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Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Trousers - Missguided
Top - River Island 
Cardi - Missguided
Hat - H&M
Sunglasses - Camden Lock

I really want to get into snapping up some style posts because they are my favourite but I get really lazy and as I have a proper full time job it's hard for me to get time to prep and picture these type of posts but I received a couple of new items in the post after doing some online shopping, including these flare trousers and this sale bargain cardigan that I've have my eye on for a while and only being £10 you can't go wrong. 

Travel Vlog | Rome 2015

Hello my lovelies, I've finally been able to edit and upload my Rome vlog to YouTube, which i'm stoked about because I've wanted you all to see it and now you finally can, so I hope you enjoy and please if you pop over the YouTube, I'd love it if you could Subscribe to my channel, because i'd love to make more videos and even do some daily. Hope you enjoy and let me know what you think!.

Billboard Music Awards Best & Worst

Monday, 18 May 2015

Kylie Jenner - Kylie has always been a style inspiration for me as I love absolutely everything she wears and although I wouldn't particularly wear this outfit myself because it isn't my type of dress I definitely think she looks beautiful and pulls it off. I also love how simple and sophisticated Kylie's hair and makeup has been done, otherwise if she would of had a bold eye and lip the outfit could of turn't out a lot more tacky. 

Taylor Swift - How beautiful does Taylor look?! Similarly to Kylie I love everything Taylor wears and this no exception, her amazing slim, tall body is elongated in this seventies style jumpsuit. Also what's pretty cool about this outfit is her clutch bag which doesn't entirely go with the jumpsuit but for this reason it stands out. And I'm not too sure what it says on the bag but I'm guess it says 'bad blood' which is the name of her new single which can I just say, the music video is pretty damn cool. 

Celine Dion - All hale to this fine beauty. Come on who looks this damn good at 47! She looks absolutely beautiful and this dress which a lot of people would probably say is a little young for her to be wearing, well no it definitely isn't, well not in this case when you have a body like that to be rocking, and I love the colour of this dress, I have a leather skirt in this shade of green and i love it so much. 

Chrissy Teigen - I never knew of Chrissy before she was in John Legends "All Of Me" music video and since then she has been rocking the style stakes. Literally I think she's my new favourite style inspiration, she also pulls everything off. On to the actual outfit though, I'm loving this seventies inspired jumpsuit, similarly to Taylor Swift's jumpsuit as well. The seventies trend is definitely a biggen.  


Mariah Carey - I've realised I think over the past year Mariah Carey has put on some weight, which in no way am I trying critise I think she stills look beautiful but I just think that this dress doesn't particularly suit her figure. I think the skirt is way to short and if I'm totally honest I don't actually like the dress I think it looks really cheap and thought she could of done a lot better. 

Dencia - I've never heard of Dencia before this red carpet appearance but now I do she definitely loves to experiment with her style thats for sure. I don't understand it though, obviously you may think I dislike this because it's not my style but I just think it's horrible. Obviously I think everyone should be unique in their own way and so I put my hands up to her for that but everyone has an opinion and mine is that this is a very horrible outfit. However I do like her hair and makeup, so points for that. 

Cannes Film Festival '15 Best & Worst Dressed

Thursday, 14 May 2015
It's that time again where we can feast our eyes on some beautiful dresses and dreamy looking woman, where they dress up for the international Cannes Film Festival. I love these type of events, because my favourite type of posts to write what are my best and worst dressed. I've got three good and two bad for you today which is good because it's better to have more bests that worsts, right? Good, well lets get on with it, and I hope you enjoy this post. Let me know down in the comments your thought's on who was best and worst dressed. 


Naomi Watts - As soon as I see Naomi Watt's wearing this gown I knew that it was designed by my favourite dress designer Elie Saab, it's just incredible you can never miss one of these designs. They are always so glamorous and sexy but elegant and I think she wore this beautifully with her hair in an simple up do with natural makeup and a jewel necklace absolutely beautiful 10 out of 10. 

Lupita Nyong - Lupita always seems to pull it out of the bag and she did not disappoint this time round, I think the shade of green complimented her so well and the style of dress with the super low V cleavage and the soft, flowy chiffon material laid so beautifully and again the hair in and up do really showed off the amazing detailing and the neck of the dress. 

Karlie Kloss - Karlie went for something a little more daring and provocative but she did it in such a classy way and come on with a body like that why not show off a little midriff and those toned arms.


Natalie Portman - It would be bad of me to say I totally disliked this dress because I don't, I do actually really like the dress I just think for such a big occasion and being on the red carpet, the dress clashed with the carpet and she just didn't really stand out which is a shame. Obviously that is only my opinion and you may all think I'm ridiculous , but I do like the dress it's just I think she could of maybe had it in a different colour. 

Julianne Moore - I wasn't too keen on Julianne's choice of attire on this occasion, I didn't really like the pairing of the top style and bottom style of the dress. I think if maybe the dress was fully like the bottom part, it could of looked a lot nicer, but I just wasn't keen on the top. 

Current Likes & Dislikes

Tuesday, 12 May 2015
Hello everyone, I think it's time for another post and I haven't done a particular post like this in a while and I thought that it would be a great time to do one. A Likes and Dislikes post. I haven't got too many products to show you just because I don't have a big enough beauty/skincare routine or interest to buy too many products to figure out whether I like them or not so I've just picked out a few. I hope you enjoy this post, if you do then comment your likes and dislikes too and whether you've tried any of the following. And before I start very sorry about the distracting, loud and vibrant bed cover, as much as I love it maybe a different background could of been used, let me know your thoughts. 


1.  Garnier Body Repair Restoring Lotion Ok so I decided it was getting to the point where summer is round the corner and I want to get my legs out yet I haven't moisturised in like months, seriously since last summer, that is legit about nearly a year! And so I talk a walk to Boots and saw this one on promotion and obviously it says for extra dry skin, which to be honest i don't suffer with dry skin but because I haven't moisturised it only seemed right. So since i've been using this my skin has been beautifully moisturised, I wouldn't go as far as saying it's amazingly glowing because it's not but it just get's some moisture in there. For more infortmation on this product, click on this link :

2. Aussie Take the Heat 2 Minute Miracle Deep Treatment I think I may have spoken about this in a previous favourites post, but it really does do a good job. It's not the most expensive and so obviously it's not going to all of a sudden get rid of 5 inches of dead hair but it does soften it and it's good a precaution to use, especially if your someone who uses heat daily or fairly most of the time then something is better than nothing. 

3. Rimmel Rita Ora Nail Polish in *Rain Rain Go Away* I always usually wear a dark colour on my nails, practically all the time, but I thought why not buy something completely different. Now I brought this nail polish a good few months ago and to be honest I never used it until about a week ago, my mums actually be using it but because I been going to some interviews I didn't want to gory nails, but something a little more sutle and then I fell in love with this. You can't really see the colour properly in this picture but it's a super light, grey and slightly lilac coloured, really pleasant. 

4. One Direction You & I Perfume I believe I've also mentioned this perfume as well. I have a good few perfumes and I tend to pick and choose between them usually using one of them for atlas a month and then moving on but this months I've been into the lovely one directioner boys perfume, did a bloody good job didn't they.  


5. KIKI Night Balm I purchased this night lip balm while in Rome a couple of months ago and I practically never used it, I feel like it's not bad but it's not good. When my lips are super dry in the evenings and I use this nothing really happens, it just seems to disappear and then I'm left with dry lips still. So it's just not worth it. 

6. Aussie Miracle Dry Shampoo *Aussume Volume* I was really excited to try this hair product out because I really wanted a dry shampoo as I haven't used some for about five years since being in school and I thought maybe it'll take some of the stress off of me washing my hair so often because it's just too long to wash more than once or twice a week. I thought this would be good because I use the Aussie range for my shampoo and conditioner and also treatment as you can see from the first picture and I also brought the one which gives you that extra bit of volume that we lack a good few days after washing our hair. First time I used this I  knew I hated it I had no volume and my hair on the roots felt really heavy and tacky and to be honest more horrible and dirty than before I put it on which isn't the point of dry shampoo, so I am quite disappointed and wouldn't recommend it. 

My Go To Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner

Thursday, 7 May 2015
Hey! So I thought I would do something a little different for you all, that will take your attention away from fashion and on to something a little more yummy. Yes I do mean food. I've been trying to get myself into a habit of eating more decently, I'd say healthy but I just can't completely change my diet to healthy, it just doesn't work for me. So what I thought i'd do, is a little food/eating post that will include my daily breakfast, lunch and dinner 'menu's' and also what snacks and drinks I have just so you can see something a little different on the blog. I love reading these types of posts on other blogs and also watching youtube videos of this nature so I thought I'd have a go. I hope you enjoy this post, do let me know and if you want to give me any motivational help and tips that would be much appreciated.

  • Breakfast - 

  • Wholemeal Toast with peanut butter
  • Wholemeal toasted bagel with scrambled egg & ketchup
  • Berry Smoothie
  • Piece of fruit
  • Bran Flakes 

  • Lunch -

  • Cheese Salad Sandwich
  • Chicken Salad
  • Wholemeal chicken roll

  • Dinner - 

  • Griddled Chicken breast with asparagus 
  • Macaroni Cheese
  • Steak with greek salad

  • Snacks - 

  • Veggie Crisps (or normal crisps)
  • Piece of Fruit
  • Pitta break with dip (taziki or garlic)

  • Drinks - 

  • Lemon Infused Water
  • Normal still water
  • Mango Smoothie 
  • Peppermint Tea
  • Lemon & Ginger Tea
  • Cranberry Juice 
So as you can see from the food lists above I am quite balanced when it comes to what I eat, if I didn't mind getting fat I would eat bad food each and everyday because its so tasty and I love it all(I am a big foodie). However I've decided for personal medical reasons and for my own lifestyle I needed to make myself eat a balanced diet. Obviously above is not only what I eat, it changes all the time. I'm not hugely into eating breakfast which is bad because it's the most important meal of the day and should be wholesome and filling, if not you'll end up hungry about an hour later and won't help with weight gain. My ideal breakfast would be a slice of cake or a packet of crisps however my mum won't allow it and I know it's bad for me so if I do eat breakfast, I'll make sure the bread is wholemeal, my eggs are scrambled and so on, because it's just a lot healthier rather than white bread and fried eggs. If I don't have work I will make an effort and have eggs or a smoothie, however if I do have work it's probably just an apple or a banana. Bran flakes are also the only cereal I eat because the doctor says there good because they are extremely good for your bowels. But I am not a lover of milk, I despise it so it's very rare the bran flakes will be seen. 

When it comes to lunch I am so stuck on what to eat, if I'm at home it'll be nothing special maybe it'll just turn into a snack but if I'm at work I go down to sainsbury's and pick up a meal deal. I am a lover of carbs, and could eat them all day, everyday, but that is the reason I find it hard to loose weight. I'll either choose a sandwich or a pasta pot, or sometimes when i'm on a health boost ill have a salad bowl with chicken or ham. 

Then we come to dinner, it's really hard to write what I have for dinner, because it always changes, so I've put my favourite dinners. I live at home with my family still so my mum, the majority of the time makes my dinners and I won't moan because who doesn't love a home cooked meal after work, I don't mind! Some days my mum will be feeling lazy and just have something light and thats when I will cook something, it could be an omelette or just some pasta with cheese and lots of ketchup. I used to hate ketchup by the way and now I have it practically with everything, whats going on! I will probably most always have an ice lolly or ice cream afterwards or some jelly with raspberries because they are so good, and obviously full of sugar which is so bad, but oh wells.

I love to snack a lot which is probably because I don't eat a breakfast most of the time. I just never feel satisfied? If I do snack, my favourite food will be crisps, but I have a good alternative for you all, vegetable crisps! they include beetroot, parsnip and carrot and there baked all yummy for you healthy ones to enjoy. I may also have a piece of fruit like an apple which again is great for your bowels or i'll have a banana. Depends whats in the house to be honest, my favourite fruit is either watermelon or berries but berries are quite the pricey suckers. Frozen berries are best for smoothies, instead of using ice, it just makes it nice and cold and frothy. 

Now onto drinks, I was told by my consultant at the hospital to drink three litres of water a day because I suffer with bladder problems and also kidney stones which I have suffered with for years and the art of preventing them is by drinking lots and lots of water but it bores me so, I brought this really cool new water bottle that I will link down below, it's a water infuser bottle its 800ml which is a good size and you can put what ever fruit you want to make your water a little more tastier. I use lemons which is basic but I love lemon water and because lemons are acidic it's great for your bladder. I also enjoy drinking herbal tea's such as peppermint which is great for your digestive system , also a little tip, if you have a cold/fever, grab a bowl of boiling water, throw a few peppermint tea bags in and place your face over the bowl, (not in the bowl! you don't want to burn your face) place a towel over your head and stay for ten minutes, not only is it great for your skin/pores it will unblock your sinus's. 

Well I hope you've enjoyed this post, if you have then let me know and maybe I'll do a few more like this!

May Haul '15

Wednesday, 6 May 2015

So I've been back down to Oxford Street today in London if you not to sure where that is, mainly because I had to return an item to Zara but then I ended up spending a little bit too, which I probably shouldn't of done, but my wardrobe is hugely depressing me at the moment and I feel like it needs switching up, even though I've just went out and brought four black items, so it doesn't really make a difference. Any who lets get on with it. 

1. Black Long Line Jacket (Primark) £17

I've wanted a jacket like this for so long, because they are so popular and I know this isn't me really being an indivdual and unique getting something that literally everyone else has but I've walked past it so many times in Primark and never picked it up, but now as the weathers getting better and I want to get out of my leather jacket, I thought this would be a good alternative. I also really like it for the fact that it can be worn casual and at work or you can dress it up for the evening. It was £17 which I thought at first was expensive but it's a jacket and it should get some good wear. By the way I think £17 is amazing for a jacket but I hate spending a lot in Primark thats all. 

2. Black High Waisted Skinny Jeans (Primark) £10

I already had a pair of these jeans that I brought quite a while ago and I literally wear them every day (washed daily of course) but what I love about these are there extremely similar to the Topshop Joni Jeans but with the Primark Jeans the colour doesn't run out when you wash them which I think is great and they don't go baggy and there only £10, so a complete and utter bargain. 

3. Turtle Neck Black Dress (Topshop) £20

I'm sorry you can't really see the items well in the photo it's hard doing a haul on a blog post than it is on YouTube for example so I may do another post soon of these item's styled in a lookbook, because this dress, the way i've folded it, will look to you like a top, but it's not it's a dress. I got this because it's nice, simple and basic which I really like and it's turtle neck with no sleeves so good for the warmer weather. They do actually have it in like five colours including green, grey and white which is good to suit everyones colour preferences. 

4. Black Skater Skirt (H&M) £7.99

The only reason I brought this skirt is because I work in a salon where everyone has to wear black and this is just easy to style up for work and also quite comfortable and I was in next of a new one. 

5. Feather Thin Strap Top (H&M) £7.99

I love this top because it'll be great for the summer months and i love feathers and (loads of "ands", sorry) I really like these straps, I've made quite the collection of "Spaghetti" strap tops. 

6. Face Masks (H&M) £0.99 each

Last but not least a couple of face masks from H&M because I've used all my ones brought from last time I went shopping and I really like the H&M ones because they do so many different scents which all do different things for your skin. My favourite is the Cucumber Peel off mask. 

Met Gala Best & Worst Dressed

Tuesday, 5 May 2015
I love it when a big event happens in the fashion industry because it's the perfect time to write a post and I feel like i've just written this post about last years Met Gala but now it was 2015s time to have a go, and i'm back with my best and worst post, I hope you enjoy and comment who you best and worst dressed was.


Sarah Jessica Parker - I feel like although this was one of the most unusual outfits worn at the Met Gala it was most suited to the theme "China: Through the Looking Glass". Sorry for not picking a full length shot but I personally thought the main part of the outfit was the top of the dress and the head piece which looked stunning, especially with her makeup which is centred around her eyes with a smokey look. 

Kim Kardashian - I just want to start of first but saying how over all amazing she looks on the red carpet and then saying how beautiful her dress was. Head to toe jewels and I love that it's in white, up against her olive skin tone it stands out amazingly. The fur trail on the bottom of the dress just makes it that even more special, and I love that she had her hair slicked back off her face with simple/natural makeup, it makes the look all about the dress and that beautiful body. 

Beyonce - It's as if both Bey and Kim were planning their outfit's together because they are very similar but in the same way incredibly different. Beyonce's dress is a lot sheerer that Kim's and leaves a little less to the imagination but I love again how she's choose to wear her hair slicked back in a super high pony tail with simple makeup. 


Katy Perry - I love Katy Perry and usually most of everything she wears but what's going on? I really am not a fan of this dress at all, it's frumpy and bold in the wrong way. And her hair shouldn't be cut like that because I don't think it suits her (Hopefully it's a wig?). I like the fact there both matching but maybe could of matched in something a little nicer on the eye perhaps?

Rihanna - I didn't like this outfit as soon as I looked at it, I actually don't know what to say about it, I suppose I just really don't like the colour or maybe the colour clashes with the red carpet, I'm not too certain but it's probably one of the worst. Sorry Rihanna fans!

Trends Noticed on the Highstreet SS15

Monday, 4 May 2015
Hello everyone I'm back with a proper post, I say 'proper', because I feel like I haven't done a written post for a while, it's just been a few photos here and there. So I'm back with a proper post as I have just said at the beginning. I love the high-street because you can find so many cool, exciting pieces, although saying that I also do like designer, however I haven't the money to splash out of Chanel pieces, although if I did, I definitely would, just saying. Were currently in Spring here in the UK, which is one of my favourite seasons of the year second to summer of course, but we rarely get a decent summer so it's not that different to spring. Spring/Summer I personally think have the best clothes of the year, no horrible wooly jumpers or oversized ugly jackets, but pretty florals and at the moment a hella load of suede which I am loving completely. So this post is going to be trends that I have spotted floating around the high street stores, lets go!

70s Flares

I'm pretty sure I've mentioned the flares in a previous post but they've made a come back and they are absolutely every where, and I absolutely love them, however I don't think I can pull them off. In no way am I discriminating against different body shapes but I personally think having shorter legs I couldn't pull them off, I could be wrong maybe I'll try them out some day but from what I'm expecting, they won't look the best. These can be found in every single high street store as far as I can think, and can be found in all different colours and patterns. 

Missguided Daisy Print Wide Leg Trousers £35


The suede has also been mentioned previously and again it's one of my favourite trends going, I think it's stylish, classy and expensive looking, depending on which type of suede you choose to get. I've been lusting over a camel toned, a-line suede skirt for so long but mostly everyone I've seen are priced around £60 to £80 which I think is quite pricey for one skirt but can be totally worth it, and I think they look incredible styled for a festival. 

ASOS Wrap Skirt in Suede £65


Denim has always been a popular choice of clothing with jeans, skirts, shirts and on and on but recently I've seen it a lot more than usual, and also a trend seen on many celebs is double denim, which you didn't think that one would come back did you? I'm not hugely a fan of double denim but the celebs are and you can find plenty of denim on the high street at the moment.


Festival fashion is great, I have always loved it and I love looking at all the different ways people style them selves for all the different festivals. Most recently Coachella was on and I personally think thats a great festival to take fashion style tips from because although the biggest festival in the UK is Glastonbury it's a 100% camping festival so people don't usually look to great and to be honest look like they need a good wash but Coachella is part camping but a lot of people choose not to so they all rock up with pristine hair and makeup and styled head to toe in pure and other beautifulness. At the moment in particular in H&M they have a range named 'Coachella' with some really cool pieces and totally affordable.