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Top 4 Outfits Of The Week

Sunday, 28 February 2016

Look 1 - Toni Garn

Look 2 - Khloe Kardashian

Look 3 - Bella Hadid

Look 3 - Suki Waterhouse 

The Bomber

Friday, 26 February 2016

Bomber jackets are seen on practically any model at the moment Kendall, Gigi, Hailey... in fact there seen on everyone! In all high street stores bomber jackets are spotted and even on the catwalks at fashion week, which means they've got to be a trend right? A bomber jacket is perfect for transitioning from winter to spring, throw the overcoats to the back of the rail and place the bombers on the front. Bomber's are great because them come in so many different colours and designs. To really nail this trend, the original khaki green bomber is the best but you can always switch it up as there's so many to choose from. 

LFW Street Style

Thursday, 25 February 2016
(Photo's taken from

Is it just me or has London gone less adventurous with the fashion this season at London Fashion Week? As much as I love a denim pair of jeans, tee and an oversized coat, wheres the boldness gone! Not long ago when the thin stiletto heels graced the pebbled streets of Somerset House, the styling was so amazingly unique and daring, something I could never pull off as being less courageous, so it was incredible to see others do it now it's more subtle colours and trainers. 

What Bag To Buy?

A few months away now, but in June I am off to a very fabulous weekend away in New York City, which I am so excited for, and as much as I can't wait to take in all the sights such as the Statue Of Liberty, Empire Statue Building and Central Park, I am definietly looking forward to shopping! Isn't it every girls dream to shop till she drops in NYC! As one gift to myself while in New York is to buy my self a luxurious handbag, I have put some of my favourites into this post and maybe you can help me decide what to buy, if you have any other suggestions, pop them in the comments box!

LFW Highlight's

Wednesday, 24 February 2016
London Fashion Week is now officially over for this season and what a week it was on the catwalks, amazing collections! Unfortunately for me I was unable to go all week except for Monday, which isn't the greatest as everything tends to die down a little by that point. I had plenty of really cool show and presentation invites to go check out but due to work circumstances unfortunately London Fashion Week had to come second, however next season I will definitely be there all week! Although I couldn't be there to see the collections, as I've said before I've got the world wide web to give me all the down low. Below I've shown my four favourite standout collections of A/W 16. 

Ofcourse Ashish was a standout show I'd say for anyone, who's ever going to forget those wigs?! This collection showcased a ton of vibrancy, shape & sequins! Who doesn't love a collection full of sequins, is this something were going to see on the streets in autumn/winter? 

Antonio Beradi
Antonio Beradi brought the structure to the catwalk, and the pant suit, which has been seen a lot and i'm pretty excited that us ladies are going to be able to strut our stuff is what was seen as a man's outfit. Also I'm loving this layering of sheer white lace, super chic. 
Mulberry's collection was the most standout for me this year, although it's very dark and monochrome, I thought it was very British, especially the tailored, heavy, overcoats. I also love this white fluffy coat, mainly because I'm super happy that fur will still be in stores next season! 

Topshop Unique
Last but not least, Topshop Unique is always a favourite show for me and is actually a dream that one season i'll actually get an invite to watch the show in person. How amazingly dreamy are these nude fur coats, which come in mini and long! As you can tell I've got a huge love for fur!

NYFW Highlight's

Thursday, 18 February 2016

Alexander McQueen
Alexander McQueen was one of my favourite collections this season, bringing the monochrome and the leather sold me soon as I saw it. McQueen used plenty of different styles including, mini skirts, midi skirts and capes, also teamed with knee length leather boots, good to see that the knee length will still be a huge hit next season. 

Dion Lee
A mix of tones in Dion Lee's collection, navy, black, grey and also whites, which I love the most and am excited to start wearing something other than black. The bomber jacket which is a big hit this season in all high street stores will also be a big trend next Autumn/Winter evidently looking at the collection. 

Alexander Wang
Alexander Wang again similar to McQueen's collection also presents a lot of monochrome, I also love the sixties essences the in black and white striped mini dress/coat. This collection holds a grungy edge, a lot of rustic silver hardware, oversized trendy fur lined denim jackets, and also the sheer black tights and rocker boots. 

Jonathan Simkhai
When I first saw this collection, I saw glamour, sophistication and elegance. Very rich fabrics, such as the beige fur coat, the loose silhouettes and cotton tassels. 

Insta Inspiration

Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Get The Look ; Kourtney Kardashian

Tuesday, 16 February 2016
The Kardashian/Jenner's are always great to look up for style inspiration, and at the moment Kourtney Kardashian has been topping the style stakes out of all the sisters, as she's always super chic and switches up her style daily. Above are some of my favourite outfits seen on Kourtney in the past few months, so I put together some outfits below that are closely similar, but super cheap. Well, compared to Kourtney's items of choice, definitely cheaper. 

Shop The Look's

Outfit 1 

Outfit 2

Outfit 3

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Monday, 15 February 2016
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NYFW Street Style Trends ; FUR

My favourite fashion trend is huge again, and I'm not sure whether it's actually exited the trends list for a while. Fur in the winter always makes an outfit complete, and I'm not talking real fur as faux fur is always the way to go. This season fur is seen throughout all high street stores as well as the designer collections, an oversized coat is the best to really nail the fur trend, but trimmings and scarfs are just as chic. Below I have shown you some of my favourite furry items of this season and where you can shop them. 

How To Attend Fashion Week

Sunday, 14 February 2016

Fashion Week is a fashion girls dream, I always lusted for it and finally in the last couple of seasons i've actually attended London Fashion Week, and not just on the streets but the actual shows, and I can tell you, how you can get to go to. If your not a huge fashion person and have got absolutely no idea what "Fashion Week" is, then heres a little run down. A definition given by the fabulous Teen Vogue "In a super condensed nutshell, Fashion Week is when the industry's top designers present their upcoming collections in a series of runway shows and presentations." Which we as the audience get to take in whether were actually at the shows or checking out the highlights. 

The main aspect about getting to attend the exquisite shows of LFW is that you have to fit into the industry somehow, whether your a designer, a stylist, photographer or press such as myself being a blogger, otherwise unless someone you know who is involved gets you tickets, there is no other way other getting to go, as its purely a trade event only for industry professionals. However if you super wanted to go, Vodafone London Fashion Weekend is open to the public, so you are able to buy tickets for this, and within two of the packages which I believe are the silver and gold, you are able to watch one show. So this post may be a little unuseful to those who aren't somehow in the fashion industry, but read on if interested. 

So there are two different ways of bagging yourself a few tickets to the shows, the first which is registering with the British Fashion Council for a fashion week pass which lets to experience the show rooms which I don't do because to get one of those as a blogger your stats have to be pretty high and I'm not there just yet, so option two works just well for me. On the London Fashion Week website a schedule is shown which basically shows all the shows and presentations happening over the course of the week. What I do and advise you to do is pick out the designers you'd like to see, maybe it's a good idea to email all and just hope that a few send invites. If you click on the designers names, a little information about them is shown and then a few contact details a 'Sales Contact' and also a 'Press Contact'. 

You will need to email the press contact and in your email, write a little personal summary about your self and your publication, i.e. what you blog about and also the main part is how you will benefit the designer in coming to there show. They don't want to give an invite to someone who isn't going to give back because it's a wasted ticket, so you just have to say that your going to post coverage of the show to your blog, etc, I'm sure you get the point.  Also in the email don't forget to post the URL of your blog of course and your address where the tickets are to be sent to. I'd advise you to email the designers as soon as the Fashion Week schedule is released as if you do it a week before it begins then I'm sorry you wont get tickets. 

Also you may be thinking "it's a week until fashion week begins how can I use this information, it's too late!" I know this should of been done earlier but next fashion week is in September so use this info wisely for then. Not all tickets are sent out in the post, some are emailed PDF, especially if you forget to write your address, and don't get sad if a few weeks before the shows begin you haven't received any invites, they usually come a week before, so in terms of organising your personal London Fashion Week schedule, it doesn't leave a ton of time. The last thing I wanted to say is also check out Fashion Scout, because they are plenty of cool shows to see too. I hope you found this post helpful and if there are any other questions then please comment below! Enjoy Fashion Week!

NYFW Street Style

Saturday, 13 February 2016

New York Fashion Week is the first fashion week on the hotlist of A\W season previews, as I am unable to jet out to the city for this occasion I have got the power of the World Wide Web to show me everything thats going, from the super cool street wear to that incredible Saint Laurent show. As I live in London i'm always on the ball to attend London Fashion Week, where I see the crazy, insane, uniqueness of how us Londoner's like to dress but my favourite thing to do is compare to New York, Milan and Paris, to check out who's more crazy, chic, formal, etc. and obviously what people are actually wearing, is it fur or suede? Culottes or Flares? Leather or Denim? Checks or Stripes? I'm sure you get the point. Over the next few weeks i'm going to be analysing the great streets of Fashion, in these incredible four cities. 

The Culotte Craze

Friday, 12 February 2016

So the culotte craze is huge right now, left, right and centre in every high street store I step into a find a pair, which is wicked because I love them! What is great is they come in so many different patterns and colours and denim and leather which is always a plus.  They are named by ELLE as the "it"pants of this season and I'm hoping to spot them all over London Fashion Weeks streets. Last season was the flares, seen on the tallest of women but culottes are great for ladies on the smaller side, such as myself and super flattering. Below I have shown some of my favourite high street culottes and where you can shop them!

Amsterdam Photo Diary

Tuesday, 2 February 2016