Adidas Superstar Trainer Inspiration

Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Hello my lovelies, I haven't posted for a little while so I thought why not do one right now while I have some free time to spare. I recently made a purchase and as in recently I mean exactly yesterday. I purchased a pair of the Adidas Superstar white, with black stripes trainers because i've had my eyes on them for absolutely ever, and when trying to buy a pair I had to visit a good few stores trying to find a pair, because they were completely out of stock, so I did finally find a pair in Office and they cost me £50, which I think I just qualified for, having a five and a half feet, anything over and they were over £60. I do hope to snap up a lookbook or outfit post of how I'd style these trainers soon enough but for now I took a few pictures off Google as I always do, it's the best outfit inspiration I suppose, but these photos just give you an idea of how I would style them, for example with jeans, or leather trousers or skirts, basically everything then. Ha. See you soon! 

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