What I got for my Birthday

Monday, 26 January 2015

Hello, on Saturday 24th of January it was my birthday and I successful turnt 19 years old. Time is flying by, but I had an amazing day, unfortunately nine hours was spent in work but hey got to earn some money, and then for the rest of the day I spent it with family and friends and they truly made it a special day for me.
I love watching videos on YouTube that are all about what people got for their birthday and Christmas, and because I haven't yet cracked the filming/YouTube process I decided to make a short post. I don't want you to feel like I am bragging, I am extremely appreciative for these gifts I was given and love them all so much. This was the only photo I had and isn't the best so sorry about that.
1. ASOS Chelsea boots - I chose these because I'm going to Paris and really wanted a pair of Chelsea boots and love these because their slightly longer than the usual Chelsea boot.
2. Logitech bass speakers - I'm really into playing music and my brother has similar speakers, so I'm always in his room and therefore I think he's hinting at something "get out my room!"
3. ASOS travel wallet - This is extremely useful to me as I'm going to Paris in a few days and I also have some more trips planned later in the year.
4. H&M Fitness leggings, sports bra & vest - I picked these bits out which you can exactly see in the photo, therefore I will do a post solely on fitness where you will be able to see It more.
5. Portable phone charger - My mum really wanted me to have one of these so that when im in Paris there is no excuse "I had no battery", and I think it's really brilliant to just carry on an everyday use.
6. Travel Mini's for Paris - I was due to buy these but my mum done me the favour and got them for me, which is really handy, I getting little things like these its sweet.
7. Princess by Vera Wang perfume - I've wanted this perfume for ages and I didn't actually think my mum would buy it but she did and I can't stop spraying it.
8. Paris money - Obviously I need money for Paris so my dad gave me some which I wasn't expecting so it was a good surprise.
9. Lottery Ticket -  I felt extremely lucky leading up to my birthday and thought I might have a shot of winning the lottery, parents got me a ticket and guess what? I'm still working.

Hope you liked this post, possibly would of been better in a video but some people do prefer to read and I hope you have. Bye!
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