Zayn Quits the Band?

Friday, 27 March 2015

Hello my lovelies, so this isn't something I would usually do but as it's hurt alot of people out there and myself I thought why not. So Zayn Malik recently decided to part with the One Direction boys and take his own road in life, which leading up to this I always had it in the back of my mind. Having been to all the One Direction tours i've had the privillege of watching the boys perform as a five piece and at last years concert on their Where We Are Tour, I always thought Zayn looked quite distant and not as he was enjoying himself as much as the other boys, whether this was just his personality or because he wasn't happy I don't know but I always imagined this coming. 

When it finally hit us directioners, social media went into literal down mode. I was personally really upset and couldn't believe that I wouldn't see him in septemeber on the OTRA tour, it just didn't seem right and I now don't really like to think of the band as One Direction. A lot of people reading this will probably think, "get over yourself their just boys singing, grow up!" but alot of us have supported and been with these boys since they've been formed on the X-Factor so it is hard to see one leave and people should understand that. 

What I personally do not understand is the fact that people are angry towards Zayn. I think if Zayn is your favourite of the five and you have tickets booked and your going because he is the only one you want to see then fair enough. I absoutlety love all the boys but Harry is my favourite and if he decided to quit after I paid the money i'd paid to see him in september and he wasn't there I would want my money back, so I think maybe Zayn could of tried and went until the end of the tour. 

However after reading an interview with Zayn in the Sun Newspaper today, he genienly wasn't himself, he wasn't happy and his 'true' fans have to respect that. I know this probably isn't the same but if you was in a normal job like just working in a shop and theres nothing more you disliked than going to that job everyday and having that responsibility, it will play on your mind and it will get you stressed and you'll become very unhappy. Being in an international boyband, it's still a job for these boys and as Zayn said in the interview he just wasn't in it anymore and he felt for himself and for the boys, the best thing to do is leave and if you were truly his fan you should definietly respect his decision, as gutting as it is, it would mean more to him to have you support him in his decision than hate him.

Now rant is over, sorry if this annoys any of you but were all allowed our own opinion and I am one of those who wish this whole Zayn quitting the band is an early April Fools joke but unfortunaetly I just don't think it is, so we all have to get on with it and enjoy whats to come from Zayn in the future and also the four boys continuing as normal in One Direction.
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