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Beauty | May Favourites 2015

Tuesday, 2 June 2015
Hello my lovelies I'm back today with a beauty post and this is my May Favourites, I use most of the same products practically every month, so just a heads up, you may of already seen some of these products but if your a first time reader of Street Or Chic then thats great because you would of never seen these products. I hope you enjoy this post and let me know what you think and also let me know your May favourites and maybe I can give them a try for next month.

1. Radox *Feel Enchanted* Shower Gel - I love a good shower gel, usually I just stick to a Simple branded one and others that just had no scents and no crap that will cause allergy because I can tend to be quite sensitive to certain body washes. But this month I decided to branch out a little and go for this Radox one which smells so beautiful it is Oriental Lotus and Orange Blossom. I'm never to keen on orange scented products so I was quite happy when the Oriental Lotus scent kind of took over. This wash doesn't bring me up in any type of rashes so I'm happy about that and will carry on using it, and maybe even try a different scent next time. 

2. Chanel *Perfection Lumiere Velvet* - This foundation has always been a favourite of mine since the day I brought it at the airport which was last August I believe, so quite a while ago and I used practically every little drop but kept it just incase I ran out of a new foundation I bought which is just a Rimmel drug store foundation, it was really good but when you go back to using this Chanel foundation you notice it so much. I prefer a lot more lighter consistency to a foundation and also medium coverage and although my Rimmel one gave me great coverage it was just too thick in consistency which I wasn't keen on. But over all I absolutely love this foundation. 

3. Nivea Cleansing Cream Wash - I've been using this face wash for quite a while now, it's quite a cheap product but it does the job of just cleaning and taking the crap off my face, morning and night, and whats great about this wash, is that it has tiny little exfoliant particles thats great for doing a good clean, but not too many that your constantly taking layers of skin off, because that would be bad. I only properly exfoliate about once or twice a week depending on how dehydrated my skin is. 

4. NAKED 3 Eye Palette - I haven't always been that type of person who applies eyeshadow everyday, just because most of the time I couldn't be bothered to apply it because it was one extra step in my everyday beauty regime and one more finger lift, I know lazy right. But I got this Naked palette as a Christmas gift last year and I never used it much to be honest only if I went on big nights out on the town. However more recently it's like I can't go out the house without wearing any eyeshadow. I don't know whats changed I just think it completes a look completely even if it's just a nude shadow. But this palette in particular is great because I'm more into nude shadows than bright vibrant colours and so these shadows are great and there even good for making a night time look as well as day, so I'd definitely recommend this. 

Fashion | Checks & Points

Monday, 1 June 2015

(can you tell he's loving the love? haha)

Trousers - Missguided 
Top - New Look 
Duster Coat - Primark 
Shoes - Topshop
Bag - Mango (Italy)

Hello my lovelies, I've decided to do another personal style post as I love doing these but it's just finding the right time, especially because you can never predict the weather in London and as I have a  close to full time job it's hard to find the time, but i'm going to try my best to do at least one a week, even possibly two depending on time. But I'd really like to know whether you want to see these, the photo's are pretty shitty at the moment but i'm looking for a photographer to take some shots in snazzy locations so look out for those.