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Model Takeover #2 - Kendall Jenner

Sunday, 21 December 2014

Back again after a long time of no posting, it's just such a busy time and it feels so good to just sit down and have some time to write some stuff for you. It would really be a miracle if I could do this as a career, I'd love it! But unfortunately im not that advanced or shall I say liked to make this my full time job. I have another model takeover for you today and she's one of my favourite definitely the best out of the Kardashian clan even though she's a Jenner, but you know what I mean. If you haven't seen my last model takeover this is just me basically showing you a few of my favourite outfits they've worn and I really can't pick one because she looks amazing in everything it's unreal.

My personal style is a little rock n roll channelling pink chic girly girl sorta thing, if you know what that sort of style looks like, it always changes really, but I love this look on Kendall, she has got some of my favourite pieces of which unfortunately I cannot afford, the Balenciaga patent shoes and Celine tote are my fav's! And loving this quirky "HELLO" jumper it's so cool, topped of with this grey fedora at to add that chic touch.
AMEN! this is literally me in an outfit, I cannot explain how much I love it. It's just so simple and effortless and I do no have those long, slim legs but who cares I'm going to wear this! And im not to sure where Kendall got these boots from, (help me out people?) but I found an exact copy on Zara.
This amazing beauty has so many incredible red carpet looks so I've picked out my favourite few, including this one which rocked the boat a little, I mean who could rock without making a fool of yourself better then Kendall Jenner, know one that I know for sure.
This is the other favourite red carpet looks, because I'm loving this makeup look, and the outfit of course but she looks great in everything. It's obvious she's wearing makeup and has an amazing makeup artist but she always chooses to simple side to red carpet looks, and she looks incredible.

Model Takeover #1 - Gigi Hadid

Tuesday, 9 December 2014
Are you all ready my lovely, amazing readers, because it's time for model takeover to begin. To be honest you probably reading this thinking "what is the crazy girl going on about", and your probably right, there's no flash, fancy personal interviews with the ladies, which I wish there was, maybe one day, but just me giving you a little insight into my favourite models of the moment and a few of their best style pics borrowed from my lovely friend Google, of course.

So the first beautiful lady is Gigi Hadid, who hasn't always been on my model radar, but only until that Pirelli magazine photograph was released she was on fire. Gigi isn't one of the major super models...yet, but she will soon be, she's got such natural beauty its disgusting, and she always rocks an outfit even if its as basic as a white tee she looks incredible.

This is one of my favourite casual street style outfits I've seen Gigi wear, because although were working some pointed leather ankle boots, with a sheer pin strip midi dress she rocks it so effortlessly. 
Now this is what I'm talking about when I say she even looks amazing in a basic tee, but I love the way she's also paired it with some high waist leather skinnies and some nude courts, I love me some leather!
I wouldn't particularly wear these trousers myself but teamed with this amazing monochrome, midriff bearing Chanel jacket it looks amazingly, incredible.
This is the first photo I've seen of Gigi that screams girly, even though there's still no sign of pink but who cares because she is looking gorgeous! and her hair also looks super cute in a side plait. Love it!

Fashion | Victoria Secrets 2013 Past Highlights

Monday, 1 December 2014

So as the Victoria Secret Fashion Show comes closer I thought what a better time to look over the past shows, but focusing on last years in 2013, because it was my favourite show they've done because obviously it just gets better every single year, and it's not stopping. 2014 will definitely be the year to remember or shall I say the best so far. If you didn't already know the show has been moved to London, my home city which feels great and just this morning the Victoria Secret Angels have touched down, and I'm guessing super excited to be in such an amazing city. The show will be airing on the 9th of December on CBS, which I'm pretty sure is an American channel which us Brits can't get over here, so if I'm wrong please comment and update me, because I'm always watching a day late on YouTube which just isn't the same but still pretty darn cool. So get ready for some 2013 Victoria Secret Fashion Show Highlights my friends!

 I love all the angels and think their all absolutely stunning, however by far Candice is my favourite, she is just such an incredibly fierce, beautiful woman who rocks the runway all the time. And this highlight my friends is the $10 million dollar fantasy bra, which is quite crazy , I mean 10 MILLION DOLLARS!
Taylor Swift fiercely rocking out in the British segment of the show, which can I say was super awesome. I feel like I'm talking extremely American today on this post but it suits it well I suppose. So yeah she rocked.
This was hot! Adriana Lima strutting down the runway in red feather wings in the Parisian Nights segment, it was just incredible. And can I say the thing I love about the Victoria Secret show, even though there is so much controversy over their poster campaigns of having all skinny girls, if you read and watch interviews and all that jazz about the models, they work really hard at there bodies, and they look really healthy, strong women and have a good healthy lifestyle. Rant over.
Another Adriana Lima look, haven't got much to say because she loves amazing and I loved this look.
Behati and those wings! She was on fire. Actually opposite she was more like snow but you get what I mean, she rocked it and who saw Adam Levines reaction to his beautiful 'then' fiancé (now wife, obvs).
Obviously Cara had to be involved in this post because she from my home city, rocking all her Britishness over on the American Catwalk and she always looks incredibly beautiful, everybody loves a bit of Cara.
So I hope you enjoyed looking and reading about my VS fashion show 2013 highlights, is was 100% my favourite show so far and cannot wait for this years. If you love models then do come back for my Model takeover, which will be packed full of our classic super models Kate Moss and our new and upcoming models such as Cara, Jourdan Dunn, Gigi Hadid and tons more where I skim through there model highlights, personal style and beauty, don't miss out!