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Monday, 26 January 2015
Hello my lovely's, if you follow me over on my twitter or Instagram you may well know I am off to Paris on Thursday which I am so excited for. It's become a slightly annual thing to do as this time last year I also went to Paris for my 18th birthday which was lovely , and I loved it so much I'm going back. However this time instead of going with my mother, i'm visiting with a couple of friends so it'll be a slightly different holiday, more of checking out bars and clubs which will be really fun. But I thought I'd use my Paris trip as an excuse for a travel/packing post, because I find it really handy reading through other peoples tips and points. Just before I start, this is for a city trip break, as you can tell from the title. And remembers it's going to be very cold.

Tip #1 - Luggage

First time I went to Paris I really wanted to shop and therefore I took check in luggage, however if your like me this time round who isn't doing much shopping and only going for a few days then take carry on luggage. It's quite hard for me to give a tip for this one because it depends on your airline. I'm flying with lovely old EasyJet, and therefore their quite handy with there luggage allowances. Your allowed to take a suitcase on the aircraft with any weight as long as the size fits there requirements which there quite generous with, which is good. My suitcase is from Primark and it's perfect because it's sturdy, cheap and is allowed on the flight. So anyway as I said if your not planning to shop much take carry on because it's a lot quicker process.

Tip #2 - Organise

Something which I haven't brought yet so you wont be seeing a photo, are suitcase organisers or as some people call them cubes. There basically square bags that fit perfectly into the suitcase and organise different items in to. For example under wear in one and trousers in another, it just keeps it all neat and you know where everything is. If you want to buy some I'd recommend Amazon because there super cheaper (cheaper than normal) and come in so many different styles and colours. I will pop a link below and a few examples.

Organiser bags 1
Organiser bags 2

Tip #3 - Document Wallet

Something I find very handy and efficient is having a document wallet. Something you can put your passport, boarding passes, money and all other travel documents into. This way you won't be losing any important pieces to your travel. My one is new I got it for my birthday and it's from ASOS. I love this one because it's simple yet super stylish.

Travel Wallet & Passport holder

Tip #4 - Charger

One thing I hate is when I'm exploring a city and my phone battery dies so I can't snap for Instagram or I can't find my way or I need to make an important phone call, and I never like to carry my charger around with me because it's bulky and I never like to lug a big bag around with me so, also for my birthday I got this cool little gadget. You charge it up fully and incase you come in need you simply plug it into your phone and it's charged, and it's really pretty. I couldn't find the link to the exact same as mine so I chose similar examples.

Phone Charger on the go 1
Phone Charger on the go 2

Tip #5 - Liquids

As you may already know if your taking any type of liquids onto the aircraft there are some strict regulations. Firstly each bottle can't be over 100ml, and you can't have any more 10 bottles. So 1000ml in total, which I don't think is too bad especially because it's only a short trip. But the main tip is when your actually packing make sure liquids go in a clear bag together, because although when you go through security you've got the option of putting them in a bag they have, if you've already done it then there's no stress or aggravation, the best place to buy a sturdy clear bag is Muji and there not very expensive at all.

Airport Pouch
Clear Cosmetics case

Tip #7 - List items needed and check off!

The best tip to do when packing is make a list, I am an extremely organised person and therefore before hand I like to right every little thing that I will need down on a piece of paper and then step by step when packing you can check off your list and then you would of forgotten nothing.

2 comments on "Travel | City Trip Tips"
  1. Paris can instantly capture anyone's heart, indeed. I'm sure it has done the same for you, as it did for the countless numbers of tourists who had the chance to glimpse at its beauty. Anyway, the tips you listed down are really helpful. I especially agree that every tourist should have a document wallet to keep close at all times. I hope you had a great time in Paris. Take care always! :)

    Clifton Johnson @ Insuring theProduct

    1. yes its a beautiful city, I love it! and thank you so much I'm happy I could help :)