Fashion | the flares are back

Monday, 2 February 2015
Fashion is always repeated and this season were heading back to the 1970s where flares were the biggest fashion trend around, and guess what? they're here again! Now being into fashion I wasn't actually sure which era the flares graced us, and so I did a little research and of course the 70s came up but also the 90s and the more I read a few people seemed to think flares were a trend in the 1990s which they wasn't, they may still have been around but then it was all about the MOM jeans, you know, the ones that are also back with us.
Anyway onto the flares, if you were a 90s child just like myself you were most probably dressed in some flare, horrid jeans, well they were most probably boyfriend jeans. See I've always had flared and boyfriend mixed up, as I associated flares as a pair of boyfriends jeans. Looking at flares now however, I'm in love! There tight on the thighs but flared on the bottoms and can be styled incredibly chic and hippy. While researching I found some nice outfits including a pair of flares and included them in this post.

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