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Tuesday, 7 July 2015
It's been a little while since I last wrote a post but I've been super busy with work and life to be honest, which means I've had absolutely zero time to sit and write some new posts for you all, so I'm not going to write any promises that I'm back now and going to have posts every day because thats not possible to keep, so I'll take everyday as it comes, if I have time to right one then I will, if not then it'll have to wait. It's hard because I love blogging but I also have to work and earn money, hobbies unfortunately come second, thats why I wish blogging was my full time career. Any how, this post today, is just a few pieces I've selected from, because I'm absolutely loving it at the moment, some really cool summer pieces and pretty affordable, would definitely recommend if you haven't yet seen the site. And although theres a few monochrome pieces, i've also tried to incorporate some colour which I'm actually really liking at the moment. 

Floral A-Line Shirt Dress £15

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