Fashion | The Brit's Best & Worst Dressed

Friday, 27 February 2015
Taylor Swift

I just adored this dress, Taylor swift was on fire, as always she never fails to impress and I just loved this dress. It's simple of the front and then bang she turns and it's incredible. A simple black dress turnt interesting. Well done Taylor.
Fearne Cotton

I love this style of dress Fearne wore to the Brits, my mum said she hates this style but I think on the right person it's flattering, other times it can look as though its a maternity dress but not this time. Also her accessories used are awesome, all gold, and I think her hair looks great, just simple.

Although I don't dislike this outfit, I just don't think it's suitable for the occasion/event, change the shoes to flats and she'd look like she was going to work, but luckily she put the heels and switched it up but I'm still not keen.
Ashley Roberts

I think the top half is great and it's different but the bottom half looks very kiddy, like it'd be worn to a children's Halloween party. Luckily she's a very beautiful woman.
Charlie XCX

Charlie's outfit's just do not do it for me, nothing she wears! It all seems quite stripper esc, she's also a very beautiful woman, she could dress a lot more classier than what she does. But she has great hair and makeup, if that makes it any better. 
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