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Tuesday, 27 January 2015
Hello my darlings, I have a confession to make, this year just gone I was pretty useless when it came to perfume, I had loads of it but I didn't wear it. Don't get my wrong I wore deodorant every single day but perfume I was never bothered to spray it on, I think because I had a few shitty days and I never thought perfume would make me feel any better. However this year it's like my new years resolution was to wear perfume because I have been so into it. My mum is total opposite of what I was she wouldn't go out the house without wearing perfume, she's into her Chanel and Dior, which I always now try to steel because everyone knows Chanel "Mademoiselle" is the best smell in the world. But I have the likes of One Direction perfume which is amazing by the way. Most recently for my birthday I was gifted "Princess" by Vera Wang which is definitely on the top of my favourite scents list. I think the main thing about a perfume for me besides the smell obviously, is the bottle. I love to display them on my side and they look really pretty. All the scents are very fresh and fruity which is what I'm into. I'm pretty bad at describing a scent but the fresh, fruity, summery smell is definitely my favourite which all of these are.

(left to right)
1. Vera Wang 'Princess
2. One Direction 'You&I
3. Next 'Pink
4. One Direction 'Our Moment
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