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Adidas Superstar Trainer Inspiration

Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Hello my lovelies, I haven't posted for a little while so I thought why not do one right now while I have some free time to spare. I recently made a purchase and as in recently I mean exactly yesterday. I purchased a pair of the Adidas Superstar white, with black stripes trainers because i've had my eyes on them for absolutely ever, and when trying to buy a pair I had to visit a good few stores trying to find a pair, because they were completely out of stock, so I did finally find a pair in Office and they cost me £50, which I think I just qualified for, having a five and a half feet, anything over and they were over £60. I do hope to snap up a lookbook or outfit post of how I'd style these trainers soon enough but for now I took a few pictures off Google as I always do, it's the best outfit inspiration I suppose, but these photos just give you an idea of how I would style them, for example with jeans, or leather trousers or skirts, basically everything then. Ha. See you soon! 

Current Style Inspiration

Thursday, 9 July 2015
As summer is now here in the UK, i feel as though something inside me has been triggered, telling me to spend, spend, and spend. There was a point not too long ago but practically up to this summer where i'd wear the same clothing items as always and just look really dark and dismal with black clothing. However now I've really come into myself in terms of dressing and also I think it's down to the amazing summer pieces in stores at the moment, particularly online such as and Missguided. There's also a few people who I take style inspiration from many who are bloggers and you tubers and then the odd reality tv star or a-lister. I love looking at bloggers/youtubers style particularly as they tend to shop more high street rather than designer similar to myself. 

Chloe Lewis - The Only Way Is Essex

 - Current Summer Wishlist | July '15

Tuesday, 7 July 2015
It's been a little while since I last wrote a post but I've been super busy with work and life to be honest, which means I've had absolutely zero time to sit and write some new posts for you all, so I'm not going to write any promises that I'm back now and going to have posts every day because thats not possible to keep, so I'll take everyday as it comes, if I have time to right one then I will, if not then it'll have to wait. It's hard because I love blogging but I also have to work and earn money, hobbies unfortunately come second, thats why I wish blogging was my full time career. Any how, this post today, is just a few pieces I've selected from, because I'm absolutely loving it at the moment, some really cool summer pieces and pretty affordable, would definitely recommend if you haven't yet seen the site. And although theres a few monochrome pieces, i've also tried to incorporate some colour which I'm actually really liking at the moment. 

Floral A-Line Shirt Dress £15