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Monday, 16 February 2015
Now I've never ever done a movie review but as the most anticipated movie by everyone as well as myself I thought it was worth a review post, and this may become a new topic because I love movies, always watching new ones, so hopefully this goes down well. So Fifty Shades of Grey was released into UK cinema's on Friday 13th, which was just last week and I'm not too sure when it was released everywhere else, could be the same day. But the main day for fifty shades was Valentines Day, which was when I saw it, because I was dateless and to be honest I had waited to see this film forever and was all I had on my mind.

So lets start from the beginning, I originally read the first two Fifty Shades books, if you don't know there are three, but I found out the movie was been made and decided to leave the third out, so I have a little surprise, and still no one has spoilt it. Fifty Shades Of Grey which has just been released is based on the first novel, and therefore will be two other movies for the two other books, which at first I thought it would all be put into one movie, but finding out there's going to be three has made me very happy and super excited for the next.

As I've said I was very excited to finally watch this movie, but there had been so, so many negative reviews in the past week from critics, that made me a little dubious about what to think. A lot of the critics explained the movie as being boring, and not enough sex mainly, which I think is bonkers. I knew before watching this that it had to either be changed a little or toned down a touch otherwise it would be classified as a porno, so I was expecting not to see every little detail in the book.

Now onto the movie, I enjoyed the fact that there was humour incorporated into the movie, which made the whole cinema laugh which was fun and it's good to use different viewer emotions, because in such an awkward or uncomfortable movie it makes people feel more relaxed with watching it. Also most of the movies that I love such as Titanic, Pearl Harbour and Armageddon, these are probably not the right films to compare but the reason I love these movies is because they have major story lines such a war and a sinking ship but there's also a love story. This may sound quite strange as I am reviewing Fifty Shades which you may think is about making a love, well it isn't, it's an S&M story line but with a love story between Christian and Anastasia which really makes you intrigued and excited to see how their love will truly come together.

The acting in Fifty Shades Of Grey, I thought was great, Sam Taylor Johnson (director) didn't cast hugely know or big actors, which I thought was great because we get to see someone we haven't seen before and it's great for them because this will really lift their careers in the film industry. You may be shouting a this saying they are really well known actors, but I've personally never known of Dakota Johnson and everyone I spoke to had neither heard of Dakota or Jamie Dornan. There was a whole load of controversy when Jamie was cast, for the fact that every woman who had read the books had to imagine what Christian Grey looked like and I think it's very hard to please everyone because we all have a different image. I wasn't too pleased at first with Jamie, however I grew to like him and watch this movie and you will love him. He plays the role perfectly and professionally and over all did a great job, a little cringe at times but that was down to the script. Dakota Johnson also did an amazing job and hands down to her for be brave enough to film this. I keep thinking how daunting of a movie it must of been to film, being stripped naked in front of a crew of how many I don't know, but she did it brilliantly.

The only let down is the ending because it's so blunt but obviously it's to be continued and we will have to wait, but over all I think it was worth the wait, it was a truly steamy film. I also want to say I loved the whole playlist of music from this movie, especially The Weeknd "earned it" and Beyoncé "Haunted" and remixed "crazy in love".

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