press event I've actually been invited to and as there were tons of paparazzi outside the tiny door everyone had to walk through to get in, it was a little daunting. As I've mentioned, paparazzi, your now probably thinking 'celebrities'? Well yes there were a few, not the huge A-Listers but if your a fan of British reality tv shows such as The Only Way Is Essex and Made in Chelsea then some of the cast from those attended which made it feel quite that little bit more important.

The location of this event was incredible it was in the Haymarket Hotel right off of Trafalgur Square and inside was quite fancy, it was located downstairs in the room which had a lovely big swimming pool, so it was perfect for this company, and I've just realised I never actually explained what Boux Avenue is, it's an underwear/nightwear and swimwear shop, I suppose similar to La Senza or Victoria Secret, and as it was for their new summer collection, being located next to a swimming pool was perfect! There was also a nice little fancy bar which was serving fancy cocktails and champagne, with canapes also being served around the room. (I say 'fancy' way to much right?)

Dotted around the room also was the collection as this was a press event it was open for people to preview it before it actually hit the stores, now I'm really sorry about the photo's I forgot to take my camera which meant I was left with just my iPhone and I should of taken more photo's but you can see from the only two photos i've taken of the collection that they look amazing, I was actually very pleased and loved practically everything I saw, and it's all totally affordable! Oh and guess what everyone? there was a photo booth! every great party has a photo booth. I hope you've enjoyed this post and I will soon have more posts for you all. 

Rome Haul | Street Or Chic

Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Hello Everyone! So as you may know if you've seen my previous post i've just recently come back from a lovely weekend away in Rome and I did a little bit of shopping, who doesn't? I didn't realise how much I actually got until i put it all together but I got some cool interesting makeup and beauty bits and then also a few clothes and bags! If you'd like to see me review any of the products or style any of the clothing items then do just comment and i'll do just that! Hope you enjoy and have a lovely day. 

  1. Kiko Bronzer Powder
  2. Kiko Peeling Mask
  3. Yves Rocher Lip Treatment
  4. H&M Blusher
  5. Sephora Smoothing concealer 
  6. Spear Eye Shadow in Cashmere Coat
  7. Kiko Lip Night Balm 

  1. Mango Bag
  2. Mango "Icon" Sweater
  3. Manger T-Shirt
  4. H&M Atzec Makeup Bag
  5. H&M Textured grey tote

Travel | Rome & Naples Photo Diary

Monday, 16 March 2015
Hello everyone! So yesterday I arrived back in London from a lovely weekend away in Rome with my mum and it was lovely to get away and I would love to say, I am truly relaxed but I'm not, it took almost every little inch of energy from my bones, that I've had to lay in bed all day today. I took plenty of photos as I thought it would be great to share them with you and I did also film a lot of footage which will hopefully be with you all in the next couple of days. I don't want to go into too much detail about my trip in this post as I will do another post of my experience in Rome. These photos will consist of the Colosseum, the Vatican, Pompeii and random other bits like amazing gelato and nutella pancakes yum!

Update | Italy, Hail Style and Life

Wednesday, 11 March 2015
Hello my lovelies, so at the beginning of this week, I said I'd have a post every day up until Thursday, I haven't exactly kept to that, so I'm sorry but I have been super busy with work (stress of not being a full time blogger) and I'm off to Italy tomorrow so I've been getting a lot of things done, which unfortunately is my excuse for not posting. I thought it'd be good for me to just do a quick, short update on a couple of things that are going on.

First of all, if you don't already know yet, because I'm not sure I have really said anything about it except on twitter maybe, but I am now a contributor to a great fashion website called Hail Style, and I'm really happy about it, because I've wanted to be a contributor for ages, as I am getting quite into writing and fashion journalism after attending London Fashion Week, it's given me quite a boost to write. So I have been busy writing for that, I have a new post up on there every Wednesday, I will link my two articles I've done so far just down below, so hopefully you'd like to check them out and let me know what you think. My writing will get better over time but if you have any suggestions as to what you'd like me to write about then either comment on Hail Style or on this post, or even on twitter (@streetorchic).

London Fashion Week Overview
High Street Trends for Spring

Secondly, I am off to Italy tomorrow, I'm going with my mother so it's not a type of blogger trip or anything, even though that would be amazing and hopefully possible in the future. But my mother has always wanted to visit Rome as well as my self, and for the past two years we've been doing little city trips, so we thought Rome would be a good one. I'm there for four days and as I've always wanted to visit Pompeii, on Saturday we're be getting the train out of Rome to Naples and then to Pompeii which will be really nice, and I can't wait. I will be taking plenty of photos for a travel post when I'm back and I'll also be vlogging for you, I'm not really into speaking vlogs just yet so there will be no narrative but it'll be really cool, and I hope you'll enjoy it.

Have a lovely weekend everyone and I'll be back on Monday with some super cool content, I will have constant updates on my twitter and instagram, so if you don't already follow then please go do, and pop your social medias below and I'll follow back! And if you know of any cool places, resturants etc to visit in Rome please do let me know!

Twitter @streetorchic
Instagram @streetorchic

Beauty | Revolution "The ONE Blush Stick" **

Monday, 9 March 2015

Wearing the Product

Hello my lovelies, so I'm back for another fun blog post filled week, however once we get to Friday I will not have a post up until Monday as I will be away in Rome, Italy, which I am looking very much forward to, I will be taking plenty of pictures of the sites and my outfits, as well as vlogging because I just want to share with you all my time in Rome, and I hope you'll enjoy it too. But for today I have a review post, I will be reviewing the Make Up Revolution London "The ONE Blush Stick", and I was sent this by the lovely team over at, which is for beauty bloggers, so if your interested in reviewing products then head over to there.

I was really happy when I saw what the product was because it looked like a great highlighter. Bearing in mind it explains on the packaging that it's for cheeks and lips, I knew I would definitely use this for my cheek bones. When it comes to using products such as bronzers, blushers and highlighters I usually side with the power products just because they are a little easier to use and because I always wear a powder, I thought it was only right too. However I think cream products such as these one always give that more natural look which is great for the spring/summer time because we don't want to look caked, instead we want that more natural look with a brightener.

I love wearing a highlight because it always brightens the face up and makes you look fresh, and even if I got to the gym or for a run, this is a great product because it makes you look bright and awake. This particular one is in the shade 'dream' and it's got a slight pinky reflex in it, so if your into wearing pink blushes this is perfect. You can use this product straight from the pot dry for a lot more of a high intensity colour finish, or you can wet it a little for a slightly more sheer look. It's also quite pigmented, so you can tell this is a better quality product.

Great, so I hope you enjoyed this post and just a quick disclaimer, I have been sent this product but all opinions are entirely my own, if I didn't like this product then I would of stated so, but luckily enough I actually loved it and think it will be a must have in my everyday make up routine once spring starts. If this sounds like your cup of tea then do go a head and try it yourselves!

Fashion | Personal Style - The 60s

Thursday, 5 March 2015
I've only spoken very vaguely about what my personal style consists of. I've never really gone into detail as the blog isn't as much about me personally, as it's more about other people, however as I am going to expand the blog to personal style posts I thought why not speak about myself, and what I like.

I absolutely love 60s style, I think it's glamorous, girly and hot! Everything about the 60s to the fashion, hair and beauty, it's all amazing, I just wish I could be transported back to the 60s just for the fashion. I love to take inspiration from the internet because you can see so many takes on one single trend, so type in 60s fashion on Google and your listed with tons of cool photos with tons of inspiration for your daily outfits.

One of my biggest inspirations for the sixties trend is Pixie Lott, because she loves this trend she always looks so great and has great style. The sixties hair is also one of my favourites, because I think big hair is the best hair, and now I'm not trying to offend anyone who have thinner hair because there is nothing wrong with that, everyone is different and unique and your all beautiful in your own ways I'm just stating my opinion. I have quite thick, long hair and on nights out I always like to try a beehive, I don't always succeed at it, it turns out looking like I've run through a bush a thousand times, but it'll just have to do.

Moschino, a few seasons back went crazy for the sixties trend, as you can see from the Cara photo just third photo down. I absolutely loved this collection, it was my favourite that season, the girls looked so glamorous and healthy wearing beautiful designs. So as you can tell I love the sixties fashion! and I could go on and on about it, but I'll have to stop somewhere, I'd love to hear what year your favourite fashion trends were around?

Fashion | Culottes Craze

Tuesday, 3 March 2015
Being at Fashion Week means you see all the latest and future trends to hit us, you don't need to be sitting in a run way show to observe this, because the best way to see it is street style and it's no ticket required to stand in Somerset House while Fashion Week commences, and that's one of my favourite things to do, because my inspiration comes from people on the streets rather than whats on the catwalk.

One of the biggest trends I have seen absolutely every where is the culottes, now I remember when I wore culottes in Primary School and now there back, and I'll have to admit I'm not a fan of every single pair but I do like a few and it definitely depends on how they are styled. I've had a little search on the internet and come across these ones below, and these are my favourite. Hope you get some good inspiration, especially because springs coming (here in London anyway).

I love how bright and fresh this outfit is, and I love the baroque design on these culottes. I've also been really into plain, white collared shirts so I'm really in to this outfit, and it's great seeing some flat sandals especially because they're silver metallic.

Doesn't this outfit just look so chic! I love it! What stood out to me the most apart from the culottes obviously are the sun glasses, I'm in desperate need a new pair of sunnies, and my favourite are cat eye's and these are great. I like the fact they're white rimmed to suit the culottes. I think because culottes are so in your face it's nice to go for a small, no so in your face, structured top. These heels are also great, she just looks amazing. 

I picked this outfit out because I love the colours used. I've noticed on the high street at the moment especially in Zara the sky blue colour similar to this top is very much on trend and I love it paired with this navy blue pair of culottes. However I do not like the shoes, because if they are black which they do look then no blue with black please. 

I love this colour! it's perfect for summer, which were not at yet but soon will be. Another piece of clothing i'm loving is midi skirts and I sometimes think culottes look a lot like a midi skirt and in the picture they do and look great, but haven't got the embarrassment incase the wind blows it up. 

Beauty | Febuary Favourites

Monday, 2 March 2015

It's that time of the month again when we all quickly post our Monthly Favourites, but as I am so behind, your getting this a couple of days late, which is fine because you have it now. I thought I'd keep it short but sweet, basically everything I use, I've been using for months so I'm not going to have tons of the same stuff in every favourites post because it'll get annoying, so these are some new bits I'm using, I hope I haven't showed anything twice, but if I have you wont see it again. 

1. Dove go Fresh Deodorant *cucumber & green tea scent*

I was in desperate need of a deodorant at the time I brought this, because do any of you, not even go out the house when they have none, I literally feel dreadful and disgusting if I don't wear it, which I suppose is normal because it's a clean product that everyone must wear. Especially because my job requires me to be in contact all day with clients I don't want to smell. Anyway, rant over I love the smell of this! it reminds me of being in Greece, slapping on cucumber smelling after sun. Make sure you shake before using though!

2. Aussie Coloured hair protection + Shine Serum

I have super frizzy and out of control hair, and the good think about working in a hair salon is that you have colleagues who give you tips on how to tame the craziness. So I was told to buy some relaxing balm or serum so I went for this, and because it's Aussie, same brand I use for shampoo and conditioner I thought I'd keep it in the family and brought this one, and it is really good and smells like fruit!

3. L'OREAL Reinforcing Intense Mask 

Another hair product for you all, I got this in a beauty hamper my mum made me for Christmas, so a little while ago and didn't use it much because it doesn't smell too good, it smells like dentists. But recently I've been using so much heat on my hair from hair dryers and straighteners that my hair needs a little TLC, so I chucked a load on this on it and it makes it feel quite good so I'm happy. 

4. Rimmel Lasting Finish Primer & Foundation 

I thought I'd speak about this together because they are a good working duo. I first tried these out in a magazine sample and was super happy with them, and so my Chanel was running out and I wanted to try a drug store foundation for once in ages and got this, and I am loving it. Although this totally different to the Chanel in all aspects, but I don't want to speak about it now as I am doing a review to come soon, so be patient and just know I love this foundation and primer!

5. LOVE Magazine

You all may know if you follow me on Instragram (@streetorchic) that I am a huge fan of all fashion magazines, or well most of them. But I have wanted this particular one for ages and finally picked it up, and it's great. I don't think it would be everyone's cup of tea because it's mainly photos and advertisements, but that is precisely why I like it so much because I love fashion photography is gives me so much inspiration and tons of ideas.