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Wednesday, 25 February 2015

One of my favourite shows/presentations I went to this London Fashion Week was Wilson PK, if I'm honest this was the first time I heard of this designer, and I'm really happy I now know because I loved everything. I most probably sound like I love every single collection I've seen but I honestly have, they've all been so different and so unique there's different factors to love. I really liked this showcase because it was in the Hospital Club close to Somerset House which again is great, and I've never been to the Hospital Club, I kind of gathered it was a hotel, but it looked like a really cool hotel I wish I could of photographed it. But anyway, the presentation was in a large, white, sterile room which contained four models and several mannequins all clothed in the collection, as you can obviously see from above.
I feel like this collection was so diverse and there was so much to observe, because every piece was so unique. From a quick glance I could see that Wilson PK used relaxed pieces that were soft and floaty and others that we structured, similar to a lot of the other designers I've seen.
 I really enjoyed the colours used because it wasn't just one tone running throughout the whole collection such as Manuel Faachini who used monochrome, this uses tones of different colour. The main colours used are quite muted such as black and grey however colours such a blue in this patent jacket which can I just I'm in love with, I really want it, and can definitely see a lot of people rocking it. There's also green throughout and also the bold pink/peach jacket which I think stood out the most against the rest of the collection. Metallic also plays quite a big part in some of the skirts which I wouldn't personally wear metallic but I could see it on plenty of other people and it's good to switch it up.
There's just so much to speak about in the collection, I can feel myself going on and on but I'll stop there because I think I've said plenty and you definitely now know how much I love this collection, because I feel Wilson PK has been unique and tried out so many different techniques to make each and every piece totally different.
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