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Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Hello Everyone! So as you may know if you've seen my previous post i've just recently come back from a lovely weekend away in Rome and I did a little bit of shopping, who doesn't? I didn't realise how much I actually got until i put it all together but I got some cool interesting makeup and beauty bits and then also a few clothes and bags! If you'd like to see me review any of the products or style any of the clothing items then do just comment and i'll do just that! Hope you enjoy and have a lovely day. 

  1. Kiko Bronzer Powder
  2. Kiko Peeling Mask
  3. Yves Rocher Lip Treatment
  4. H&M Blusher
  5. Sephora Smoothing concealer 
  6. Spear Eye Shadow in Cashmere Coat
  7. Kiko Lip Night Balm 

  1. Mango Bag
  2. Mango "Icon" Sweater
  3. Manger T-Shirt
  4. H&M Atzec Makeup Bag
  5. H&M Textured grey tote
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