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Tuesday, 12 May 2015
Hello everyone, I think it's time for another post and I haven't done a particular post like this in a while and I thought that it would be a great time to do one. A Likes and Dislikes post. I haven't got too many products to show you just because I don't have a big enough beauty/skincare routine or interest to buy too many products to figure out whether I like them or not so I've just picked out a few. I hope you enjoy this post, if you do then comment your likes and dislikes too and whether you've tried any of the following. And before I start very sorry about the distracting, loud and vibrant bed cover, as much as I love it maybe a different background could of been used, let me know your thoughts. 


1.  Garnier Body Repair Restoring Lotion Ok so I decided it was getting to the point where summer is round the corner and I want to get my legs out yet I haven't moisturised in like months, seriously since last summer, that is legit about nearly a year! And so I talk a walk to Boots and saw this one on promotion and obviously it says for extra dry skin, which to be honest i don't suffer with dry skin but because I haven't moisturised it only seemed right. So since i've been using this my skin has been beautifully moisturised, I wouldn't go as far as saying it's amazingly glowing because it's not but it just get's some moisture in there. For more infortmation on this product, click on this link :

2. Aussie Take the Heat 2 Minute Miracle Deep Treatment I think I may have spoken about this in a previous favourites post, but it really does do a good job. It's not the most expensive and so obviously it's not going to all of a sudden get rid of 5 inches of dead hair but it does soften it and it's good a precaution to use, especially if your someone who uses heat daily or fairly most of the time then something is better than nothing. 

3. Rimmel Rita Ora Nail Polish in *Rain Rain Go Away* I always usually wear a dark colour on my nails, practically all the time, but I thought why not buy something completely different. Now I brought this nail polish a good few months ago and to be honest I never used it until about a week ago, my mums actually be using it but because I been going to some interviews I didn't want to gory nails, but something a little more sutle and then I fell in love with this. You can't really see the colour properly in this picture but it's a super light, grey and slightly lilac coloured, really pleasant. 

4. One Direction You & I Perfume I believe I've also mentioned this perfume as well. I have a good few perfumes and I tend to pick and choose between them usually using one of them for atlas a month and then moving on but this months I've been into the lovely one directioner boys perfume, did a bloody good job didn't they.  


5. KIKI Night Balm I purchased this night lip balm while in Rome a couple of months ago and I practically never used it, I feel like it's not bad but it's not good. When my lips are super dry in the evenings and I use this nothing really happens, it just seems to disappear and then I'm left with dry lips still. So it's just not worth it. 

6. Aussie Miracle Dry Shampoo *Aussume Volume* I was really excited to try this hair product out because I really wanted a dry shampoo as I haven't used some for about five years since being in school and I thought maybe it'll take some of the stress off of me washing my hair so often because it's just too long to wash more than once or twice a week. I thought this would be good because I use the Aussie range for my shampoo and conditioner and also treatment as you can see from the first picture and I also brought the one which gives you that extra bit of volume that we lack a good few days after washing our hair. First time I used this I  knew I hated it I had no volume and my hair on the roots felt really heavy and tacky and to be honest more horrible and dirty than before I put it on which isn't the point of dry shampoo, so I am quite disappointed and wouldn't recommend it. 

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