Beara Beara Shop Launch

Monday, 6 April 2015

This post I've been meaning to have up for over a month now but it's finally here. I was invited to the shop launch of this amazing brand Beara Beara, who sell genuine hand made leather bags, anything from satchels to backpacks all with a unique look. Beara Beara have been selling it's bags for over two years now but online, now they have an amazing boutique store located on the back streets of Kings Cross, London.

Being a bag lover, I was so happy to be invited to check out all these incredible designs, I had so many favourite designs but obviously we can't have them all, but I thought i'd pick out my top three and show them so you can have a feel (without actually having a feel) of what the bags are like. Price wise, they can be considered pricey but the price is also in between. It's not as expensive as Mulberry for example but it's not cheap as river island, but then again you have to think about quality and these are definitely a great quality bargain. Prices range from just under £100 to just over £200.

"El Dorado Medium Double" £205

"Lola Black" £98

"Mochita Turquoise" £99

Take a look yourself

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