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Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Street Style

Music of the Moment

Friday, 24 April 2015
Banks - Waiting Game

Selena Gomez - The heart wants what it wants

Meghan Trainer - Dear Future Husband


Kodaline - The One


Mini Haul

Tuesday, 21 April 2015

I havn't shopped for ages as I'm super saving for holidays as  I do love a little bit of travelling, and I'm currently planning a weekend break to Amsterdam, which I am super excited for! But back to the point I recently took a little trip down to Oxford St as the weather was amazing and I needed to buy something to be totally honest, I didn't end up getting much but I thought i'd show you.

I picked up this coral/orange coloured halter vest which I am totally in love with, this style of top is definitely on trend this season as it's everywhere, and I definitely think it's the most flattering style also, i'm currently pumping weights to get the shoulders in shape. I actually brought this from Primark, can you believe it? It's a knit material which makes it a little bit too hot for the summer months but I can deal with that, it also came in white with navy blue stripes, but I thought coral is the perfect colour for summer and with my skin tone, (when it's tanned) is very complimenting. Last but not least it was only £5!

I then also picked up this very similar style top, the monochrome halter crop from Zara, it's a nice chiffon/silky material so obviously much better quality then the Primark. This one is also a lot more fitted around the neck which again still pumping weights, the arms have to be on point. This Zara top also comes in plain black, black & white stripe and another colour which I can't seem to remember but I thought this one was a little different and reminded me of bandana's. The only down fall to this top, is that it cost £25, I just don't think I will wear it that much to match the price, but it will look nice on holiday.

Then for some beauty products, while I was away in Rome in March I brought a face mask in H&M because it sounded really refreshing and being in a city travelling all day I needed freshening up! and so I brought the cucumber one, and it was so nice I now brought it again along with two others I wanted to try. Also I'm obessed with peel off face masks so it's fun at the same time haha. So along with the cucumber mask I picked up the olive oil deep cleansing mud mask, I have never tried but I am very interested. And lastly the dead sea mineral mask, I will definitely have to put a review up once these have been tested, because I think some people become a little weary about using skin products from clothing stores but the cucumber one was great!

Second last item I purchased on my mini shopping spree was this Garnier Body Repair Anti Dryness Restoring Lotion. I'm a really bad with moisturising, to be honest I am really bad with keeping up a good skin care routine overall, I'm more of using a face wash when I want or can be bothered, which is super bad but I am super lazy when it comes to that sort of stuff. So I brought this because it was on special offer for about £2, which is great, and as I never moisturise I feel like I need to body repair one to get it all smooth.

Last but not least I picked up the Aussie Miracle Dry Shampoo, Aussom Volume. I haven't used dry shampoo since I was in secondary school with is three years ago now, so a while, but for some reason I just stopped buying it, and went with the grease instead, with was highly unnatractive, but again this one was on special offer for about £3 and as I used Aussie shampoo and conditioner I thought this would be the best to try out. I hope you've enjoyed this post and I will try and do my best to review a few of this products mentioned, if there is any you particularly want to see or even want me to style the stops in a post then comment and let me know.

Fashion | Likes & Dislikes

Friday, 17 April 2015


You don't always see much of Sophia Smith, if you don't know who she is, she is in fact One Direction's, Liam Payne's girlfriend. And how beautiful does she look in this dress, this was last night at the Great Gatsby Ball for Trekstok and I love how she's teamed this dress with the fur scarf (at this point i've forgotten to correct work for the scarf so I apologise).

Last night also happening in LA was the burberry fashion show which was attended but tons of a-listers including Ellie Goulding who's outfit I loved, it's simple at the same time as being dressy, but at the moment she can just about pull off everything she wears. And check the tan on those legs! I want some too!

Rosie Hunnington Whitely also attended the burberry show, and come on how come someone look so good! She has legs for days! This dress is quite risqué as it's super short and it exposes quite the cleavage but as her boobs are too big, i think she pulls it off good. I also really like the colours used, as it's a blue/green shade on top and then orange/red/navy shades on the bottom, quite odd but it works. 


Cara Delevigne at the Burberry event also, didn't really do it for me, i'm usually a fan of everything she wears but I just don't like this, I fill like it's ill fitting, it's to big for her body shape. I do like that it's original and unique but it just doesn't do it for me, however I do really like her shoes.

I do not understand why being you'd wear a dress like this being pregnant. First off I think even if you wasn't pregnant i don't like this dress, it looks as if there should be a lining underneath, but I just think it's cheap to dress your bump like this. Again though I do like her shoes and fur coat.

Fashion | Coachella Best Dressed

Monday, 13 April 2015
Hello everyone, I realise I've been really bad when it comes to posting on the blog lately, i've been so slack, i've been working tons in my actual job which is not blogging unfortunately, wish it was, but we all want things we can't have right? But yeah i've been really busy, therefore super tired and so on my days off, i'm being overly lazy and laying in bed and watching movies all day. Sounds good though right? But the weather is brightening up and getting a little warmer, which is brilliant for April in London! Coachella is on and when Coachella is on it means festivals have officially begun, how exciting! I unfortunately though have no festivals booked for this year which is gutting but hopefully i'll be off to Amsterdam in a few months time, which is perfect. However I absolutely love festival fashion and all the ladies attending Coachella make a good effort to look their best which is why I wanted to do a little Best dressed at Coachella post. Hope you enjoy and let me know what you think.


This is a pretty simple outfit, with just the shorts and black tank but I love how it's styled which a tassel waistcoat in the famous trending camel colour and the chiffon scarf as a belt it looks great teamed together. 

Jourdan Dunn

Can I just start of by saying how cool her hair is! It's purple, amazing, i totally want the same. Dunn was recently in showbiz news speaking about the fact she has to wear wigs because how much her natural hair has been ruined from the model industry. But girl if your wearing a wig that looks that good, then no worries, you look amazing. Also main point of this, I love the outfit it has summer festival written all over it and you all know how much I love a bit of black clothing. 

Kendall Jenner

Ok so it's a fact Kendall never fails to dress amazingly, she has the best festival style ever and I remember talking this time last year about how good she looked and her outfit choices are always on point. I also just love her use of accessories, for example the gold hardware, buckle belt and tassel bag it all looks great. 

Music of the Moment

I thought it was a good time to do another Music of the Moment because i've been loving so many new artists and cool songs, not that are all mega new songs. Hope you enjoy, and tell me who you've been enjoying listening to! 

Halsey - Hurricane (acoustic)

Bea Miller - Young Blood

James Bay - Let it go

Becky G - Can't Stop Dancing

Alex & Sierra - Little Do You Know

Fashion | ASOS Fashion Picks

Tuesday, 7 April 2015

So spring has begun and it only means one thing, new clothes! But obviously i'm not going for anything brighter in the colour department as you can quite see for you self down below because it's all monochrome again! I do like colourful clothes but it's very difficult for me to find the right colourful clothes. Anyway this is just a short post of three items I've picked off of the ASOS website because it is my favourite store of the moment, you can literally find anything you wish (in the clothes and accessories department of course). Tell me in the comments box which is your favourite item and also link you fav ASOS pieces below or your favourite online store, i'd love to know. 

Beara Beara Shop Launch

Monday, 6 April 2015

This post I've been meaning to have up for over a month now but it's finally here. I was invited to the shop launch of this amazing brand Beara Beara, who sell genuine hand made leather bags, anything from satchels to backpacks all with a unique look. Beara Beara have been selling it's bags for over two years now but online, now they have an amazing boutique store located on the back streets of Kings Cross, London.

Being a bag lover, I was so happy to be invited to check out all these incredible designs, I had so many favourite designs but obviously we can't have them all, but I thought i'd pick out my top three and show them so you can have a feel (without actually having a feel) of what the bags are like. Price wise, they can be considered pricey but the price is also in between. It's not as expensive as Mulberry for example but it's not cheap as river island, but then again you have to think about quality and these are definitely a great quality bargain. Prices range from just under £100 to just over £200.

"El Dorado Medium Double" £205

"Lola Black" £98

"Mochita Turquoise" £99

Take a look yourself

Update | MacBook, Blogging and Help?!

Hello my lovelies, so I haven't blogged for a while since I've been out of a computer as mine busted however today I made the splash and brought a MacBook, which took me back a little but I'm happy i've got it now as I will always be able to blog and also edit YouTube videos which is a step forward from blogging. On to blogging now though, i'm really excited that spring has begun because the suns out more and the blog posts become a lot more summery and I definitely prefer summer clothes than I do winter, I think everyone is the same right? However I do need to stay away from any type of money spending activities now that i've splashed out on the snazzy new piece of technology. I don't get many comments on this blog but I would really like to know what types of posts you want to see or if your a regular reader off this blog then tell me what posts you've previously seen were you favourites. Whether it was a haul (maybe not an expensive one yet) or a product review, id really like to know.