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Thursday, 5 March 2015
I've only spoken very vaguely about what my personal style consists of. I've never really gone into detail as the blog isn't as much about me personally, as it's more about other people, however as I am going to expand the blog to personal style posts I thought why not speak about myself, and what I like.

I absolutely love 60s style, I think it's glamorous, girly and hot! Everything about the 60s to the fashion, hair and beauty, it's all amazing, I just wish I could be transported back to the 60s just for the fashion. I love to take inspiration from the internet because you can see so many takes on one single trend, so type in 60s fashion on Google and your listed with tons of cool photos with tons of inspiration for your daily outfits.

One of my biggest inspirations for the sixties trend is Pixie Lott, because she loves this trend she always looks so great and has great style. The sixties hair is also one of my favourites, because I think big hair is the best hair, and now I'm not trying to offend anyone who have thinner hair because there is nothing wrong with that, everyone is different and unique and your all beautiful in your own ways I'm just stating my opinion. I have quite thick, long hair and on nights out I always like to try a beehive, I don't always succeed at it, it turns out looking like I've run through a bush a thousand times, but it'll just have to do.

Moschino, a few seasons back went crazy for the sixties trend, as you can see from the Cara photo just third photo down. I absolutely loved this collection, it was my favourite that season, the girls looked so glamorous and healthy wearing beautiful designs. So as you can tell I love the sixties fashion! and I could go on and on about it, but I'll have to stop somewhere, I'd love to hear what year your favourite fashion trends were around?
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