Event | London Fashion Week, What's the Hype?

Thursday, 19 February 2015

Fashion week kicks off tomorrow here in London and I couldn't be more excited. I thought this post would be great to do as I've spoken about Fashion week in previous posts and some of you may be like, "what's so good about it?" and that's where I come in with this post. Fashion week is a week full of fashion and it happens across all the fashion capitals in February and September every single year, including New York, Paris, Milan and London of course which is where I'll be attending. This is my first actual year of receiving invites from several designers to watch there presentations. Usually every other year I like to just visit Somerset House where all the action is happening and take tons of photos of the street style, which is what I will still be doing but with a couple of shows thrown in.

In a previous post I spoke about which types of posts I enjoyed most writing, in which I replied posts about events such as London Fashion Week, the reason for this is, being in fashion whether your a professional or your a blogger like me, it's lets you feel involved in a community. Having two months in the year completely dedicated to fashion and all the amazing designers is incredible and brings everyone in the fashion industry together.

If your lucky enough to attend some Fashion week shows, it'll be amazing because each designer has a different what of presenting and so it's super interesting to see all the different hair, makeup and of course the actual collections. London Fashion Week is a trade event only which means you can't buy a ticket you have to request or be sent an invitation which makes it even that little more cooler. However if you do want in on the action then to end this fantastic week there is something called London Fashion Weekend, which is open to the public, you need to purchase a ticket but it's a brilliant day out, I did this a few years ago and depending on what you want there's three different packages, but you are able to what a fashion show, so I'd definitely check that out if your interested.
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