Model Takeover #1 - Gigi Hadid

Tuesday, 9 December 2014
Are you all ready my lovely, amazing readers, because it's time for model takeover to begin. To be honest you probably reading this thinking "what is the crazy girl going on about", and your probably right, there's no flash, fancy personal interviews with the ladies, which I wish there was, maybe one day, but just me giving you a little insight into my favourite models of the moment and a few of their best style pics borrowed from my lovely friend Google, of course.

So the first beautiful lady is Gigi Hadid, who hasn't always been on my model radar, but only until that Pirelli magazine photograph was released she was on fire. Gigi isn't one of the major super models...yet, but she will soon be, she's got such natural beauty its disgusting, and she always rocks an outfit even if its as basic as a white tee she looks incredible.

This is one of my favourite casual street style outfits I've seen Gigi wear, because although were working some pointed leather ankle boots, with a sheer pin strip midi dress she rocks it so effortlessly. 
Now this is what I'm talking about when I say she even looks amazing in a basic tee, but I love the way she's also paired it with some high waist leather skinnies and some nude courts, I love me some leather!
I wouldn't particularly wear these trousers myself but teamed with this amazing monochrome, midriff bearing Chanel jacket it looks amazingly, incredible.
This is the first photo I've seen of Gigi that screams girly, even though there's still no sign of pink but who cares because she is looking gorgeous! and her hair also looks super cute in a side plait. Love it!
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