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Halloween Outfit Ideas & Inspiration

Thursday, 13 October 2016
So we are now in October which only means one thing... HALLOWEEN! Whether your five years old or fifty years old, halloween is for everyone! That's why I thought it would be a great idea to give you some ideas and inspiration, if you might be feeling a little stuck on what you might be this year. I've got two different great halloween idea's for you to chose from and where you may want to purchase your spooky (or cute) costumes. 


Being a cat is personally my favourite for this year, you can go super cute, sexy or scary! As it's halloween, I'm moving towards the idea of using some blood but you can do what ever you like. The most important aspect of this particular idea, is the makeup! Because lets be honest, pop on a jumpsuit/unitard and you could be a gymnast, so you have to get those whiskers on there! Theres so many cool tutorials on how to get the different cat looks on YouTube so check that out! 

Harley Quinn

I think Harley Quinn will be the most popular this Halloween, "Suicide Squad" was just released not too long ago and already the YouTube tutorials are flowing in! But I love this character! You may get a little confused as there is two types of Harley Quinn, the animated version from comic books and then as I said the one from Suicide Squad. Both are super cool, but i'm going to be doing the look played by Margot Robbie in Suicide Squad. You can buy the complete look in different costume shops, however I'm going to show you how to put this look together, when you buy individually.  (And everything is from Amazon!)

Autumn Wishlist

Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Autumn is now officially here in the UK and I'm actually now super excited for Winter time, because it means Christmas has not long to come! Obviously when a new season begins, a new wish list is made, I love looking a bloggers and YouTubers wishlist/lust lists because it always gives me an extra added inspiration. I've gone for a couple clothing items, a pair of shoes and a couple accessories. My most wanted piece from this list, is the suede jacket, I go mad for anything biker esc, adds such a cool edge to any outfit!