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I'm Going to Paris!

Thursday, 29 January 2015
Hello my lovelies, just a quick update to say there will be no posts up on the blog until Monday, as I will be in Paris. This isn't business, it's pleasure, I will be snapping and vlogging for you all so do come back on Monday for some cool footage and photos!
Love Ya!

Beauty | Perfume Collection

Tuesday, 27 January 2015
Hello my darlings, I have a confession to make, this year just gone I was pretty useless when it came to perfume, I had loads of it but I didn't wear it. Don't get my wrong I wore deodorant every single day but perfume I was never bothered to spray it on, I think because I had a few shitty days and I never thought perfume would make me feel any better. However this year it's like my new years resolution was to wear perfume because I have been so into it. My mum is total opposite of what I was she wouldn't go out the house without wearing perfume, she's into her Chanel and Dior, which I always now try to steel because everyone knows Chanel "Mademoiselle" is the best smell in the world. But I have the likes of One Direction perfume which is amazing by the way. Most recently for my birthday I was gifted "Princess" by Vera Wang which is definitely on the top of my favourite scents list. I think the main thing about a perfume for me besides the smell obviously, is the bottle. I love to display them on my side and they look really pretty. All the scents are very fresh and fruity which is what I'm into. I'm pretty bad at describing a scent but the fresh, fruity, summery smell is definitely my favourite which all of these are.

(left to right)
1. Vera Wang 'Princess
2. One Direction 'You&I
3. Next 'Pink
4. One Direction 'Our Moment

New to YouTube *SUBSCRIBE*

Hello all, you may have seen my previous post but if not I've put together a short video of my time in Paris last January. And as I am going again in a couple of days and I want to vlog I thought I'd get into the swing of things by just playing around with some editing and music. The quality of this video is absolutely crap, the worst you've seen, but in all fairness I wasn't planning to do anything with those clips, so there quite shaky which is annoying but it's worth a look. As I am new to YouTube I have zero subscribers and would really appreciate it if you could start me off with a couple. I promise there will be more videos to come and better quality! I'll pop my link below where you will be directed to my YouTube channel.
Picture - Jordane Davis

Travel | Paris Vlog 2014

Monday, 26 January 2015

Hello my lovelies, this is my first video on YouTube, woo! I was flicking through my memory card and came across a few short videos from my time in Paris last January, and as I off again on Thursday I thought I'd put a short video together. I'm sorry for the quality, and shakiness, my next Paris vlog will be better.

What I got for my Birthday

Hello, on Saturday 24th of January it was my birthday and I successful turnt 19 years old. Time is flying by, but I had an amazing day, unfortunately nine hours was spent in work but hey got to earn some money, and then for the rest of the day I spent it with family and friends and they truly made it a special day for me.
I love watching videos on YouTube that are all about what people got for their birthday and Christmas, and because I haven't yet cracked the filming/YouTube process I decided to make a short post. I don't want you to feel like I am bragging, I am extremely appreciative for these gifts I was given and love them all so much. This was the only photo I had and isn't the best so sorry about that.
1. ASOS Chelsea boots - I chose these because I'm going to Paris and really wanted a pair of Chelsea boots and love these because their slightly longer than the usual Chelsea boot.
2. Logitech bass speakers - I'm really into playing music and my brother has similar speakers, so I'm always in his room and therefore I think he's hinting at something "get out my room!"
3. ASOS travel wallet - This is extremely useful to me as I'm going to Paris in a few days and I also have some more trips planned later in the year.
4. H&M Fitness leggings, sports bra & vest - I picked these bits out which you can exactly see in the photo, therefore I will do a post solely on fitness where you will be able to see It more.
5. Portable phone charger - My mum really wanted me to have one of these so that when im in Paris there is no excuse "I had no battery", and I think it's really brilliant to just carry on an everyday use.
6. Travel Mini's for Paris - I was due to buy these but my mum done me the favour and got them for me, which is really handy, I getting little things like these its sweet.
7. Princess by Vera Wang perfume - I've wanted this perfume for ages and I didn't actually think my mum would buy it but she did and I can't stop spraying it.
8. Paris money - Obviously I need money for Paris so my dad gave me some which I wasn't expecting so it was a good surprise.
9. Lottery Ticket -  I felt extremely lucky leading up to my birthday and thought I might have a shot of winning the lottery, parents got me a ticket and guess what? I'm still working.

Hope you liked this post, possibly would of been better in a video but some people do prefer to read and I hope you have. Bye!

Travel | City Trip Tips

Hello my lovely's, if you follow me over on my twitter or Instagram you may well know I am off to Paris on Thursday which I am so excited for. It's become a slightly annual thing to do as this time last year I also went to Paris for my 18th birthday which was lovely , and I loved it so much I'm going back. However this time instead of going with my mother, i'm visiting with a couple of friends so it'll be a slightly different holiday, more of checking out bars and clubs which will be really fun. But I thought I'd use my Paris trip as an excuse for a travel/packing post, because I find it really handy reading through other peoples tips and points. Just before I start, this is for a city trip break, as you can tell from the title. And remembers it's going to be very cold.

Tip #1 - Luggage

First time I went to Paris I really wanted to shop and therefore I took check in luggage, however if your like me this time round who isn't doing much shopping and only going for a few days then take carry on luggage. It's quite hard for me to give a tip for this one because it depends on your airline. I'm flying with lovely old EasyJet, and therefore their quite handy with there luggage allowances. Your allowed to take a suitcase on the aircraft with any weight as long as the size fits there requirements which there quite generous with, which is good. My suitcase is from Primark and it's perfect because it's sturdy, cheap and is allowed on the flight. So anyway as I said if your not planning to shop much take carry on because it's a lot quicker process.

Tip #2 - Organise

Something which I haven't brought yet so you wont be seeing a photo, are suitcase organisers or as some people call them cubes. There basically square bags that fit perfectly into the suitcase and organise different items in to. For example under wear in one and trousers in another, it just keeps it all neat and you know where everything is. If you want to buy some I'd recommend Amazon because there super cheaper (cheaper than normal) and come in so many different styles and colours. I will pop a link below and a few examples.

Organiser bags 1
Organiser bags 2

Tip #3 - Document Wallet

Something I find very handy and efficient is having a document wallet. Something you can put your passport, boarding passes, money and all other travel documents into. This way you won't be losing any important pieces to your travel. My one is new I got it for my birthday and it's from ASOS. I love this one because it's simple yet super stylish.

Travel Wallet & Passport holder

Tip #4 - Charger

One thing I hate is when I'm exploring a city and my phone battery dies so I can't snap for Instagram or I can't find my way or I need to make an important phone call, and I never like to carry my charger around with me because it's bulky and I never like to lug a big bag around with me so, also for my birthday I got this cool little gadget. You charge it up fully and incase you come in need you simply plug it into your phone and it's charged, and it's really pretty. I couldn't find the link to the exact same as mine so I chose similar examples.

Phone Charger on the go 1
Phone Charger on the go 2

Tip #5 - Liquids

As you may already know if your taking any type of liquids onto the aircraft there are some strict regulations. Firstly each bottle can't be over 100ml, and you can't have any more 10 bottles. So 1000ml in total, which I don't think is too bad especially because it's only a short trip. But the main tip is when your actually packing make sure liquids go in a clear bag together, because although when you go through security you've got the option of putting them in a bag they have, if you've already done it then there's no stress or aggravation, the best place to buy a sturdy clear bag is Muji and there not very expensive at all.

Airport Pouch
Clear Cosmetics case

Tip #7 - List items needed and check off!

The best tip to do when packing is make a list, I am an extremely organised person and therefore before hand I like to right every little thing that I will need down on a piece of paper and then step by step when packing you can check off your list and then you would of forgotten nothing.

Beauty | Micellar Water Dupes

Friday, 23 January 2015
I thought it was time for a good beauty post, seeing as though I've ranted on about fashion and photography for the past few posts, and I thought skin care was a good one to share, because I've been enjoying trying out different products. Micellar Water also known as a toner in my eyes but I could be wrong, correct me if I am, I think was good to share because there are two which are different prices but ever so similar and I'm certainly sure everyone reading this post right now have tried and tested both these products because they've had quite the hype.

As you can see the first Micellar Water is Bioderma, everyone in the beauty industry whether your a professionally training therapist or a beauty youtuber/blogger, has tried this product. Bioderma was once, not long ago only available to purchase either in France or online with a hefty postage price, but now luckily for us Brits were able to purchase it in the UK which is brilliant. I got this 500ml one for Christmas and it's come in so handy. I can't read French writing so I'm not actually sure what the bottle says but I'm sure this isn't the one for sensitive skin but the one with blue packaging is. However the point im trying to make is that I have extremely sensitive skin and this doesn't budge my skin at all, which is great. Also what I love is that my skin is really dry especially at this time of the year, the coldness just dries it out completely which is understandable. That isn't what I love, but what I do love is that this water hydrates my skins thoroughly and that's why I enjoy using it.

Now onto the drugstore (as they say) dupe of the Bioderma. I found this product about mid last year and it's great, it's cheap, although Bioderma isn't mega expensive but this Garnier one I purchased for about £4, which is affordable especially because you should supposedly get 200 uses out of it, which is a lot, depending obviously whether you hardly use any product or you use tons, I'm not sure, it's different to everyone. The only problem with this one is that I feel it doesn't hydrate my skin as well as the Bioderma, and for that reason I like to take my foundation and skin makeup off with it, which is what it explains on the bottle, and then use the Bioderma after I've washed and cleansed. However this water is specifically produced even for sensitive skin which is perfect.  
Hope you've enjoyed this post and might even give these products a go if you haven't already, and remember most of what I say about beauty products are based on my skin type, I try to vary it but obviously it's hard to know how the products would react with another skin type when I can't test it. If you'd like me to review any other products then do comment and I will do so. 

Fashion | NTA's Worst Dressed

Thursday, 22 January 2015
If you want to know more about what the NTA's are then scroll down a little to my best dressed post and there you will find all the information its just no point me writing it all again, but he are my personally worst dressed ladies are the awards.
Chloe Sims - Chloe is on a reality television show called 'The Only Way is Essex' which as you can now probably tell is a show based in Essex. Just liked to say this dress is horrible, I might be getting criticized right now because some of you may like it but it's just not my cup of tea. Not really into the whole latex, wet look thing.
TOWIE fashion fail: Both Ferne McCann and Sam Faiers failed to impress with their outfits at the National Television Awards in London on Wednesday night
Ferne McCann - Ferne is also on the same show as Chloe above, and to be honest I've never really been a fan of what she wears ever, but this whole outfit and look is just wrong. I hate this material for started I think especially for a red carpet outfit it's a cheap material and it's far to long. The shoes I'm a fan of but not with this dress. And the hair I love with the volume but again not with this dress. However I do like the natural makeup.

Getting it wrong: Casey Batchelor and Stephanie Davis hit the worst dressed lists for their unflattering lace ensembles

Stephanie Davis - Stephanie is from a soap opera called Hollyoaks, which I don't actually watch but lets talk about the outfit, really?! Not even a Victoria Secret Model would look good in this. And I think at these awards you should be a little more respectable. The shoes are awful and make this look ten times worst. But again the makeup and hair look good!


Fashion | NTA's Best Dressed

The NTA's were just last night and if your not sure what it is or if your not from the UK and thinking what the hell is she talking about. I'm talking about the National Television Awards which is an awards ceremony for all the people on British Television and I am very happy because Celebrity Juice, Alan Carr, and Eastenders all won big awards and they are my favourite so I'm very pleased. However, apart from that it's just a really good way to snap up some new style pictures, and I thought it was best to do three best and three worst dressed posts because there were some bad ones, like horrendous ones. But luckily for you know, you've got the nice ones.

Charlotte Crosby - If you don't know of Charlotte already she is on a reality television series called Geordie Shore which involves drinking, fighting and some raunchy behaviour and she also won Big Brother and has recently lost shit loads of weight but she looks ever so glowing and classy! Which if you'd watch the first series of Geordie Shore you wouldn't believe was the same person. I am loving this embellished, navy blue dress so much, I love the silhouette because it's extremely flattering and also loving hair and makeup because it's not over the top but compliments the outfit.

Kris Jenner - Now she may not be British and there was no international award but she was there and she was announcing a winner but she did look incredible. She just brings that LA/Hollywood glamour look to Britain, which that incredible full length fur coat which looks amazing and compliments her white gown spot on.
Amanda Holden -  Doesn't she look incredible! I love a good black, sleek dress and this is exactly what I love. She looks so elegant and sophisticated and her makeup is done over the top and I love that diamond bracelet, she looks great!

Fashion | Missguided ACTIVE *NEW*

As I'm getting more and more into fitness, I've been loving trying some new sports wear instead of just the usual pair of leggings and baggy but ugly top, and so looking around for sports clothing is quite exciting because personally if I put on a whole new work out outfit, it motivates me hugely and I'm ready for anything, boot camp, Pilates, boxing , you name it and I'm there. So you could imagine when I found out that my favourite online store Missguided have a new collection out which is called 'Active' and is full of great sports clothing. The best thing about it, is that it's totally affordable, unlike Nike, where you pay around £70 for a pair of bottoms, its ridiculous. So I thought I'd pop some of my favourite pieces into this post and hopefully purchase them very soon! All items are linked.

Active Cross Back Sports Bra Coral
This first thing I noticed about this sports bra is the colour, anything coral or peachy coloured I love, and have straight away because I think it suits my skin tone quite well especially when I have a tan, and I also like this the coral is with grey. And secondly I love the cross over design I think it makes it stand out to any other sports bra. Also check that price!

Active Printed Full Length Gym Leggings Blue
Now these don't exactly match the sports bra but I do love them, it's such a vibrant blue and a full length pair of leggings are great for the winter especially when I go for a run.
Active Short Sleeve Gym T-Shirt Black
This top may be really basic but teamed with a bright, bold bottoms such as the blue leggings this would look great.
I hope you liked this post and take a look over on the website which I will link just below.

Fashion | Designer of the Moment - Elie Saab

Wednesday, 21 January 2015
 Now I had to do this post because I have been following the official Elie Saab page on Instagram for like forever and can't get enough of those beautiful, exquisite designs, their just amazing. Also more and more in the recent couple of months I have seen quite a few celebs having a go at some of the pieces, which  have really caught my eye, so I thought I'd do a quick little post showing you some of my favourite piece not necessarily from this seasons collection but as a whole, because I think if you don't know this designer then you need to know.

These are only a few of Elie Saab's amazing dresses I was able to show to you all, because there's just so many I can't pick so if you do want a look to Google or Instagram will give you plenty of gorgeous photos. I just love that these gowns are made with such beauty and precision and are also come in so many silhouettes to suit different women's shapes. I definitely know if I had the money and an event where dresses like these were the dress code I'd definitely be wearing an Elie Saab.  

New Project - Fashion Prints (personalised)

Monday, 19 January 2015
Hello my lovely's, I thought I'd just briefly let you in on a little secret of mine, well it's not a secret it's a project that hasn't really been set up just yet and no ones helping me with it. It's just me putting a few idea's together, as I have previously mentioned in another blog posts, I am extremely interested in photography and is one of my many passions, then why don't I let you all see it and expand it. I have started to create personalised fashion quote prints, if that makes sense, but this is only one part of it, and I thought why not target amazing fashion and beauty bloggers. I've popped a couple below of my favourite YouTubers, if your interested in having one then just email and we can discuss they come mounted and framed, or just the print glossy or matte if you prefer and different sizes. Hopefully look forward to hearing from you!

Beauty | January Favourites (so far)

So usually I'm really bad with keeping up a good skin care routine or using fancy bath products but recently I've been experimenting a little bit more than usual and have really been loving some good products and I know it's only the 19th of January, hence why I wrote the "(so far)" in the header, because I just had to share with you what I'm loving before something distracts me and you don't get another blog post till next year. So if you're interested keep reading.

1. Toni&Guy, Prep Heat Protection Mist
I'm really precious about my hair since it's grown quite long and I'm really liking it, but as I said I'm really precious about it's quality and healthiness. I've come along way with my hair and it's still a little damaged so I'm trying not to damage it any further, therefore I'm really into trying out products to protect and am quite into this one mainly because my hair is really think and can get quite heavy and this product doesn't way it down which is the best thing for my hair.
2. One Direction, You&I Perfume
First point about this perfume is that the bottle is incredible which is important for me because I love to display them in my room, so well done on the design 1D, and second point obviously is that he scent it amazing, like literally amazing, I love it and can't get enough of it. I think I'm quite bad at describing scents but I would say it smells quite fruity and fresh just as I like it.
3. Revlon, Nail Enamel Polish 'Vixen'
This was my favourite nail polish all of last winter and is now my favourite this winter again and even think I wore it throughout summer because it's just the perfect dark shade and it's elements are really good such as easy application and fast drying. Only downside it can go quite matte but slap a little shine coat over and it's all good.
4. Mabelline, Master Graphic Liquid Maker Eyeliner
Now I am really, really bad at applying a winged eye liner, I am just super useless and those tiny applicators on most liquid liners however after buying this product I have it spot on, it's super easy to use and would 100% recommend especially because it's super cheap as well. Only downside be careful because it could create a thick line but if you like that sort of look then great.
5. KIKO, Purifying Scrub
As I was saying at the start of this post I'm really poor at keeping up a skin care routine but I've started using this scrub, not everyday because I don't want to remove my skin completely but about once or twice a week just the refresh and get the dead skin off and I'm loving it. I also have really sensitive skin but this hasn't made me break out or anything so good product.
6. Baylis & Harding, Sweet Mandarin & Grape Fruit luxury shower crème
As I said I have really sensitive skin and not just on the face but everywhere so I'm not really allowed to use any bath products, or if I do it has to be sensitive based but I brought this really cool gift set for my mum at Christmas time and obviously stole some of it and loving it. It doesn't irritate my skin and smells amazing!
7. Chanel, Perfection Lumiere Velvet Foundation
I have been using this foundation since last August, since buying it in the airport and have used nothing else, so firstly don't be put of the size of the bottle it lasts a long time. Also it's super light on the skin and doesn't break my skin out and lastly it's great coverage. Definitely a good investment.
8. Amazon Fashion Base, Brushes
I picked out these brushes that actually come in a set of 10 on Amazon, which I will actually link, they only cost about £7, and they are really good, don't get me wrong there not as good as Real Techniques but for so many brushes at such a cheap price they are decent and worth trying out.
9. Dazed Magazine
You can't see it very well in the photo but my favourite magazine this month, well actually last month, but still loving it is Dazed, front covered by the beautiful Kendall Jenner. As you might know I am an aspiring Fashion Photographer, therefore this magazine is perfect for my because it's full of great photos, so check it out, it's worth it.

l'art de la photographie'

Sunday, 4 January 2015
One of my favourite things to do is to take photos, it's my hobby, my passion and hopefully my career. Taking photography as a career is probably to most daring thing to do because you're never safe, in my opinion. Obviously if your Tim Walker or Bill Cunningham for example then your fine but starting off you really have to make people notice you and your work of course. Creativity is the key to being noticed, and it only comes with time and learning more about the industry. I'm only starting out and I haven't got that far just yet because it takes time, something that I haven't really got at the moment but I'm trying, same time I haven't got to be posting posts all the time but I'm getting there. I thought I'd just post some of my favourite photos I've shot in the past and I'd appreciate it and would love it, if you could give me your opinions. I see myself as a fashion/travel photography. I don't like to just be fashion because I enjoy travelling to different cities where I take really cool photos and don't want them to go to waist, hope you like! To see more of my photography I was be creating a new page so please go have a look a tell me what you think. Thanks!

'London Fashion Weekend @jordanedavis

'Paris @jordanedavis


'Jersey Island @jordanedavis