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Tuesday, 24 February 2015
I haven't done one of these posts for quite a while now, and there has been a couple of bits I've been lusting over and so I thought it was a good time to do a current fashion wish list, especially because it's fashion week, why not? I've only picked out a couple of bits because I don't want to be too greedy and realistically I know I can't get everything I want.
Mango Sunglasses
I haven't had a good pair of sunglasses for god knows how long now and I noticed these ones in Mango, and I'm not a person for buying very loud, in terms of colour or shape sunglasses and I thought these were simple, just black but with a slight cat eye shape.
ASOS oversized shirt
For some reason, since seeing a photo of the Olsen twins wearing these oversized shirts I've wanted one. Because if the Olsen twins are doing it, who are like the most fashionable ladies ever, then I want to do it, whether I can pull it off or not I don't know. H&M are also great for shirts, I purchased a blue and white stripped one yesterday, brought it in a size 16 because it's got to be really big obviously and I love it.
Missguided Turtle Neck dress
I love a good turtle neck and I've been searching for an evening dress for a while and this ones great, because I don't like to wear anything too in your face, so the colours good, and the styles good.
Zara Chain Ankle Boot
I was wondering around Covent Garden yesterday afternoon and of course I had to have a little window shop in Zara, which actually means I went inside, and noticed these bad boys. I'm not sure I really need to be looking at any type of boot because I've got so many I don't even wear, it would be pointless to buy another pair but I think I'll have to just get this one last pair.
Hope you've enjoyed this post, comment with your current wish list I'd love to see!

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