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Fashion | The Brit's Best & Worst Dressed

Friday, 27 February 2015
Taylor Swift

I just adored this dress, Taylor swift was on fire, as always she never fails to impress and I just loved this dress. It's simple of the front and then bang she turns and it's incredible. A simple black dress turnt interesting. Well done Taylor.
Fearne Cotton

I love this style of dress Fearne wore to the Brits, my mum said she hates this style but I think on the right person it's flattering, other times it can look as though its a maternity dress but not this time. Also her accessories used are awesome, all gold, and I think her hair looks great, just simple.

Although I don't dislike this outfit, I just don't think it's suitable for the occasion/event, change the shoes to flats and she'd look like she was going to work, but luckily she put the heels and switched it up but I'm still not keen.
Ashley Roberts

I think the top half is great and it's different but the bottom half looks very kiddy, like it'd be worn to a children's Halloween party. Luckily she's a very beautiful woman.
Charlie XCX

Charlie's outfit's just do not do it for me, nothing she wears! It all seems quite stripper esc, she's also a very beautiful woman, she could dress a lot more classier than what she does. But she has great hair and makeup, if that makes it any better. 

Music of the Moment

Thursday, 26 February 2015

Rihanna, Kanye West & Paul McCartney 'Four Five Seconds

Ryn Weaver 'Promises

Gavin DeGraw 'Fire

The Weeknd 'Earned it (Fifty Shades Of Grey

London Fashion Week X Depop

Wednesday last week, which was the day before London Fashion Week began I was invited over to Depop HQ. This was great because I'm a huge fan of Depop and it was interesting to see how it all runs. If your not too sure what Depop is, it's a buying and selling app, so similar to sites such as eBay or ASOS market place when you pop all your un wanted pieces/clothes onto the app, and earn a few pounds. If your into your social media then you'd love this because it reminds me a lot like Instagram, as it gives you the chance socialise and communicate with other sellers or buyers and in the end of the day if your buying, you end up with a cool stylish new piece or outfit, and if your selling then you have some cash to spend, perhaps on Depop. What's also great and different to other sites and apps is they will only take a tiny percent of money if you actually sell something, so you haven't got the trouble of paying selling fees when you've sold nothing.

As I was off to London Fashion Week I was asked by Depop to wear something I've either brought or am selling on the app. Therefore I've picked out this beautiful top by Missguided. Unfortunately I was running around so much I didn't have time to actually snap a picture in Somerset House but I did take one before hand in a not so glamorous location but it'll do. This tops great because it can definitely be worn in the evening, for occasions but it can also be worn casual if your into a good bit of sparkle in the day. Or definitely as you can see be worn to fashion week. I didn't go too crazy or out there with the outfit, because my style is generally quite simple and usually monochrome, so very basic, so this top was definitely quite out there for me. As well, because this blog isn't based around my personal style I didn't tend to make such an effort for fashion week however I will start to shoot my style for the blog to switch things up, therefore next Fashion Week, watch out because I will be looking super stylish!
Top - Missguided (now Depop @jordane240196) | Coat - Zara | Jeans - Primark | Hat - H&M

Event | Wilson PK @London Fashion Week

Wednesday, 25 February 2015

One of my favourite shows/presentations I went to this London Fashion Week was Wilson PK, if I'm honest this was the first time I heard of this designer, and I'm really happy I now know because I loved everything. I most probably sound like I love every single collection I've seen but I honestly have, they've all been so different and so unique there's different factors to love. I really liked this showcase because it was in the Hospital Club close to Somerset House which again is great, and I've never been to the Hospital Club, I kind of gathered it was a hotel, but it looked like a really cool hotel I wish I could of photographed it. But anyway, the presentation was in a large, white, sterile room which contained four models and several mannequins all clothed in the collection, as you can obviously see from above.
I feel like this collection was so diverse and there was so much to observe, because every piece was so unique. From a quick glance I could see that Wilson PK used relaxed pieces that were soft and floaty and others that we structured, similar to a lot of the other designers I've seen.
 I really enjoyed the colours used because it wasn't just one tone running throughout the whole collection such as Manuel Faachini who used monochrome, this uses tones of different colour. The main colours used are quite muted such as black and grey however colours such a blue in this patent jacket which can I just I'm in love with, I really want it, and can definitely see a lot of people rocking it. There's also green throughout and also the bold pink/peach jacket which I think stood out the most against the rest of the collection. Metallic also plays quite a big part in some of the skirts which I wouldn't personally wear metallic but I could see it on plenty of other people and it's good to switch it up.
There's just so much to speak about in the collection, I can feel myself going on and on but I'll stop there because I think I've said plenty and you definitely now know how much I love this collection, because I feel Wilson PK has been unique and tried out so many different techniques to make each and every piece totally different.

LFW | Streetstyle

Tuesday, 24 February 2015


Fashion | Current Wishlist

I haven't done one of these posts for quite a while now, and there has been a couple of bits I've been lusting over and so I thought it was a good time to do a current fashion wish list, especially because it's fashion week, why not? I've only picked out a couple of bits because I don't want to be too greedy and realistically I know I can't get everything I want.
Mango Sunglasses
I haven't had a good pair of sunglasses for god knows how long now and I noticed these ones in Mango, and I'm not a person for buying very loud, in terms of colour or shape sunglasses and I thought these were simple, just black but with a slight cat eye shape.
ASOS oversized shirt
For some reason, since seeing a photo of the Olsen twins wearing these oversized shirts I've wanted one. Because if the Olsen twins are doing it, who are like the most fashionable ladies ever, then I want to do it, whether I can pull it off or not I don't know. H&M are also great for shirts, I purchased a blue and white stripped one yesterday, brought it in a size 16 because it's got to be really big obviously and I love it.
Missguided Turtle Neck dress
I love a good turtle neck and I've been searching for an evening dress for a while and this ones great, because I don't like to wear anything too in your face, so the colours good, and the styles good.
Zara Chain Ankle Boot
I was wondering around Covent Garden yesterday afternoon and of course I had to have a little window shop in Zara, which actually means I went inside, and noticed these bad boys. I'm not sure I really need to be looking at any type of boot because I've got so many I don't even wear, it would be pointless to buy another pair but I think I'll have to just get this one last pair.
Hope you've enjoyed this post, comment with your current wish list I'd love to see!

Fashion | The Oscar's Best & Worst dressed

Monday, 23 February 2015
The Oscars were just last night and I thought what a right time it was to do a best and worst dressed post. I love these posts because I love fancy dresses and red carpet outfits, it is my dream to one day be invited to such a huge event and be able to wear a beautiful dress like some of these below.
Giuliana Rancic
I absolutely love this dress, she just looks amazing. The dress, hair and makeup go together amazingly. Not long ago Giuliana was seen on the red carpet looking a little too skinny, and don't get me wrong I'm all for people being individuals and everyone looking different in there bodies. I just think people should wear the right things to flatter their bodies. Which I'm trying to say this dress definitely does, she's looks amazing.
Jennifer Lopez
As soon as I saw what Jennifer Lopez was wearing I instantly fell in love, and I knew straight away that this gown was by one of my favourite designers Elie Saab. This dress is just beautiful, I'm not always keen on having the boobs out but this dress is so sophisticated and elegant it doesn't even matter. Also her hair and makeup is so simple and yet super flattering with this gown.
Melanie Griffith & Dakota Johnson
Dakota Johnson is like my favourite person at the moment so I practically love everything she wears, and I love this red, floor length gown with a sexy slit on the side it just sums up Fifty Shades Of Grey. Her mother also looks incredible, sometimes a good black dress does the trick.
Scarlett Johansson
Oh! she just looks so powerful, like come on doing it for the women! I haven't really got anything else to say than that.
Lady Gaga
Now I don't know about you but I really dislike this dress and to be honest the whole thing. What made Gaga wear those gloves? They look ridiculous, this dress could have been beautiful but then the gloves just did it for me, I just can't look anymore.
This just doesn't do it for me, I don't understand what is going on. Solange's face and hair looks beautiful and stunning but neck down is just all wrong.

LFW | Jean-Pierre Braganza

One of the show's I went to this season at London Fashion Week, was Jean-Pierre Braganza, which I was so happy about because it's an on schedule show in Somerset House's main space and he always has such amazing collections, which never fails to disappoint and it definitely didn't this season. Extremely sorry about the picture quality, I somehow found it quite hard to photograph, obviously didn't alter the settings before the show.
The main aspect that stood out to me in the collection as the models walked the runway was the colour palette. It contained a lot of deep purple and maroons, which really excites me as it's some of my favourite colours to wear and is such a great autumn and winter colour loved and worn by a lot of people. For example, The Only Way Is Essex reality TV star, Samantha Fiares attended this show wearing a maroon coloured dress. Ex Coronation Street actress Michelle Keegan also attended wearing a deep plum/maroon lipstick. It must be a trend.
Another point to add, is that I was drawn to the silhouettes of the different pieces in the collections. It was quite varied as some pieces were floaty, girly and genuinely more relaxed, where other pieces were more structured and prominent, such as the jackets and dresses.

Event | Kiev Fashion Days @LFW

Sunday, 22 February 2015

LFW | Manuel Facchini


The first fashion week show I attended was the Manuel Facchini showcase, and it definitely didn't disappoint. Manuel Facchini used London Fashion Week as his international debut, with his women's wear collection entirely 100% made in Italy. He described his collection saying, "It draws on a sharp contrast between different worlds" and further going on to say "On the one hand, the rocker, gothic atmospheres seen in the prints and in the intense, original graphic motifs. One the other, the sports world with it's technical fabrics, including neoprene, and it's sports references".

I have never in my life attended a real fashion show at London Fashion Week and was so surprised to be given an invitation for such an amazing designer. As it was my first show and first of the day I didn't know what to expect, so as I walked to the destination, I was about an hour too early but once the time came around, it was in a really cool venue called 'Circus', situated quite close to Somerset House, which was brilliant. Inside the venue, I was guessing was a restaurant/cocktail bar. It was quite dim lighting, with jewelled curtains by the bar, really cool. In the centre was a smallish catwalk, I didn't actually realise before I went that it was more a showroom, but it was awesome. And there was champagne!

Then the beautiful models walked out and onto the platform wearing an absolutely amazing collection. I used to think that Fashion Week was full of weird clothes that no one would actually wear but I was totally wrong, I would literally wear everything in this collection, it had me written all over it. Monochrome and structured pieces, the collection was also quite feminine, yet with a slightly masculine silhouette's, which I thought was great. I also love that some of the dresses had a thin yellow belt around the waists on the models, just to add that nice pop of colour, and brighten the collection up a little.

Another huge aspect that plays apart is the pattern/print. The Aztec has definitely made a return, it was here a couple of years ago and then slightly disappeared and now it's back and it looks incredible, it's eye catching yet suttle due to the monochrome.