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Wednesday, 21 January 2015
 Now I had to do this post because I have been following the official Elie Saab page on Instagram for like forever and can't get enough of those beautiful, exquisite designs, their just amazing. Also more and more in the recent couple of months I have seen quite a few celebs having a go at some of the pieces, which  have really caught my eye, so I thought I'd do a quick little post showing you some of my favourite piece not necessarily from this seasons collection but as a whole, because I think if you don't know this designer then you need to know.

These are only a few of Elie Saab's amazing dresses I was able to show to you all, because there's just so many I can't pick so if you do want a look to Google or Instagram will give you plenty of gorgeous photos. I just love that these gowns are made with such beauty and precision and are also come in so many silhouettes to suit different women's shapes. I definitely know if I had the money and an event where dresses like these were the dress code I'd definitely be wearing an Elie Saab.  
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