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Friday, 13 June 2014

1. Next 'Pink' 2. Juicy Couture 3. One Direction 'Our Moment'
Summer isn't just here yet, we are still in the Spring months but it is approaching so I though i'd show you a few of my favourite perfumes which are in fact the perfect for summer. Fresh, floral smells are the best, and before I start just to let you know I am not the greatest on determining the right words for smells, which probably doesn't make sense seen as I am doing a perfect summer perfumes post, but I am just going to get on it.
 1. Next 'Pink'
This perfume is one I've spoke about in my latest Beauty Likes Post , and it is quite incredible, it cost only £12 for a 75ml bottle which is the best part, but then the smell for such a cheap perfume is even nicer. Smells really fresh and fruity which is perfect for the summer.
2.Juicy Couture
This is a fairly old product of mine but it my second bottle that I've owned, unlike the Next perfume it is a little more expensive but it is worth it and does stay on a lot longer.
3. One Direction 'Our Moment'
Now I love One Direction and you all would probably know this, if you had read my Weekly Vlog #1 , I have to admit though I don't think I've used it as much as I should have, because just like the others it has such a nice fresh, fruity smell which is the best for the summer months. Also if you hadn't noticed yet, One Direction have a new perfume out called 'That Moment' which is obviously a follow on to this one, but I don't know about you, I super duper want it.
Apart from these three perfumes being super summery and fresh, the bottles are really cute and look perfect on the bedroom side. Hope you've enjoyed this post and got some nice perfume idea's.

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