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Fashion | #styleicon Pixie Lott

Sunday, 28 September 2014

For as long as I can remember I have loved everything Pixie Lott has worn, however more so now, since she's got into this whole 60s vibe. She has an amazing figure that can suit almost anything she might put on and look absoutley gorgeous. The photos above show my four favourite outfits she has graced us all with. As you can see likes to change up her colour palette and also likes different textures, such as denim and fur. For more #styleicon's come back again.

Fashion | outfit #2

Friday, 26 September 2014

jumper - New Look
skirt - H&M
shoes - Topshop
hat - H&M
I put this super soft jumper on today which I got recently from New Look, I love it, mainly because of the colour. Pale/light pink is definitely on trend this season, it's on the catwalks and it's also everywhere on the high street. I love this high neck collar as well, it gives it a retro look. I've always loved the shape of this skirt and thought it was very 60s and thought it would look great with the jumper.

Fashion | outfit #1

Wednesday, 24 September 2014
tee - Primark
skirt - H&M
kimono -Primark
boots - Topshop
hat - H&M

My first outfit post here for you today my lovely readers. I love leather and I love this leather skirt in particular because its just a body con one, no sort of flare which I like. I love this pop of colour kimono, it's not expensive it was cheap from Primark but I thought it just added some colour to the full black outfit. Then I just teamed it with some black tights because it's getting a little more chilly now were in Autumn in the UK, and then some black heeled Chelsea boots, which are just quite simple. Last but not least my fedora hat, which I love but it's my first time wearing.

Event | the publics play on style #lfwend

Hello everyone, this is a fairly late post but I might as well share it will you all. I had the privilege of being presented a press pass for the amazing London Fashion Weekend. If your not too sure what this is, it's the weekend after the manic fashion week which is only attended by officials in the industry such as designers, bloggers, writers, I'm sure you get where I'm coming from. However the weekend gives the public the opportunity to experience it as well, which I think is pretty amazing. You can either buy bronze, silver, gold or VIP luxe tickets which is obviously the most expensive ticket buts it's a great experience. You get champagne, front row catwalk experience and a great goody bag filled with amazing gifts, sounds pretty worth it. This post will contain my whole experience of the weekend and also my observations of the publics trends.

First trend that I cannot miss I that everyone loves the colour black which may be understandable because we've just made it into autumn so everyone wants to tone it down a notch and as stylish as everybody looks, it does all kind of look the same which is quite unfortunate but still so stylish, well done guys. To be honest I'm sitting here myself wearing monochrome so I can't talk much stylish fashion talk. Fedora hats are one of my loves at the moment and I think everyone else's too. I own one but I'm not sure I've had much wear of it since I brought it but they really do add some style to an outfit.

As I was writing this post I've just spoken to a fellow blogger over in London from the US and she's wearing the most amazing bright jewelled necklace which brings me onto another trend of this season. The bolder and brighter the accessories specifically a necklace is a huge plus to your outfit. Bora Aksu, a designer showcased at London Fashion Week, loved statement jewelled necklaces with his designs, and although they were quite suttle, they still made up the outfit.

Being at London Fashion Weekend, is great because you get to see the publics play at fashion, some who may not have an influence of fashion but just enjoyed going for the day out. It's extremely interesting and inspirational. On the day I listed several different items that I saw most on the public, these were bright floral's, shawls, leather, leopard print and quilted boots. Now I wasn't quite with the quilted boots, as they've never really appealed to me, but I saw a lot leather being worn in the form of skirts, dungarees, jackets and trousers, and I absolutely love a bit of leather. Also leopard print was also worn in multiple forms which were as trousers, skirts and scarves but again, I've tried and test wearing this print before and totally got turnt off it. But everyone to their own likes and dislikes. I've hoped you enjoyed this post and come back to the blog again.

Fashion | #styleicon Olivia Palermo


 Olivia Palermo has been my personal style icon since day one, everything about her is absolutely stunning, her fashion sense obviously, teamed with her shiny, sleek hair and clear complexion skin. I sound a little strange but she is gorgeous , and everyone knows it. Above I have popped a few photos of my favourite outfits she's worn, it's really hard to choose but these ones are mainly casual simple outfits. Palermo was at several fashion week shows this season and hasn't stopped yet, but fashion weeks are a great way to really look at a good style and she is always on top of her game with stunning style, which I think no one could compete with.

Update | Where to find me ?

Hi, my lovely's I just wanted to do a quick post to update you on where you can contact me, in case for your sake you want to ask any questions, I have multiple ways for you to contact. First of all, obviously you can easily comment on any post you want and as I haven't got a huge influx of comments coming through I will reply to you. You can also email me, which I check multiple times each day, If you prefer some social media then I also have a twitter, Instagram and What I Wore Today account. Of course though the twitter account will be more useful to ask myself something. I will pop my details below.
Twitter @streetorchic
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Fashion | #styleicon Anna Dello Russo

Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Regularly on the blog I'm going to be sharing with all my amazing readers a style icon, not necessarily my icon but represented to others as an icon. Today is the most wonderful Anna Dello Russo, I've actually only just noticed how stylish this woman is since really taking note of fashion week this season, and of course I had to follow her on Instagram, huge inspiration.
At fifty two years of age this lady is not afraid of breaking the style bank, she will rock anything. I'm not sure you will ever see Russo in trousers, legs out are a must with her. She's been strutting herself to every single fashion show I can think of, from Moschino to Marni, to a whole load of others, and her style is on point every single time, she can go a little crazy with the designs but isn't that what fashion is all about, craziness?
I've always linked Russo with the Moschino shows, first it's the McDonalds outfits, that I have to say she liked pretty darn cool in, and this season she was seen rocking a jumper/dress Barbie Moschino design, absolutely amazing. Hope you enjoy this post, be back tomorrow for another #styleicon.

Fashion | Personal Style

So a couple of years back I had another blog which failed a little but it was more focused on my personal style which I enjoyed doing but it got a little repetitive so I stopped. At the moment on Street Or Chic, I enjoy covering different fashion shows and speaking about trends and I don't want to ruin it by going on to something different. However I've decided once a week I will upload a personal style post, in which I will show you at least one outfit I've worn during the week or it will be a collage of multiple outfits. I think this will be good to just switch things up a little. I'm also open to hear about any ideas you may want me to write about, for input don't hesitate to comment below or contact me, you will find these details on the Contact page. Hope you are all having a wonderful day.

Fashion | Dolce&Gabbana's Gothic Romance #MFW

Monday, 22 September 2014

Milan fashion week as really been showcasing some of the most beautiful and amazing designs I have seen for a while, and it's all been very diverse. We've seen Moschino Barbie doll designs to Armani's sleek white and cool toned pieces, now I want to move on to some serious elegant designs, with a slight twist. Flicking through Instagram is where I find my fashion week coverage and today I found these amazing outfits, by the very talented duo Stefano Gabbana and Domenico Dolce, known as Dolce&Gabbana.
I wasn't quite sure what theme they were designing by because I hadn't researched up much but after looking at the designs I thought it quite suited the theme of Gothic Romance. The collection, or shall I say in particular the pieces I've placed above are quite dark and mysterious, yet quite girly and floaty. I love this colour palette I think it all works very well, there's pieces which are entirely black or red, or there's also a mixture of the colour which I really like. The materials also stand out to me, because there's been a lot of sheer, lace and tassels being used, all which I like to see in a collection.
 The hair styled I think looks great, it's very sleek which contrasts to the floaty designs, and also the makeup is quite natural yet has the deep plum shade which gives it that gothic look. Over all I love this collection, in terms of it been designs for spring/summer 2015, I think the brighter white tones are more suited, however personally I wear black all year round so it's perfect.

Fashion | Armani's fresh whites #MFW

Sunday, 21 September 2014

Giorgio Armani, has been one of the designers to stand out to me at Milan Fashion Week this season. These fresh white and cool tones are amazingly style on sleek, chic silhouettes. I've noticed a lot this season at fashion weeks across the globe that structured piece such as blazers, tops and trousers are really on trend, however Armani has played it differently, although he has the blazers, there extremely floaty, soft pieces which really go well with the colour palette. I am a huge fan of this collection this season.

Fashion | Moschino turns Barbie #MFW

Friday, 19 September 2014
Last year Moschino pulled McDonalds out of the bag which was a huge craze with many a-listers such as Rita Ora, Katy Perry, and the fashionista which is Anna Dello Russo, which means it must of been something special. I have to admit though it was a fun idea to come up with, not a lot of designers would of got the coverage Moschino did. Their quilted bags were quite special I thought they were a limited edition of Chanel or a big mac and chips were going to be pulled out, but that wouldn't of been very professional.
Anyhow enough of what was showcased last time, it's about time I get onto what happened this time at Italy's renowned Milan fashion week. Moschino hit the craze off again with Barbie. Yes I definitely said Barbie. However crazy it is, I was so excited looking at the designs, who cannot wait to see Anna Dello Russo walking round in a pink, PVC two piece. Although I don't think we'll see that, would be pretty cool though. As pink would probably the most expected colour to see in a Barbie collection, there was an array on different colours, blues, yellows, whites etc. Absolutely wonderful. I'm just looking forward to seeing this collection on the streets.

(last fashion week collection)

(current fashion week collection)

Fashion | ASOS Want List

Thursday, 18 September 2014

So yes I may just have too many items on my want list but for some odd reason I am wanting everything, or mostly everything I set my eyes on. It's probably due to my lack of high street shopping adventures, which is way over due. I usually prefer to actually go to the stores in person because then I can try things on and feel the materials, however weird that sounds yes I like to feel the materials, however ASOS is the only online website I actually have a good connection with. It's free delivery which I think pulls me in the most and they have tons of different designers and of course their own brand which is super affordable.
As you've probably noticed the majority of all items above are verging on the autumn/winter vibes. Who else is looking so totally forward to fur coats, chunky boots and all that jazz? I know I am. I try tell myself summer is my season with pretty floral dressers, and delicate little sandals but I always end up wearing the colour black and lots of leather so winter in my season, and ASOS do some good stuff at the moment everyone, so strut your butts onto the page. My favourite and most wanted items above would be the fluffy faux fur black coat, which are in stores everywhere and also the black duster coat because they are super stylish and also everywhere on the high street and last but not least the Miista Cecili buckle cut out ankle boots. I absolutely love chunky buckle boots so they are right up my street, a little on the pricey side however.

Event | London Fashion Weekend @THEOUTNET

(Photos by Jordane Davis @streetorchic)
(Photos by Jordane Davis @streetorchic)
(Photos by Jordane Davis @streetorchic)
(Photos by Jordane Davis @streetorchic)
(Photos by Jordane Davis @streetorchic)
(Photos by Jordane Davis @streetorchic)

Fashion | Bora Aksu #LFW

Monday, 15 September 2014

As some of you may know, if you have read previous posts is that I worked backstage at London Fashion Week for Bora Aksu, I was a dresser so I was very hands on with the clothing. Usually I would relate Fashion Week with really over the top "who would wear that" clothing, however I think it's all changed, because I would wear everything Bora had designed. His designers were perfection. The two collections, one which was very girly, soft light pieces which were white and light toned dusky pink, and the second collection also white but with blue, however more structured pieces rather than floaty. Also the outfits were topped of with the most amazing jewelled pieces. Makeup and hair was super simple, to make sure all eyes were on the designs. To hear about my experience of working backstage I will link it just below.

Photography | the city.

I absolutely love visiting Primrose Hill, and I live fairly near to it, so it's usually my summer destination, I even go there in the evenings to sit on the hill and stare at the beautiful view that is the lit up London city, its breath taking , and I think everyone should witness it. So I didn't think there was any better place to do another set of photos than Primrose Hill, of course, although it was day time it was still beautiful. This wasn't exactly a planned shoot, I just decided to take my camera out with me and my beautiful friend let me take some snaps of her. In the editing process of this shoot I was set on having them black and white, in colour they were amazing because she had a bright red top which contrasted with the black shinny, disco pants but black and white looked a lot better especially because the sky was grey that day. I have a lot more shoots to show you soon, which this same beautiful model, so come back to see more. 

(Photos by Jordane Davis @streetorchic)

(Photos by Jordane Davis @streetorchic)

(Photos by Jordane Davis @streetorchic)