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Tuesday, 21 April 2015

I havn't shopped for ages as I'm super saving for holidays as  I do love a little bit of travelling, and I'm currently planning a weekend break to Amsterdam, which I am super excited for! But back to the point I recently took a little trip down to Oxford St as the weather was amazing and I needed to buy something to be totally honest, I didn't end up getting much but I thought i'd show you.

I picked up this coral/orange coloured halter vest which I am totally in love with, this style of top is definitely on trend this season as it's everywhere, and I definitely think it's the most flattering style also, i'm currently pumping weights to get the shoulders in shape. I actually brought this from Primark, can you believe it? It's a knit material which makes it a little bit too hot for the summer months but I can deal with that, it also came in white with navy blue stripes, but I thought coral is the perfect colour for summer and with my skin tone, (when it's tanned) is very complimenting. Last but not least it was only £5!

I then also picked up this very similar style top, the monochrome halter crop from Zara, it's a nice chiffon/silky material so obviously much better quality then the Primark. This one is also a lot more fitted around the neck which again still pumping weights, the arms have to be on point. This Zara top also comes in plain black, black & white stripe and another colour which I can't seem to remember but I thought this one was a little different and reminded me of bandana's. The only down fall to this top, is that it cost £25, I just don't think I will wear it that much to match the price, but it will look nice on holiday.

Then for some beauty products, while I was away in Rome in March I brought a face mask in H&M because it sounded really refreshing and being in a city travelling all day I needed freshening up! and so I brought the cucumber one, and it was so nice I now brought it again along with two others I wanted to try. Also I'm obessed with peel off face masks so it's fun at the same time haha. So along with the cucumber mask I picked up the olive oil deep cleansing mud mask, I have never tried but I am very interested. And lastly the dead sea mineral mask, I will definitely have to put a review up once these have been tested, because I think some people become a little weary about using skin products from clothing stores but the cucumber one was great!

Second last item I purchased on my mini shopping spree was this Garnier Body Repair Anti Dryness Restoring Lotion. I'm a really bad with moisturising, to be honest I am really bad with keeping up a good skin care routine overall, I'm more of using a face wash when I want or can be bothered, which is super bad but I am super lazy when it comes to that sort of stuff. So I brought this because it was on special offer for about £2, which is great, and as I never moisturise I feel like I need to body repair one to get it all smooth.

Last but not least I picked up the Aussie Miracle Dry Shampoo, Aussom Volume. I haven't used dry shampoo since I was in secondary school with is three years ago now, so a while, but for some reason I just stopped buying it, and went with the grease instead, with was highly unnatractive, but again this one was on special offer for about £3 and as I used Aussie shampoo and conditioner I thought this would be the best to try out. I hope you've enjoyed this post and I will try and do my best to review a few of this products mentioned, if there is any you particularly want to see or even want me to style the stops in a post then comment and let me know.
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