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Beauty | The Body Shop Flawless Finish Collection *NEW*

Thursday, 19 June 2014

I recently took a quick trip to the shopping centre to buy a friend a gift, and I've always loved The Body Shop, so I thought they usually do amazing gifts why not have a look. After a little brief browsing I didn't purchase a gift but what I did get was these amazing two products. I primarily picked up the BB cream and a the radiant highlighter which will be reviewed in a post coming shortly. However the lovely lady at the counter told me about the Insta blur which came in a collection with this BB cream and I thought why not try it, so without the amazing, assisting customer service I also got a good bargain.

More on to the products now, so the Insta Blur basically works as a primer/pore minimizer. It smooth's on very nicely and smoothly, leaving you with a nice base to work with and the actual substance is of a thick serum form, which is good because some primers are suited to certain colour skin tones. The All-In-One BB cream was the product I was most bothered about trying out, I had recently been watching plenty of videos on The Body Shop YouTube channel and this product was used a lot. What mainly caught my eye was that it was colour adaption, so the colour of the cream at first is of a white shade but once it is buffed onto the skin it will turn to suit your skin tonne. Now this BB cream comes in two colours it's 00 and 01, which your probably saying to yourself 'well this girl has just said it adapts to your tone so why is there colours'. Well yes this is what I was confused about first but then I was told that 00 is suited to more pink shades and lighter tones, whereas 01 is for my darker skin tones.

I've worn it a couple of times now and I have some upsides and some downsides of it, and I'm mainly just going to be speaking on the BB cream. The good being that I think this will be a perfect product for being on holiday, as I don't particularly like to wear makeup and this product is like wearing nothing with only a hint of coverage, also it's quite annoying having to go out and buy new foundations when you have a tan, this will be the perfect product because obviously it will colour adapt to your new tanned skin tone. The downside being that I wore this to work and I felt looking in the mirrors throughout the day (hair salon) it looked as if I had absolutely no makeup on at all.

As I've said I think this product would be good in situations such as being on holiday, having a tan or times such as going to the gym and working out, however I don't think it's a good product for myself on a daily basis, purely because I feel I need a lot more coverage than what its achieving. Obviously a lot of people reading this may have amazing flawless skin that can get away with it, but I just don't feel comfortable wearing it, in work or social situations.

If you want to see me wearing this duo then click this link to my recently Daily Face #5
And if you want to see a video of this being applied then I found this cool video on The Body Shop YouTube 'No Makeup' Makeup Tutorial

Beauty | Daily Face #5 *A BodyShop Affair*

Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Today's products are all completely Body Shop, a few new products I purchased yesterday which will be reviewed in a post shortly. Sorry for the bad pictures, it's very cloudy and dismal today and all I have to work with it natural light so sorry about that, hopefully the bright sunshine will appear tomorrow.

Beauty | White Or No White?

Monday, 16 June 2014

White Nails or No White Nails?
I've never known how to feel about this colour of shall I say this shade. I painted my nails yesterday in this Barry M polish and I'm split between two thoughts. The first thought being I don't like it because it looks like Tipex and the second being I do like it but only because I have a slight golden tan.
 I tried it in the winter once and absolutely hated it, but because I've had my nails manicured a few weeks ago and as I said I have a small tan it doesn't actually look too bad. I definitely think when I see other people wearing it, it only looks good on natural nails instead of acrylic (fake nails), such as the two below on the gorgeous super models Karlie Kloss and the amazing Cara Delevigne who can I say apart from Suki is my favourite model ever.
I've only ever tried this Barry M, white nail polish but I am interested in buying some other brands to compare whether some are better than others or there just all the same looking. This particular one is good when applying, you only need two coats, one coat can look quite sheer and patchy, so two for full coverage of the nail.

Beauty | Real Technique

Top Picks

1. Blush 2. Powder 3. Brow 4. Buffing
So these brushes are in everyone's makeup pots and it's probably an extremely late post for these particular brushes as they came out a long time ago, but since they have they're all I ever reach for. I have the core collection, the eye shadow collection and some singles such as the power and blush brushes, and also the blender sponge. I've shown them all but I've also shown my favourite four picks out of them all.
1. Blush Brush
This brush is perfect to apply a powder blush, it's super soft and super easy to use. The slight angle of the brush means that it can also be very suitable for applying a contour/bronzer to the cheek bones.
2. Powder
This was my first ever Real Techniques brush and it started the whole craze off. I always, always and always wear powder so when I found this brush I was so happy. It's quite large and again super soft as are all these brushes. It also takes very well to the power, and the powder clings on so you don't need to use too much out of your pot.
3. Brow
I used to use a pencil to shape and fill in my eyebrows but when I finally got this brow brush I decided to switch it up a little a try using a shadow suitable for the brows and this brush made it so easy to apply.
4. Buffing
So this buffing brush was used first to blend in my contour powder to make it a lot more softer, which worked very well, and I can't speak enough about the softness of these brushes. However today I decided to use this brush to buff in my foundation and surprisingly it was amazing to do so. I noticed a lot of people using this brush for foundation in videos on YouTube but it was today I decided to do so and loved it and will probably never look back.
A few plus sides to all the brushes are that they are super easy to clean with some water and makeup brush cleaner, they dry very quickly and become really clean like they are new. They are really cool to look at, come in these three different colours, gold, pink and purple, they look amazing in a brush pot with the collection. And lastly they are not that expensive at all, single brushes are about £9 which can be seen as fairly pricey, however if you go for the core collection which can be purchased for around £20 not much more, you get four brushes which is £5 each basically, and for such good quality brushes it's an amazing bargain. They have some new ones out now which I will link below and I'm hoping to get my hands on some soonish and will review for you all.

Beauty | High End Want List

1. Laura Mercier Silk Crème Foundation 2. Nars Multiple 3. Nars Radiance Enhancing Primer 4. MAC Mineralize Skin Finish Highlight
This is my high end beauty wishlist, I'm not a person to always side with high end products because I haven't always got the money to get them and I also think you can find the same similar products (not always the same quality) in drug stores such as Boots and Superdrug. However I do like to  wish once in a while and I've had these four products saved at the back of my head for a while.
1. Laura Mercier Silk Crème Foundation
I'v never purchased or tried out any Mercier products but I've always had an eye on them, and I'm always one for trying out new foundations, as I get quite tired of using the same ones.
2. Nars Multiple
These scare me quite a bit because as I've always noted I am in no way a professional makeup artist and I get a little scared about how to apply products that are not powder unless its a liquid foundation. But these are extremely interesting and I would love to try them out. I believe they've always had the bronze colours in but the coloured blush shades are fairly new to the scene.
3. Nars Radiance Enhancing Primer
Another Nars product to show to you, and surprisingly I've never tried Nar's products either, probably why I wish for them so much. But onto the primer, I have only ever tried drug store primers and usually I tend to just apply a moisturiser but I feel when I do use a primer my skin looks extra good. Nar's do this same primer but in an oil free, but for me personally I get really dehydrated skin so I thought this would be the perfect one for me, and it also has SPF 15 sunscreen which is a bonus for us ladies in the sun, or men, whatever you prefer.
4. MAC Mineralize Skin Finish Highlight
I use this powder in a normal foundation powder form, but I have literally been lusting over this particular shade for ages. When I was in Jersey recently I was ready to purchase it, but it was the only shade that was out of stock, must be that popular. Soon come I will have this for daily use, and I cannot wait.
The products are all sold in department stores such as Selfridges, Harrods, John Lewis and lots more, you can also find them online in a lot of places, and I think for some of these products the prices range.

Update | The Weekly Vlog #2

Sunday, 15 June 2014

So you may have seen my very last post saying about the schedule of this blog, it was entirely incorrect because I only just remembered that on a Sunday I like to do my Weekly Vlogs even though I realised that it's not actually a vlog but just a few photos. Anyhow this week hasn't been the most interesting, as you can see, most of it involves my love for drinks and ice lolly's. Took a trip to the pub one day in the beautiful sunny London weather, even though right now it may be on the verge of raining, but it was nice and I shared this huge jug of Pimm's which tasted amazing and summery. Now I absolutely love Mojito's and I found this ice lolly and it was incredibly tasty and refreshing. I haven't stopped drinking my home made squeezed lemon and lime water which is also amazingly refreshing if it's freezing cold. I was missing Paris, just having a look at my really cool pink Paris key chains. Given you a quick outfit snap, and let me just say this outfit it the comfiest I've ever worn. Top from H&M, trousers from River Island and boots from Hudson, which I call my Harry boots because me and Harry Styles practically wear the same cool boots. To round off the week last night which was Saturday I went into Hoxton to watch the England, World Cup match, which was a little bit disastrous as Italy won the game but hopefully we'll be next to win. Had a really good fun and dance, and I only got 3 hours sleep and then I was straight into work, so excuse me if this does not make sense at all. How were your weeks? I'm thinking of filming throughout the next week.

Update | Blog Schedule

New posts every Monday to Saturday
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Fashion | ASOS Festival Picks

Saturday, 14 June 2014

Festival season it approaching, Glastonbury is only at the end of the month, how exciting for some of you, I am a little gutted I didn't get tickets but I will definitely go next year. I am however going to Wireless which is a smaller festival here in London which will take place in Finsbury Park. I personally find it very difficult to find an outfit for festivals, purely because there's too much choice, I can't make my mind up. I popped onto ASOS and noticed they had a section dedicated to us festival girlies, and so I picked out a few items/outfits that I really liked and popped them up above, to give you a little idea about what you could wear. Two pieces such as the red motel one above are totally in this season and I don't know about you but I really want some. Also big hats were a hit for Coachella so maybe there still be around. Have any festivals tips and ideas? Pop them in the comment box, I look forward to hearing about them.

Beauty | Daily Face #4

1. No7 Cream Blush *mango sorbet* 2. The body shop moisture foundation 3.Sephora Concealer 4.Sleek Contour palette *light* 5. Lancôme Palette 6. H&M Lip gloss *you make me smile* 7.Max Factor Mascara
Today I've switched it up a little bit more, I'm in work all day today so I wanted a little more coverage, therefore I've used this Body Shop foundation which is a favourite of mine, it can be quite drying for my skin even though it is an oily foundation but my skin tend to get extremely dehydrated. I've also used this sleek palette which is a lot similar to the Urban Decay Naked flushed palette I used in my last 'Daily Face' but today I only used the highlight from this palette. I also used this lovely No7 cream blush, if you wandering how I applied it, it was with a sponge, purely because it was the easiest way. I'm also liking this Lancôme palette which I've had for a while it's nice to make a pink dark Smokey eye, however I didn't over do it. I'm wearing this H&M lip gloss for a bit of a darker colour today, I do like the quality of H&M glosses, there not too irritating and sticky. 

Beauty | Beauty Bag Essentials

Friday, 13 June 2014

So I've done something a little different this time, instead of just writing a post out I filmed something. I've always liked the idea of making videos for YouTube, because I see so many people have success with it, I've always wanted to have a try. This is my first filmed video so go easy, it isn't the best quality or editing at the moment. This video is basically about throwing a load of products together that I think would be essential to a makeup collection, and if I could only have a certain amount of products these would be the ones picked out from my own collection. Enjoy!

Beauty | Daily Face #3

1. No7 Superlight Foundation 2. Sephora Concealer 3. Mac Powder 4. Natural Collection cover concealer 5. Max Factor Mascara 6. Urban Decay Naked Flushed palette 7. Model Co shine lip glass *berry pink*
Today I've given you something a little different, it's still a normal Daily Face post but I've shown a before and after, I've been brave guys and revealed what's under that makeup I wear. The products I've used are the same base products as I am super loving this No7 foundation for the hot days here in London. I've added in this Natural Collection liquid concealer which is actually a favourite of mine especially for being so cheap, I think it's only around £1.99 which is incredible. I've also used this Urban Decay palette which I purchased quite recently, it has one of my favourite bronzers as its not too dark and perfect to contour. The blusher I think is a bit too dark pink shade for me personally therefore I like to blend it out a little with a clean brush, and this highlight it gorgeous as it has a really nice pink shade effect to it, so it's perfect to where with the blush. Lastly I used this Model Co ultra shine lip gloss which I got as a freebie in a magazine a little while ago and I am actually quite liking it, it's not too sticky and it's a really nice pink shade not too dark. I've forgot to mention in my last daily face posts that I don't actually show what product I used for my eyebrows, just because it's a brown eye shadow in this huge ELF palette, which is broken and dirty so it wouldn't look very appetising on the photo but I am looking to get a new brow product might try the sleek palette, any suggestions?

Fashion | Friday Fashion Spot - Kylie Jenner

Kylie Jenner is definitely my favourite sister out of the whole Kardashian clan, especially when it comes to style. She literally never lets us down, she is always styled so chic even when she's dressing down, which is hardly ever but I absolutely love what she wears. And this outfit is one of my favourite outfits she's worn, even though it's not the most appropriate for us folks here in London because the weathers getting better, but if your reading this post in one of those really cold country's then this might be perfect for you. I've got you a similar and I am guessing a hundred per cent cheaper version of Kylie's powder blue coat and black cigarette pants, which are amazing and I had to buy myself. Watch out guys, look book on it's way to you.

Beauty | Summer Scents

1. Next 'Pink' 2. Juicy Couture 3. One Direction 'Our Moment'
Summer isn't just here yet, we are still in the Spring months but it is approaching so I though i'd show you a few of my favourite perfumes which are in fact the perfect for summer. Fresh, floral smells are the best, and before I start just to let you know I am not the greatest on determining the right words for smells, which probably doesn't make sense seen as I am doing a perfect summer perfumes post, but I am just going to get on it.
 1. Next 'Pink'
This perfume is one I've spoke about in my latest Beauty Likes Post , and it is quite incredible, it cost only £12 for a 75ml bottle which is the best part, but then the smell for such a cheap perfume is even nicer. Smells really fresh and fruity which is perfect for the summer.
2.Juicy Couture
This is a fairly old product of mine but it my second bottle that I've owned, unlike the Next perfume it is a little more expensive but it is worth it and does stay on a lot longer.
3. One Direction 'Our Moment'
Now I love One Direction and you all would probably know this, if you had read my Weekly Vlog #1 , I have to admit though I don't think I've used it as much as I should have, because just like the others it has such a nice fresh, fruity smell which is the best for the summer months. Also if you hadn't noticed yet, One Direction have a new perfume out called 'That Moment' which is obviously a follow on to this one, but I don't know about you, I super duper want it.
Apart from these three perfumes being super summery and fresh, the bottles are really cute and look perfect on the bedroom side. Hope you've enjoyed this post and got some nice perfume idea's.



Thursday, 12 June 2014

Beauty | Summer Glow

1. B. Shimmer block 2. Revlon Matte Balm 3.No7 pop and glow cream blush 4. No7 Stay perfect Superlight Foundation

1. B. Shimmer Block
I absolutely love this shimmer block and shimmer blocks overall, on a general basis I love to wear highlight because it gives such a lovely glow and shimmer blocks are basically a highlight and blush 2 in 1, as you can see from the photo it's super glowy and looks beautiful on.
2. Revlon Matte Balm
You have all most probably seen and heard of the colour burst balms sold by Revlon, they sell matte ones and also shinny ones.  I really enjoy this one because I think matte always suits me better than shiny and this colour in particular is lovely for a nice natural pink makeup look. I'd definitely recommend.
3.No7 Pop & Glow cream blush
When I was in a boots store in Jersey a few weeks ago the lovely lady on the No7 counter applied a full face of makeup for me trying out some of there amazing products. This cream blush surprised me quite a lot because I'm not usually good with applying cream blushers but this one was super easy to apply, and the colour is a perfect coral.
4.No7 Stay Perfect Superlight Foundation
I spoke about this foundation in my very first post if I'm correct and I think this would be the perfect product for summer, it is definitely super light and the coverage is light to medium which is good because you don't want a full coverage in the summer months, it doesn't look very natural, in less obviously that's what you prefer.

Beauty | Daily Face #2

1. Sephora Concealer 2. Body Shop Lightening Touch 3. Mac Power 4. No7 Superlight foundation 3. Estee lauder Silky Power Blush *Pink Kiss 02* 4. Topshop Glow *Polished* 5. Benefit Badgal lash mascara
Using most of the same base products today as I usually always do, but I've switched around my blush to this gorgeous Estee Lauder one that I actually picked up in duty free a few years ago and I don't think I use it as much as I should. It's a very light pink blush but definitely buildable depending on how pink you like your cheeks. I also used this Topshop cream highlight in the lighter shade which I used a lot when I first got it but then I got more into using powder highlighters. I think cream highlights can look a lot more natural therefore I though with the sun out I'd go for this one. I also changed my mascara to the benefit bad gal lash one which If you read my bad beauty products a few posts back you would of seen this but because my mascaras are running out and this is the only one full and wet enough to use I thought I'd have a go again. However I am still not very liking it, I find the brush just far to large. I'd also like to say my hair wasn't really done when I took the photo and it's definitely a bad hair day so don't take any notice. 

Fashion | Shoe store alert! 'My1stWish'

I think this may have to be my favourite online shoe shop at the moment, I haven't actually purchased anything yet because I'm saving some money up but their shoes are so lovely and affordable and they even sell shoes that shops such as Topshop sell but for practically half the price, how amazing is that.

The four pairs of shoes above are the ones I personally picked off the website to show to you guys today (these are just images from the site, I don't own them). They have such a large variety ranging from dainty heels such as these gorgeous Alexia orange ankle cuff sandals that are also sold in black and two other colours, so have a pick. I would never go for a shoe so bright such as these but because of the gold hardware and also because summer is approaching, the sun is out and it deserves a colour like these.

They also sell plenty of chunky sandals which stood out to me the most, as you would already know if you read my previous post. I picked two pairs of chunky sandals, one pair being these silver ones which I would definitely never of worn but I think the trend is coming on to hard and i'm up for wearing anything and especially these. I also picked out the Janet white cleated sole sandal which co-ords with my 'White Wishlist' post, even though I think these may be off white/cream but they are still so lovely and would look amazing in the summer with nice painted bright toes, even neon coloured toes if you must or really want to stand out.

The last pair of shoes are the Nora black platform Chelsea boots and these are oh so the same as the ones sold in Topshop but half price! What a bargain, I'm not sure whether the quality is worse or better, because obviously I haven't got these but the photo makes them look good and I think these boots would overall be a statement piece as well as a simple pair of shoes that can be worn casually as well as dressed up in the evening, your choice!

I hope you've enjoyed looking as my picks from 'My1stWish' and if you like them, I advise you to buy them because they are super affordable, lovely shoes and they have such a variety so just have a search through. If and when I may purchase a few pairs, if you'd like me to style a look book for them then please comment and let me know.

Beauty | Daily Face #1

Wednesday, 11 June 2014

1. Max Factor Clump Defy Mascara 2. Sephora 8hr wear perfect cover concealer 3. Mac Mineralize Skin finish Natural 4.No7 Superlight foundation 5. Chanel power blush *76 Frivole* 6. Revlon matte balm *striking spectaculaire*

I've just realised how much i'm loving this Chanel Blusher, it's probably the perfect power coral blush for summer, and looks so smooth on the skin. My first time using this Sephora concealer because it was too dark and now I have a light tan I can get away with using it. It has good coverage but it is quite thick on the skin. I am totally in love with this matte balm, I am not always brave enough to wear a pop of colour on the lip if it's not an evening out, but this one I really like because it's matte.

Fashion | Chunky Sandals

Tuesday, 10 June 2014

I have been lusting over as many pairs of chunky sandals as possible and I have already brought a few and there are so many more I wish to purchase. Before I start I will be uploading a post on an online shoe store I came across on Instagram and I will be showing you some of my favourite picks. But for now I'm showing you the ones I already have and I know chunky sandals aren't every ones cup of tea and I know if your like my mum who loves delicate little sandals then these definitely won't be up your street but I do really like them and I have had quite a few compliments.

I put them in order of which ones I purchased first. The first ones are from H&M and they were only £15 which is an absolute bargain, they are all black and quite simple I'd say for a chunky sandal but they are worn perfectly with a pair of skinny jeans or a little drink to add some harshness.  The second pair being my favourite out of them all, I actually haven't had a chance to wear these yet. They were from Primark for £16 which I think is quite expensive for Primark but they are from the Limited Edition range and they feel a lot sturdier and stronger quality then most of their other shoes. They had these in all black as well but because I already have black sandals and I really wanted a metallic pair I thought these were perfect and there not too in your face like silver or gold ones, so I am super happy with these. I didn't buy them too long ago so if you interested then I'd advise you to grab a pair because they were selling fast. The last pair I had my eyes on for a long time, I did actually want the ones with no pattern by they were sold out and so I rested for these ones which I super love. They are also sold in silver and gold. These were from Asos and were only £25, the only down fall was that I'd had these on for about three hours and I already had huge blisters all over my feet, i'll give them another go soon.

If you interested in seeing these shoes styled then do comment in the box below and I will have a post ready for you. And as I said previously I will be doing a post on an online shoe store called 'Public Desire' stay tuned for that soon.

Update | The Weekly Vlog #1

So this is a little late but it's basically what I got up to last week, with exams season here I needed to do some serious revision and Starbucks helped me with that, in this weather a mango and passion fruit Frappuccino was the only solution and got me through.

Obviously the weather has been amazing here in London with the odd rain shower here and there but a part from that some lovely sun and few clouds obviously because were here in the UK, so I took some time out the top up the tan on the balcony, and as you can see Oskar my little Chihuahua, who actually looks quite large in that photo was sunning with me although he chose the shady part.

I then finished off the week with ONE DIRECTION! I have always been in total love with them as a group and my heart has always been with Harry, you know the curly haired one? Well yeah I booked these tickets last year and it finally come and it was the best day of my life, as you can see I had to queue in that for five hours! and then an extra two hours in the stadium but it was all worth the wait to see the boys. I think I got pretty close to the stage and definitely got a good glimpse of them. I only took about two photos and the rest were videos and some are uploaded onto my Instagram so if you want to see them you know where to go (@jordane240196). I do generally believe I have withdrawal symptoms from that concert and my love for Harry has gone from 100 to, I don't even no, more than a billion, I'm not even sure it's normal, oh well I should get over it soon enough and come back down to reality that I will never find someone like Harry Styles.
What was your week like?

Fashion | Topshop White Wishlist

I am absolutely loving white at the moment, and it's strange because I incredibly love black and practically always wear it, I would be the person to say if a darker colour than black came out I would be wearing it. I just think that the suns out and white looks amazing and fresh and beautiful with a tan. These are three items I picked out on Topshop that I am loving, duffer coats are hugely in at the moment which is strange because you'd think people were taking off there coats, but this ones white and their super thin so why not? I've never been that brave to wear white nail polish but I know how good quality Topshop's nail polish is and this one has sparkles in which is really hard to tell from the photo, but it's beautiful. Lastly I am actually really really loving these skaters, I used to have a pair of the original vans years ago but these cheaper and much more stylish ones are lovely, and I think these would be perfect with some white skinny jeans or black if you must.

Fashion | Depop Shop

As I am writing this I am laying in the beautiful but humid and sweaty London sun, it's lovely when it's out but doesn't it just get too much? I think so. Quick post just to notify you of this pretty cool app I came across called Depop where you can sell clothes, accessories and what other little bits you might not have any room for and in case you want to make some extra cash. I cleared my wardrobe and drawers out the other day and ended up with a good few black bin bags full of stuff I didn't want anymore, and instead of chucking it in the bin I decided to sell a few bits on this incredible little app. It's a little like eBay I suppose but more dedicated to clothes and fashion. Also unlike eBay they take commission when you actually sell something rather than before hand because on eBay you could be losing money rather than actually earning it. Anyway these are a few shots from my page. I am putting items up for super cheap bargain prices, if you want to have a look and find something you like and you think it might be a little pricey just private message me on the app and we can come to an arrangement, I only ship in the UK at the moment and Paypal payment only. Enjoy!

Fitness | Motivation

Monday, 9 June 2014
I started my fitness 'lifestyle' a good few weeks ago, and I feel as if it's the best go at fitness and being healthy as I've ever had, but I always get the weakness once in a while and sometimes it comes more often. The blueberry muffin or the chocolate bar, you always persuade your self away but you always end up eating it, it's a weakness and I think we all get times like this, some of us are just better at refusing a treat rather than eating it.

If your wondering why I chose to call it a lifestyle, it's because it makes me think of it has being something more important or bigger than just a diet which is quite usually short term. When I first started this lifestyle I did amazing for the first week, I ate no carbs at all. Breakfast would consist of fruit or Weetabix, then lunch would be a salad or soup with fruit and then dinner would purely be chicken and vegetables which doesn't sound the most exciting but I definitely saw small results on the scales. Now I wouldn't call myself fat, but just chubby, with some loose fat on the hips, slight muffin top, but I generally wanted to be healthier, fitter, and stronger, especially because I am prone to certain personal health problems that may be helped with a healthier lifestyle. So back on the food it was really good for first week, then second week I decided to incorporate some carbs such as wholemeal wraps for lunch or sweet potato for dinner, nothing too much but something more filling. Now about two weeks after this I have started snacking a lot more, and these are unhealthy snacks, such as crisps, popcorn, chocolate, carbs, fruit juices full of sugar. Don't get me wrong it sounds worse than it is. I have started to drink fresh lemon and lime water that I extremely enjoy with a workout, and it's great for your skin.

On to workouts, I do some light cardio in the house such as star jumps, jumping jacks, jogging on the spot. I also do a good few abs workouts which I have noticed slight improvement of my muffin top and love handles which is great. I recently also started to use weights which I have noticed make my top half a lot stronger and fitter and just a lot more defined. To add to this I started doing some home boxing, having a boxing bag in the house is a great bonus in the fitness section. I do really think it's helpful to do a lot more cardio workouts though, so once I get my trainers I'm going to start running in the morning and I also want to go on long park walks.

You may not find a purpose to this post at all, because reading it back makes me think I'm rambling on about myself and not helping anyway, but this is my journey to becoming healthy and fitter and I thought it would help myself to become more motivated if I write about it, but also maybe some of the things I do might interest and help you in some way.

Beauty | Festival Makeup & Hair

Saturday, 7 June 2014



Festival season is approaching everyone, lets just sing and dance and have a good time. But obviously it's a little bit more complicated than that because us girls like to make an effort or at least I do, I'm guessing you do to though right? well that's why I am here, I'm not a professional makeup artist nor am I a professional hair stylist but what I am is a blogger who likes to give personal tips and opinions. Glad we got that sorted. So the photos I've supplied you with were taken at 2014 Coachella festival which obviously I didn't attend because I would of most probably been stuck here in raining London, but we can't have everything right?
There are so many festivals approaching whether it's the huge Glastonbury or the small Field Day there are tons, and there are also many abroad too. Sadly I only booked one this year which is Wireless which I went to last year and is an amazing day out, having a drink and listening to some pretty cool artists, like Jay Z and Justin Timberlake, pretty darn cool I'd say, so yeah I'm going back this year, to listen to Kanye West that will be amazing. But as I said us girls like to make an effort and look effortlessly festival chic, can we do it? I think we can.
These images were the makeup and hair inspo that stood out to me most. Vanessa Hudgens is just beautiful and has been one of my fashion inspirations for a while, and she looked amazing, I will definitely try to look good with gems, well I hope I look as nice, And those amazing long beachy waved locks look incredible and suits the occasion just right, great work Vanessa!
Next up is Emmy Rossum who just likes gorgeous, doesn't she? The natural makeup with a pop of red on the lips and the contrast with the purple flower band just looks perfect. Her hair is perfect for this occasion those amazing sleek curls. Lastly the Jenner/Kardashion sisters looking beautiful as ever and Kylie is definitely my favourite at the moment out of the K clan, she's gorgeous with or without those huge lips. Back to the beauty though, Kendall had the same idea with the gems and didn't pull it off as good as Vanessa but she still rocks it, they both have very natural makeup which is important at a festival because you have to look as effortless as possible.
Therefore my Beauty tips are natural makeup, possibly a pop of colour on the lip, orange/coral is a big hit this summer. Add some gems around the eyes to add a fun look. Don't do too much with your hair, leave it has effortless as possible, apply some sea salt spray to give it some beachy waves or add some sleek curls and mess it up, so it doesn't look like a red carpet look and add some flowers like Emmy, so good for a festival, bigger the better. Have fun!

Fashion Friday | Sunnies out!

Friday, 6 June 2014
 Primark £2
H&M £5.99

The sun is out here in London today, well slightly going in now, but it was gorgeous earlier, a tad on the warm side as well which is extremely well the UK, usually it's just rain, boring old wet rain. Anyway thought it was good enough time to show you my new sunnies! they really are nothing special but I like them. I'll have to admit though I am always that person who wears sunglasses on the top of my head rather than over my eyes, I just think they're a great excuse for a bad hair day, just push them back and your good to go.

Don't you though just find it super annoying when you go somewhere such as H&M and find a pair for £5.99 (the pair above), which aren't even good quality and then walk into Primark and find exactly the same pair for £2. Well this happened to me, it was gutting because I actually think the Primark feel better quality and more sturdy. But I got the green/blue shade effect from Primark because I though they would be super cool for a festival to just add a fun vibe to your outfit, but at the same time look super chic, and yes I got a plain silver/mirrored pair too because they are just good overall, casual sunnies for everyday use.

You don't always need to purchase super expensive sunglasses, especially when you could be paying £200 for Raybans, which don't get me wrong are lovely glasses and really good quality, but if your like me and either brake or loose them all the time it's really not that worth it, and there are so many style glasses that you could buy them all if you knock off a few digits. However it's your choice, I am in no way saying you should never but Raybans because of price, because they are really good quality and would last a long time, just don't sit on them or leave them at the park, seriously don't, they cost a good few pounds.