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Wednesday, 24 February 2016
London Fashion Week is now officially over for this season and what a week it was on the catwalks, amazing collections! Unfortunately for me I was unable to go all week except for Monday, which isn't the greatest as everything tends to die down a little by that point. I had plenty of really cool show and presentation invites to go check out but due to work circumstances unfortunately London Fashion Week had to come second, however next season I will definitely be there all week! Although I couldn't be there to see the collections, as I've said before I've got the world wide web to give me all the down low. Below I've shown my four favourite standout collections of A/W 16. 

Ofcourse Ashish was a standout show I'd say for anyone, who's ever going to forget those wigs?! This collection showcased a ton of vibrancy, shape & sequins! Who doesn't love a collection full of sequins, is this something were going to see on the streets in autumn/winter? 

Antonio Beradi
Antonio Beradi brought the structure to the catwalk, and the pant suit, which has been seen a lot and i'm pretty excited that us ladies are going to be able to strut our stuff is what was seen as a man's outfit. Also I'm loving this layering of sheer white lace, super chic. 
Mulberry's collection was the most standout for me this year, although it's very dark and monochrome, I thought it was very British, especially the tailored, heavy, overcoats. I also love this white fluffy coat, mainly because I'm super happy that fur will still be in stores next season! 

Topshop Unique
Last but not least, Topshop Unique is always a favourite show for me and is actually a dream that one season i'll actually get an invite to watch the show in person. How amazingly dreamy are these nude fur coats, which come in mini and long! As you can tell I've got a huge love for fur!

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