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Monday, 2 March 2015

It's that time of the month again when we all quickly post our Monthly Favourites, but as I am so behind, your getting this a couple of days late, which is fine because you have it now. I thought I'd keep it short but sweet, basically everything I use, I've been using for months so I'm not going to have tons of the same stuff in every favourites post because it'll get annoying, so these are some new bits I'm using, I hope I haven't showed anything twice, but if I have you wont see it again. 

1. Dove go Fresh Deodorant *cucumber & green tea scent*

I was in desperate need of a deodorant at the time I brought this, because do any of you, not even go out the house when they have none, I literally feel dreadful and disgusting if I don't wear it, which I suppose is normal because it's a clean product that everyone must wear. Especially because my job requires me to be in contact all day with clients I don't want to smell. Anyway, rant over I love the smell of this! it reminds me of being in Greece, slapping on cucumber smelling after sun. Make sure you shake before using though!

2. Aussie Coloured hair protection + Shine Serum

I have super frizzy and out of control hair, and the good think about working in a hair salon is that you have colleagues who give you tips on how to tame the craziness. So I was told to buy some relaxing balm or serum so I went for this, and because it's Aussie, same brand I use for shampoo and conditioner I thought I'd keep it in the family and brought this one, and it is really good and smells like fruit!

3. L'OREAL Reinforcing Intense Mask 

Another hair product for you all, I got this in a beauty hamper my mum made me for Christmas, so a little while ago and didn't use it much because it doesn't smell too good, it smells like dentists. But recently I've been using so much heat on my hair from hair dryers and straighteners that my hair needs a little TLC, so I chucked a load on this on it and it makes it feel quite good so I'm happy. 

4. Rimmel Lasting Finish Primer & Foundation 

I thought I'd speak about this together because they are a good working duo. I first tried these out in a magazine sample and was super happy with them, and so my Chanel was running out and I wanted to try a drug store foundation for once in ages and got this, and I am loving it. Although this totally different to the Chanel in all aspects, but I don't want to speak about it now as I am doing a review to come soon, so be patient and just know I love this foundation and primer!

5. LOVE Magazine

You all may know if you follow me on Instragram (@streetorchic) that I am a huge fan of all fashion magazines, or well most of them. But I have wanted this particular one for ages and finally picked it up, and it's great. I don't think it would be everyone's cup of tea because it's mainly photos and advertisements, but that is precisely why I like it so much because I love fashion photography is gives me so much inspiration and tons of ideas. 

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