London Fashion Week X Depop

Thursday, 26 February 2015

Wednesday last week, which was the day before London Fashion Week began I was invited over to Depop HQ. This was great because I'm a huge fan of Depop and it was interesting to see how it all runs. If your not too sure what Depop is, it's a buying and selling app, so similar to sites such as eBay or ASOS market place when you pop all your un wanted pieces/clothes onto the app, and earn a few pounds. If your into your social media then you'd love this because it reminds me a lot like Instagram, as it gives you the chance socialise and communicate with other sellers or buyers and in the end of the day if your buying, you end up with a cool stylish new piece or outfit, and if your selling then you have some cash to spend, perhaps on Depop. What's also great and different to other sites and apps is they will only take a tiny percent of money if you actually sell something, so you haven't got the trouble of paying selling fees when you've sold nothing.

As I was off to London Fashion Week I was asked by Depop to wear something I've either brought or am selling on the app. Therefore I've picked out this beautiful top by Missguided. Unfortunately I was running around so much I didn't have time to actually snap a picture in Somerset House but I did take one before hand in a not so glamorous location but it'll do. This tops great because it can definitely be worn in the evening, for occasions but it can also be worn casual if your into a good bit of sparkle in the day. Or definitely as you can see be worn to fashion week. I didn't go too crazy or out there with the outfit, because my style is generally quite simple and usually monochrome, so very basic, so this top was definitely quite out there for me. As well, because this blog isn't based around my personal style I didn't tend to make such an effort for fashion week however I will start to shoot my style for the blog to switch things up, therefore next Fashion Week, watch out because I will be looking super stylish!
Top - Missguided (now Depop @jordane240196) | Coat - Zara | Jeans - Primark | Hat - H&M

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