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Sunday, 4 January 2015
One of my favourite things to do is to take photos, it's my hobby, my passion and hopefully my career. Taking photography as a career is probably to most daring thing to do because you're never safe, in my opinion. Obviously if your Tim Walker or Bill Cunningham for example then your fine but starting off you really have to make people notice you and your work of course. Creativity is the key to being noticed, and it only comes with time and learning more about the industry. I'm only starting out and I haven't got that far just yet because it takes time, something that I haven't really got at the moment but I'm trying, same time I haven't got to be posting posts all the time but I'm getting there. I thought I'd just post some of my favourite photos I've shot in the past and I'd appreciate it and would love it, if you could give me your opinions. I see myself as a fashion/travel photography. I don't like to just be fashion because I enjoy travelling to different cities where I take really cool photos and don't want them to go to waist, hope you like! To see more of my photography I was be creating a new page so please go have a look a tell me what you think. Thanks!

'London Fashion Weekend @jordanedavis

'Paris @jordanedavis


'Jersey Island @jordanedavis
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