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Monday, 19 January 2015
So usually I'm really bad with keeping up a good skin care routine or using fancy bath products but recently I've been experimenting a little bit more than usual and have really been loving some good products and I know it's only the 19th of January, hence why I wrote the "(so far)" in the header, because I just had to share with you what I'm loving before something distracts me and you don't get another blog post till next year. So if you're interested keep reading.

1. Toni&Guy, Prep Heat Protection Mist
I'm really precious about my hair since it's grown quite long and I'm really liking it, but as I said I'm really precious about it's quality and healthiness. I've come along way with my hair and it's still a little damaged so I'm trying not to damage it any further, therefore I'm really into trying out products to protect and am quite into this one mainly because my hair is really think and can get quite heavy and this product doesn't way it down which is the best thing for my hair.
2. One Direction, You&I Perfume
First point about this perfume is that the bottle is incredible which is important for me because I love to display them in my room, so well done on the design 1D, and second point obviously is that he scent it amazing, like literally amazing, I love it and can't get enough of it. I think I'm quite bad at describing scents but I would say it smells quite fruity and fresh just as I like it.
3. Revlon, Nail Enamel Polish 'Vixen'
This was my favourite nail polish all of last winter and is now my favourite this winter again and even think I wore it throughout summer because it's just the perfect dark shade and it's elements are really good such as easy application and fast drying. Only downside it can go quite matte but slap a little shine coat over and it's all good.
4. Mabelline, Master Graphic Liquid Maker Eyeliner
Now I am really, really bad at applying a winged eye liner, I am just super useless and those tiny applicators on most liquid liners however after buying this product I have it spot on, it's super easy to use and would 100% recommend especially because it's super cheap as well. Only downside be careful because it could create a thick line but if you like that sort of look then great.
5. KIKO, Purifying Scrub
As I was saying at the start of this post I'm really poor at keeping up a skin care routine but I've started using this scrub, not everyday because I don't want to remove my skin completely but about once or twice a week just the refresh and get the dead skin off and I'm loving it. I also have really sensitive skin but this hasn't made me break out or anything so good product.
6. Baylis & Harding, Sweet Mandarin & Grape Fruit luxury shower crème
As I said I have really sensitive skin and not just on the face but everywhere so I'm not really allowed to use any bath products, or if I do it has to be sensitive based but I brought this really cool gift set for my mum at Christmas time and obviously stole some of it and loving it. It doesn't irritate my skin and smells amazing!
7. Chanel, Perfection Lumiere Velvet Foundation
I have been using this foundation since last August, since buying it in the airport and have used nothing else, so firstly don't be put of the size of the bottle it lasts a long time. Also it's super light on the skin and doesn't break my skin out and lastly it's great coverage. Definitely a good investment.
8. Amazon Fashion Base, Brushes
I picked out these brushes that actually come in a set of 10 on Amazon, which I will actually link, they only cost about £7, and they are really good, don't get me wrong there not as good as Real Techniques but for so many brushes at such a cheap price they are decent and worth trying out.
9. Dazed Magazine
You can't see it very well in the photo but my favourite magazine this month, well actually last month, but still loving it is Dazed, front covered by the beautiful Kendall Jenner. As you might know I am an aspiring Fashion Photographer, therefore this magazine is perfect for my because it's full of great photos, so check it out, it's worth it.
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