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Monday, 16 February 2015
So I've never really done a home post before, but as everyone's into home hauls over on YouTube and I do really love buying new bits for my room I thought it's a great time to do this post. I'm still living at home just so you all know.
On my bed side table a like to keep a few bits, this lamp I loved because it was simple but the stand wasn't just basic. My little clock I picked up ages ago but I thought it was really chic and everyone loves some embellishment. Then this frame I purchased from Ikea super cheap only £6, and then this print, the famous "more issues than vogue" quote which I printed offline and thought it looked really cool, however it is going to be on the wall just haven't got round to it yet.

I purchased this cute little silver, star pot from H&M today in oxford street, which by the way have the nicest home stuff and I wanted it all, but I thought this would look really nice on the side with some rings in it. Only £2.50! 
Everyone loves a good candle, as well as myself and again these are bother from H&M, the front one I purchased a while ago, it's unscented but I loved the pot/packaging, the back one I purchased today and it's Jasmine scented, smells amazing, and I have them on these really cool little mirrored coasters, also from H&M.
This is my favourite pillow ever! and it's from Zara, I brought it while in Paris last year and have loved it ever since, I think it's something with skulls, they stand out for me.

As you can see I love framing prints and this frame is also from Ikea but in grey and I popped this Dazed front cover of Kendall Jenner in it, because I loved it, and as you can see more candles!

& obviously the makeup table. I love this section because it's all neatly spaced good. This storage is from Muji, except the palette holder, it's actually for envelopes and it's from Amazon. If you want to see a more detailed organisation on my makeup, then I may do a video.
Hope you enjoyed this post!

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