If you clicked on the page then you probably want to know a little bit about myself the founder of 'Street Or Chic', well you have come to the right place. Before founding the blog I was incredibly into fashion and makeup and had previously tried and tested blogging and it's never really gone the way I've wanted it to go, so I decided to try one more time and hopefully actually keep to it.
The name 'Street Or Chic' was made straight off the top of my head, not for any particular reason, but after a while I thought it worked quite well, as I was writing about high street fashion and also designer fashion.

Now onto myself, I am 20 years old, living in London and currently indecisive about where to take myself in life. In July I finished my A-levels in college which were Photography, Media Studies and English Literature. Photography I loved and is one of my main passions, media was ok and English was rubbish, everyone to their own preferences. Anyway I passed those and now am trying to figure about where I want to take myself career wise, all that I do know is that I have to work in the Fashion industry, otherwise I shall be miserable for the rest of my life. I do currently however work in a Camden Town hair salon which has been my place of work for the past three years, but it's not where I want to be long term.

Street Or Chic was created to give me the opportunity to express my opinions on fashion and beauty and share my views with all of you. I also like to cover different events such as Fashion Week. As I said previously fashion photography is my number one passion and I hope to take photos for the rest of my life, and so I frequently post my photo shoots that I have previously done.
If you interested in knowing anything else about myself or 'Street Or Chic' then either comment me or contact me.
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