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Wednesday, 4 February 2015
So today is just a short post but I thought I would just share with you the couple of beauty products I picked up from Sephora while in Paris, hope you enjoy!
1. Sephora Nail file - I was ordered by my mother to purchase some nail files because for some reason we find it hard in London looking for a good one and since last January when buying the Sephora ones its all we've used so I got a bunch more to last.
2. Sephora 10hr fix and correct concealer - I've been without a proper concealer for a while and trying to look for a good one, and so I thought id try this because it looked rather interesting as it has two sides. One side for correcting and diminishing imperfections and the other for fading dark circles and brightening. I'm still trying it out but once it's more used I may write a review.
3. Sephora Mineral Foundation Compact - I brought most of these products while in a rush so I picked this up in a hurry and didn't actually think much about the colour because it's a lot darker than my actual skin tone and turns out looking like I've slapped mud on my face but no worries I'll use it in the summer when I'm tanned.
4. Sephora Bubble Mask detoxifying & oxygenating - this was another product picked up in a hurry but again it seemed like an interestingly described product so I thought why not. I've used this once already and it seems quite nice and hydrating, and again will be another product to review.
5. MAC sheer tone blush *pinch me* - As I was in Paris in Sephora I wanted to buy products that I couldn't buy at home, however I was in need of a new blush and MAC is my favourite for blushes and I found this one which for some reason now looks a lot darker than what I thought in the shop but still nice as coral/peachy based.
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