How To Attend Fashion Week

Sunday, 14 February 2016

Fashion Week is a fashion girls dream, I always lusted for it and finally in the last couple of seasons i've actually attended London Fashion Week, and not just on the streets but the actual shows, and I can tell you, how you can get to go to. If your not a huge fashion person and have got absolutely no idea what "Fashion Week" is, then heres a little run down. A definition given by the fabulous Teen Vogue "In a super condensed nutshell, Fashion Week is when the industry's top designers present their upcoming collections in a series of runway shows and presentations." Which we as the audience get to take in whether were actually at the shows or checking out the highlights. 

The main aspect about getting to attend the exquisite shows of LFW is that you have to fit into the industry somehow, whether your a designer, a stylist, photographer or press such as myself being a blogger, otherwise unless someone you know who is involved gets you tickets, there is no other way other getting to go, as its purely a trade event only for industry professionals. However if you super wanted to go, Vodafone London Fashion Weekend is open to the public, so you are able to buy tickets for this, and within two of the packages which I believe are the silver and gold, you are able to watch one show. So this post may be a little unuseful to those who aren't somehow in the fashion industry, but read on if interested. 

So there are two different ways of bagging yourself a few tickets to the shows, the first which is registering with the British Fashion Council for a fashion week pass which lets to experience the show rooms which I don't do because to get one of those as a blogger your stats have to be pretty high and I'm not there just yet, so option two works just well for me. On the London Fashion Week website a schedule is shown which basically shows all the shows and presentations happening over the course of the week. What I do and advise you to do is pick out the designers you'd like to see, maybe it's a good idea to email all and just hope that a few send invites. If you click on the designers names, a little information about them is shown and then a few contact details a 'Sales Contact' and also a 'Press Contact'. 

You will need to email the press contact and in your email, write a little personal summary about your self and your publication, i.e. what you blog about and also the main part is how you will benefit the designer in coming to there show. They don't want to give an invite to someone who isn't going to give back because it's a wasted ticket, so you just have to say that your going to post coverage of the show to your blog, etc, I'm sure you get the point.  Also in the email don't forget to post the URL of your blog of course and your address where the tickets are to be sent to. I'd advise you to email the designers as soon as the Fashion Week schedule is released as if you do it a week before it begins then I'm sorry you wont get tickets. 

Also you may be thinking "it's a week until fashion week begins how can I use this information, it's too late!" I know this should of been done earlier but next fashion week is in September so use this info wisely for then. Not all tickets are sent out in the post, some are emailed PDF, especially if you forget to write your address, and don't get sad if a few weeks before the shows begin you haven't received any invites, they usually come a week before, so in terms of organising your personal London Fashion Week schedule, it doesn't leave a ton of time. The last thing I wanted to say is also check out Fashion Scout, because they are plenty of cool shows to see too. I hope you found this post helpful and if there are any other questions then please comment below! Enjoy Fashion Week!

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