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Monday, 1 December 2014

So as the Victoria Secret Fashion Show comes closer I thought what a better time to look over the past shows, but focusing on last years in 2013, because it was my favourite show they've done because obviously it just gets better every single year, and it's not stopping. 2014 will definitely be the year to remember or shall I say the best so far. If you didn't already know the show has been moved to London, my home city which feels great and just this morning the Victoria Secret Angels have touched down, and I'm guessing super excited to be in such an amazing city. The show will be airing on the 9th of December on CBS, which I'm pretty sure is an American channel which us Brits can't get over here, so if I'm wrong please comment and update me, because I'm always watching a day late on YouTube which just isn't the same but still pretty darn cool. So get ready for some 2013 Victoria Secret Fashion Show Highlights my friends!

 I love all the angels and think their all absolutely stunning, however by far Candice is my favourite, she is just such an incredibly fierce, beautiful woman who rocks the runway all the time. And this highlight my friends is the $10 million dollar fantasy bra, which is quite crazy , I mean 10 MILLION DOLLARS!
Taylor Swift fiercely rocking out in the British segment of the show, which can I say was super awesome. I feel like I'm talking extremely American today on this post but it suits it well I suppose. So yeah she rocked.
This was hot! Adriana Lima strutting down the runway in red feather wings in the Parisian Nights segment, it was just incredible. And can I say the thing I love about the Victoria Secret show, even though there is so much controversy over their poster campaigns of having all skinny girls, if you read and watch interviews and all that jazz about the models, they work really hard at there bodies, and they look really healthy, strong women and have a good healthy lifestyle. Rant over.
Another Adriana Lima look, haven't got much to say because she loves amazing and I loved this look.
Behati and those wings! She was on fire. Actually opposite she was more like snow but you get what I mean, she rocked it and who saw Adam Levines reaction to his beautiful 'then' fiancé (now wife, obvs).
Obviously Cara had to be involved in this post because she from my home city, rocking all her Britishness over on the American Catwalk and she always looks incredibly beautiful, everybody loves a bit of Cara.
So I hope you enjoyed looking and reading about my VS fashion show 2013 highlights, is was 100% my favourite show so far and cannot wait for this years. If you love models then do come back for my Model takeover, which will be packed full of our classic super models Kate Moss and our new and upcoming models such as Cara, Jourdan Dunn, Gigi Hadid and tons more where I skim through there model highlights, personal style and beauty, don't miss out!
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