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Hair | 60s inspo

Monday, 24 November 2014


As I am preparing or shall I say training to become a hair stylist, it's really useful for me to check up on all new hair updates and styles, which I loved doing before I decided to train because I've always loved doing different styles with my own hair. My favourite decade for hair has to be the 60s, who doesn't love a beehive,I honestly thought it was and is the most flattering hair style, obviously ladies with shorter hair the beehive may be quite difficult and you may be quite limited but you all still look gorgeous, just rock the short do. To create these sixties looks you'll need a hell load of volume spray, hold spray and a back combing brush, and one of my favourite products is Label M resurrection dust to create that texture, give it a go and rock it!

Fashion | where do you get your style?

So, although I come up with most of my outfit choices and sense of style I also like to browse a little at other peoples fashion style, and where but the best place to explore? the streets! But I can't always be asked to go down to oxford street or brick lane at eight in the morning when I'm not sure what the wear or where to go with the outfit I'm trying to fix up, so I use our best friend, the wide world web, such an amazing place, if you haven't already realised. I just love to go on to Google images and browse at different street style or check out several different online magazines such as LOOK! or Vogue. I popped at few of my favourite street style outfits.

Now its coming up to winter in the UK, everything dies down a little including the colours of our outfit, and I suppose this one is probably a little more suited for spring time but I love the white skinnies with the light denim jacket and grey suede ankle boots, it's right up my street.
This outfit is just me all over, I love a pair of black skinnies, with ankle boots and a leather jacket. I just don't think you can get any cooler, it's so effortlessly chic, and I love the brightness of the sky blue shirt teamed with the white tank underneath.
This outfit again is a little like the previous, it's so cool and chic, and dressed up a little with the peep toe courts. I'm loving the edginess of the ripped skinnies teamed with a denim shirt and black sweatshirt on top, love it!

Fashion | Missguided Monochrome Party

Sunday, 16 November 2014

The Christmas period is approaching which means only one thing PARTIES! Now usually you may wear a little red for the Christmas spirit but if you know me you'll know I love a little monochrome, so of course my party pieces are a little dim but they work with texture. Velvet and fur are two of my favourite things in the whole world when it comes to speaking about fashion. Fur trimmed pieces are a huge trend this season and I don't know about you but I need some of these pieces, Missguided it a great place to snap up some of the best. Fur trimmed skirts, dresses and even blazers! For these pieces and tons more of cool party pieces then head over to Missguided using the link below.
(P.S. Enter code 'PARTYTIME' at checkout to receive 20% off all party wear)

Update | What's going on?

Oh dear it feels so long since I've actually written a blog post, and it feels good to write again. I have been super, super busy with work and it has given me absolutely no time to write which is a little gutting but I have some cool news. For my readers who have been constantly coming back since the blog founded you will know that I very much wanted a career in the fashion industry, which would still be so ideal. But two and a half years ago I got my first part time college job in a hair salon, which was purely a job for some extra cash while in college but now I've decided to go to hair college because I am really enjoying it, and thought it would be super cool to actually be able to cut, colour and style hair, it's such an awesome qualification to gain and that's why I am training in hair but I also want to carry on writing about fashion  for you lovely's but also for myself because fashion will always be in my blood, and I still want to do work experience in fashion because it can definitely still be a hobby, I hope you haven't been bored to death with this little update ramble, but I thought I owed it to you, to let you know why I haven't been writing and what I'm up to, I hope you are all well, and love you all!