Boux Avenue Summer Launch Party

Friday, 27 March 2015

Wow it's been quite a while since I actually sat down to right a blog post, (well it feels quite long) but as I attended a pretty snazzy event last night I thought it was about time to do a blog post. But first the reason why I haven't been posting is because my poor little laptop broke and i've been left stranded but I'm now having to use my dads which he doesn't know but lets keep that a little secret.

Now onto the actual reason I'm doing this post. I was invited along to the Boux Avenue Launch party of their new summer collection, I was a little nervous approaching the event because it's the first actual press event I've actually been invited to and as there were tons of paparazzi outside the tiny door everyone had to walk through to get in, it was a little daunting. As I've mentioned, paparazzi, your now probably thinking 'celebrities'? Well yes there were a few, not the huge A-Listers but if your a fan of British reality tv shows such as The Only Way Is Essex and Made in Chelsea then some of the cast from those attended which made it feel quite that little bit more important.

The location of this event was incredible it was in the Haymarket Hotel right off of Trafalgur Square and inside was quite fancy, it was located downstairs in the room which had a lovely big swimming pool, so it was perfect for this company, and I've just realised I never actually explained what Boux Avenue is, it's an underwear/nightwear and swimwear shop, I suppose similar to La Senza or Victoria Secret, and as it was for their new summer collection, being located next to a swimming pool was perfect! There was also a nice little fancy bar which was serving fancy cocktails and champagne, with canapes also being served around the room. (I say 'fancy' way to much right?)

Dotted around the room also was the collection as this was a press event it was open for people to preview it before it actually hit the stores, now I'm really sorry about the photo's I forgot to take my camera which meant I was left with just my iPhone and I should of taken more photo's but you can see from the only two photos i've taken of the collection that they look amazing, I was actually very pleased and loved practically everything I saw, and it's all totally affordable! Oh and guess what everyone? there was a photo booth! every great party has a photo booth. I hope you've enjoyed this post and I will soon have more posts for you all. 
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