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Friday, 23 January 2015
I thought it was time for a good beauty post, seeing as though I've ranted on about fashion and photography for the past few posts, and I thought skin care was a good one to share, because I've been enjoying trying out different products. Micellar Water also known as a toner in my eyes but I could be wrong, correct me if I am, I think was good to share because there are two which are different prices but ever so similar and I'm certainly sure everyone reading this post right now have tried and tested both these products because they've had quite the hype.

As you can see the first Micellar Water is Bioderma, everyone in the beauty industry whether your a professionally training therapist or a beauty youtuber/blogger, has tried this product. Bioderma was once, not long ago only available to purchase either in France or online with a hefty postage price, but now luckily for us Brits were able to purchase it in the UK which is brilliant. I got this 500ml one for Christmas and it's come in so handy. I can't read French writing so I'm not actually sure what the bottle says but I'm sure this isn't the one for sensitive skin but the one with blue packaging is. However the point im trying to make is that I have extremely sensitive skin and this doesn't budge my skin at all, which is great. Also what I love is that my skin is really dry especially at this time of the year, the coldness just dries it out completely which is understandable. That isn't what I love, but what I do love is that this water hydrates my skins thoroughly and that's why I enjoy using it.

Now onto the drugstore (as they say) dupe of the Bioderma. I found this product about mid last year and it's great, it's cheap, although Bioderma isn't mega expensive but this Garnier one I purchased for about £4, which is affordable especially because you should supposedly get 200 uses out of it, which is a lot, depending obviously whether you hardly use any product or you use tons, I'm not sure, it's different to everyone. The only problem with this one is that I feel it doesn't hydrate my skin as well as the Bioderma, and for that reason I like to take my foundation and skin makeup off with it, which is what it explains on the bottle, and then use the Bioderma after I've washed and cleansed. However this water is specifically produced even for sensitive skin which is perfect.  
Hope you've enjoyed this post and might even give these products a go if you haven't already, and remember most of what I say about beauty products are based on my skin type, I try to vary it but obviously it's hard to know how the products would react with another skin type when I can't test it. If you'd like me to review any other products then do comment and I will do so. 
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