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Thursday, 12 February 2015
As I work in a hair salon I thought it would be great to post about the latest hair trends this season in 2015. With my hair I've had it several different ways, first it was long and natural coloured, then really short with bleach blonde high lights and now long and brunette. I get a little bored you could say. But this season if you have not yet noticed there's so many amazing trends from waves to sleek pony tails and also the messy bob, if that the correct way to say it. Therefore I thought I'd pick my favourite styles and pop them below. Enjoy!

Boho Waves

I love this trend because my hair naturally is a lot like this, very wavy, beachy hair and I love it. Designers such as Chanel, Chloe and Emilio Pucci have tried this look on the catwalk.
Long Pony-tails
Again, my hairs very long and would be very similar to this but I never really rock a pony tail, only when I'm on my own in my pj's without makeup, so maybe ill try this out someday. Giles, Gucci and Stella McCartney are all designers to use this trend on the catwalk.
I love this look! I'm not really for a sleek plait but a messy one I do love and having it to the side gives it a laid back look with minimal makeup. I also really like this one to the right it's bringing in the boho waves but with small braids on the sides. Designers to follow this are Peter Som, Michael Kors and Vera Wang.
So I'm planning a future photo-shoot to add to my portfolio and I've always had this sleek, wet look hair on my mood board I love it and a-listers such a Kendall Jenner is a regular of rocking this look. Also designers Marni, Alexander Wang and Balmain used this trend on the catwalk.
I love getting my hair done because I love the end result of a big, bouncy blowdry, it just makes me feel fabulous, there's nothing like it. Matthew Williamson, Jenny Packman, and Naeem Khan are a few of the designers a fan of the big blowouts on the catwalk.
Messy Bob
When I had my short bob I hated it! because as I said previously I have really wavy and sometimes out of control hair and back when I had that it was all about straight, sleek hair so I felt conscious about it and constantly straightened it which fried it especially because it was bleached with highlights and then grew it out and now it's about a messy bob so I'm kind of jealous now and want it back.

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  1. I love the messy bob look! I have really long hair and am a bit envious of it, but way too chicken to cut my hair either.

    Kristen /